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    I mean that in a good way. LOL not the Charity Rahmer sort of way.
    There have been short or very short term stints on soaps over the years that left me wanting more. Sometimes a lot more.
    My list as of right now:
    1 Nancy Marchand as Therese Lamont on Another World. She was spectacular and when she passed away on screen, you already cared.
    2 Joe Penny as Martino Vitali on Days of our Lives. He came in with much fan fare and stole the show and died. What?
    3 Mark Arnold as Joe Perkins on Santa Barbara. He came in to wrap up the part because it had been vacated by Dane Witherspoon. Well he had so much
    charisma as heat with his costar Robin Wright that they should have kept him on. But no they killed him off too…..
    4 Cynthia Watros as Vicki on Another World. She was on just a few eps but I was ready for her to be the new Vicki. Forget Jensen Buchanan.
    5 Elizabeth Harrower as con woman Charolette. She was convincing as Jill’s “mom”. I was sorry that they didn’t keep her as Jill’s mom. The other stories surrounding Jill’s
    parentage were dumb. This one was great and Elizabeth shined in the part.
    6 Peg Murray as Ada Hobson on Another World. When Constance Ford had come down with cancer, they replaced her for a while. I was always impressed with Peg Murray’s portrayal of Ada.
    Her chemistry with Rachel was great. I think that sometimes Constance made Victoria Wyndom nervous, just my opinion. It worked in their favor but it was nice to have that softness and tenderness that Peg brought to the role. Rachel was much more relaxed around Ada. However I was very glad to have Constance come back. I just enjoyed her replacement.
    7 Joan Van Ark as Gloria on Y&R. I was really getting into the part when she left.
    Please write some of your fav short timers too. I will add more when I think of them.

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