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    Alice, Bill, Marie, and Sarah all return for the funeral, but they’re all conveniently "in the other room" during the episode.

    How pathetic. I’m so glad I don’t actually watch this show anymore. What a slap in the face to longtime fans. If you’re going to kill off an original castmember, you have to at least bring back more than Lisa Trusel.

    I guess I know what to expect from Days now. I certainly won’t bother tuning in if they ever have a funeral for Alice.

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    So I didn’t miss anything?  They had not funeral for Mickey on air?  That sucks!  And no Sara or Alice!  That sucks even more!

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    The funeral happened off-screen, and then everyone gathered at Maggie’s house for the reception, where memories were shared between her, Hope, Bo, Justin, Doug, Julie, Melissa, Nathan, Melanie, and Mia. I may be missing a couple of people.

    They showed the interior of Maggie’s house, but it was not the correct set. The last time they showed their living room, it had a completely different layout and the door was on the other side. It’s changed.

    There were a couple of flashbacks, but all the people you’d think would be there were "in the other room".

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    To anyone who’s been watching: Have they mentioned Bonnie Lockhart since Mickey’s body was discovered? I know she’s in jail, but she was married to Mickey. Would be interesting if Maggie mentioned her reaction.

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    Mickey’s funeral was focused way too much on teeny characters like Mia, Melanie way too much and how Mickey’s death hurt them so much..instead of characters like Maggie,Lucas,Hope,Doug,Julie and Sarah Melissa Mike Laura Bill etc. but at least the gang is going to Vancouver soon. god i hate what has happend to this show.

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    What gang? Vancouver? Huh?

    And I agree. Days is a sad, pathetic shell of its former self. Even Jim Reilly’s worst stories were better than this dreck.

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    I do agree that it could be ‘better’ but I am still actually enjoying this show.

    There was no mention of Bonnie :( I would have loved to hear something about Bonnie, Mimi, or Patrick, i loved those characters lol.

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