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    here is an interview from Nelson Branco w\Maura West, I found on Michael Fairman Soaps…this is so sad how petty MAB is because it wasn’t her idea to bring on Maura and Maria was probably jealous of Maura’s talent…it’s shows you how MAB is nothing but unscrupulous small minded B*&CH! |(

    Maura in hindsight, if she feels she decided to take on the role of Diane too soon after ATWT: “Frankly, I did jump in rather quickly because I didn’t want to be the last person to have a seat in this [casting] game of musical chairs. So, I took the first seat available. Yeah, when [my husband] Scott [De Freitas], my agent and I speak in retrospect, we all agree I should have waited for something else. Originally, I didn’t realize Diane was a recast of an existing character. After I found out, I expressed concern about the age discrepancy, but was told the [de-SORASing] was an intentional age change. And that’s cool! For God’s sake, it’s a soap opera. It happens — and it’s not unusual to play with characters’ ages. But I would have asked more questions, for sure. I mean, Diane’s my mother’s age! That should have raised some red flags. But I was excited with the prospect of working with a group of extremely talented people on Y&R. I also wanted a change. [Moreover], I was excited about moving to LA. There were a lot of positive reasons why I took the job, but there were also some reasons why I shouldn’t have taken the job.”

    Maura on if she was surprised that the powers-that-be at Y&R were killing her off just as her character was picking up steam: “No, and I’ll tell you why. I may not be a genius but I’m no Forrest Gump, either! It was very clear to me, even by week two, this was not a character anyone was particularly invested in. The second time Diane showed up and dropped her overcoat, I was like, “Oh, I see what’s going on here.” I wasn’t surprised. No, in fact, I was really let go, time-wise, I before all that fun, sparkly stuff with Michael Muhney’s Adam. I already knew I was on the way out shortly after working with Muhney.”

    Maura’s thoughts on Prospect Park trying to save the cancelled OLTL and AMC and move them online: “I don’t like seeing anyone, ever, ever, ever, out of a job. It’s terrible. There are a lot of people on these shows — people who aren’t lead actors — who aren’t able to stock away money. They’re grinding away — and they’ve lost their fucking job! That makes me very sad. That’s my answer to that. I really believe these shows, which have been on the air for so long, need to be scrapped so we can start over. I don’t mean to sound harsh but it might be OK if we do that. Prospect Park? I don’t know much about it. Online shows scare me because we’re union actors and I don’t know if we’re protected. Some of these online productions don’t pay their actors… they just get lunch! [Laughs] Our union doesn’t like that. There has to be some kind of protection for us. It seems like it’s the wild, wild west right now.”

    Don’t you just love Maura West! I wish Days would scoop her up or B&B, she is such a heavy hitter.

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    I love her honesty and willingness to call people out. When she was paired with MP’s Jack, she had the ability to drive me crazy and adore her Carly all at the same time. Speaks to her range as an actress. If there had been
    the chance, I would’ve liked to see her take on Kate Howard on GH. Carly was a fashion designer and this might have been a nice segue into a fashion magazine editor so there would have been a continuing “thread” there. As for age “discrepancy” with MB? Maybe a little tricky, but I think she couldv’e brought the Bensonhurst brass with the acquired class and it could’ve evolved into a Kate/Carly/Jax triangle. Throw MB’s bully in there and that would be pretty combustible. Add Skye to the mix? That could have been interesting, too. Ah, the possiblities… 0:)

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    Maura West is a doll. I too love her candor and honesty……….

    And I don’t blame her for taking the role of Diane, though I admit that I knew from day ONE that it was going to be an epic disaster. After all, the poor woman’s got a LOT of kids to support and we all know that jobs are dwindling for women over 35 in this industry. So she was smart to strike while the iron was hot. I don’t blame her at all. As usual, all the blame for Y&R’s crappery rests SOLELY on the shoulders of Maria “Can’t Dress Worth a Damn” Bell!!!

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    Maura West is an actress – she took a job and it didn’t work out and for that, I lay the blame on MAB for taking liberties with the character.

    The de-SORAS-ing of Diane Jenkins was wrong from the get-go – Maura’s talents would have been suited better for playing Avery, IMO (another un-necessary character, but I think I would like her better if Maura were portraying her instead of the actress currently in the role). She’s too young to have pulled Genevieve off, even though Genie Francis is too young to be Cane’s mother as well (another contrived story we are supposed to be digesting, yet find myself regurgitating). I agree with a previous comment that Maura’s talents would be better at another surviving show like B&B or DAYS.

    I just cannot ignore the considerable talent coming and going from Y & R, being paid for portraying horribly contrived characters and trying to get viewers to go for plodding stories. (Two actors come to mind – Tristan Rogers and Sean Young). I also take umbrage with this current writing team’s liberties with core character’s offspring. Just look at what MAB and her hacks have done with Paul & Isabella’s son Ricky Williams – born in 2003, IIRC. Now he’s a college intern in 2011!! They bring MAB’s sister-in-law Lauralee back as Christine for a few days to give you the creeps in regards to Ricky and what may happen in the future. But that appearance happened so long ago, does one even care that Ricky is around? I know I sure don’t. Also, I’m still wondering how Sheila Carter and Tom Fisher had Daisy and Ryder together when the characters didn’t actually meet until Sheila came back to town in 2005? That Sarah Smythe storyline certainly had no payoff for us, now did it?

    With pilot season coming up in LA, perhaps Maura can bring her talents to prime-time. I’m sure a series such as REVENGE (which I have never seen) could use her.

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    Love her. Always have. Always will.

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    I was lucky enough to catch Maura’s very first day on ATWT and as much as I hated the character of Carly back then I knew the actress was one to watch. Over the years, I developed a love-hate relationship with Carly but an intense adoration of Maura.

    There were quite a few times when she and Collen Zenk were the only bright spots on that show. Even in dreadfully written stories she managed to shine. It really speaks to how bad the writing was on Y&R this year that I actually could not bear to watch her there.

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    She’s also kind of saying if Muhney doesn’t like you, you’re gone! Because he’s Teachers pet!!!!

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    Sigh….I just love Maura West. Like many, Carly Tenney Snyder et al could on any number of occasions be an infuriating, and sometimes polarizing, character but West sold it like gangbusters for the entire time she was on ATWT(not to mention being partnered with the utterly fantastic Michael Park for much of that time). So I was excited when it was announced that West was coming on to Y&R, despite playing a character significantly older than her. And West seemed to own the character from the moment she walked onscreen. Then, of course, MAB turned her into a one-note hooker on the order of Genoa City mattress tangler Sharon Newman(remember what boozehound Nikki said–you just have to open the phone book…..). And unceremoniously dumped her(not to mention one of the nastiest murders on record)with a story plot that still hasn’t been resolved. What a shame MAB has yet to learn how to successfully integrate(or in this case, reintegrate) characters onto the canvas without undermining them at every turn. Not to mention improperly utilizing one of daytime’s finest actresses by giving her shitty material. But then, I guess you don’t have to be one of daytime’s greatest to get subpar material on that show; apparently, EVERYONE on the canvas is susceptible to it.

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    Something that pissed me off about Maura coming on is MAB said in an interview that in researching Diane that there were a lot of unaccounted years for Diane when she was a model and there was going to be exposition done for the character. Never happened. If it did, I never saw it.

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    [quote=Ryan-Scott]Something that pissed me off about Maura coming on is MAB said in an interview that in researching Diane that there were a lot of unaccounted years for Diane when she was a model and there was going to be exposition done for the character. Never happened. If it did, I never saw it.[/quote]
    Believe me, I am stll pissed! I am pissed that Maura is not still on our screens everyday! They could have integrated her in so many stories!! But NO kill her Maria’s Pet couldn’t stand the competition!!

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    @everybody…Here gang all about Maura & Colleen, free episode of from 1999, Babs & Carly is putting on a fashion show. You’ll see most of the cast, ringing in the new year….sigh, I miss ATWT so much and so fun. :((

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