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    Any truth to a rumor that Maura West is going to GH for a short run?


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    Hadn’t heard anything, but GH needs to snatch this woman up!!! She’s wonderful, and she’s got a LOT of mouths to feed!! She doesn’t deserve to be unemployed. The only person from ATWT that deserves to be in the unemployment line is Chris Goutman!!!!

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    I heard she is going to play an attorney. I am all for a short run, but given how little screen time some of my favorites are getting, I hate to see them add to the cast, no offense to MauraW. I would much rather see more Sam, Alexis, Kate Diane and Robin.

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    I love Maura and I wish she would go to GH for a long term front burning role. If all they want is a few eppie’s I hope she passe’s.

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