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    This article is from the print edition of TV Guide magazine.

    Model Couple

    Are they the next Days of Our Lives supercouple…or a disaster waiting to happen? This week, gorgeous young Salemites Chad and Gabi – played by Casey Deidrick and Camila Banus – are picked to be the new faces of Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics and their steamy ad campaign will make them a global sensation. But Gabi wants more. Lots more.

    “She’s attracted to Chad and sees this modeling thing as a way to be near him,” says Banus, whose character just fled a bad romance with a closeted gay guy. Chad who has secretly taken up with Melanie (Molly Burnett) is “oblivious to Gabi’s feelings,” notes Deidrick. “But there’s definite chemistry in their photo shoots.” Expect a Chad-Gabi-Melanie triangle to explode this spring. “Gabi will get very manipulative,” hints Deidrick, adding with a laugh, “To be honest, I think she’ll go a little psycho.”

    If so, Banus is ready . Prior to Days, she played One Life to Live’s Lola Montez, an acid-dropping teen murderess who was notorious for poking holes in condoms on prom night. “I think Gabi’s been a nice girl long enough,” Banus says. “And I know how to be bad!”

    I for one wasn’t expecting this twist and very happy…these writers are finding “Gabi” and tweaking her personality into conning, manipulative, bad girl and love this idea. Days needs a young little bitch running around irritating the young diva cast Melanie, Abby, Carrie, Sami and pain in the ass character!! :party: :party: Love it! So what you think?

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    will have to see Gabi 2.0 cause Gabi 1.0 is not my favorite. She kinda irritated me in the Will story how she was always badgering him. I love Chad and Mel together but maybe she will make an excellent foile for that couple. We shall see.

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    I could actually sympathize with her in the Will situation because she was in love with him and he was just not clear about his feelings for her. Besides, the story resonated on a deep personal level with me because the situation, the scenes, and even the dialogue were virtually identical to a real-life experience I had at Will’s age.(These are some damned good writers!)

    Of course, I was the Will in that situation, not the Gabi. :)

    I do think she’s quite a decent actress so it’s kind of sad that her acting has been bashed so hard on other sites and even here on DC by a couple of posters.

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    Making Gabi a Sami/Kristen Blake-esque bitch is a step in the right direction, DAYS! This soap needs a scheming, devious bitch and why not Gabi? Watching Rafe try to reign her in will give Galen Gering some juicy material. I also want to see Gabi react when Will comes out. Talk about drama for yo momma!

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    I too think this is good idea. It does give Rafe more story and Days needs this type of character bad girl mixing it up and causing trouble. What could be interesting if Days do the opposite and actually have Gabi support Will and they are still remain friends, but the rest of the Salem sluts can’t stand her. :)

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    I think the whole problem with both Abby and Gabi from the start was A) lack of clarity of who they were as people B) being thrown in with what the audience thought was the actual couple CHILL! It was forced to make both characters seem like str8 boys and it just wasn’t working for us. With some time and effort, Chad’s sexuality has been realigned with the str8 group but obviously Will is gay.
    To keep both Abby and Gabi (and what unfortunate names Gabi and Abby sounds like twins runamok!) around, they needed to refocus them in other directions. I think the bad acting was mearly the forcing a story that just wasn’t there. As soon as Abby was redirected we fell in love with her.
    That same thing might happen with Gabriele (I wish they would stop calling her Gabi though. To childish!)
    Now they just need to turn up the heat on the stories and move them forward! We like the stories but they need to get movin!

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