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    Ever wonder what Middle America really thinks about same-sex storylines on daytime. Well just look at the comments here when CNN reported the rumor of Days having a gay storyline in the works. We always hear about this viewership and their fight against the all inclusive storylines in daytime. But here we get some clarification as to how many really feel. Thoughts?

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    A bunch of homophobic a-holes!! Not surprising. This is a perfect example of why first cousins should never marry or procreate. :X :X Half of them are probably whoring around themselves, all the while convincing themselves that they are going to make it into the gates of heaven based SOLELY on being heterosexual. Give me a BLEEPING break. It frustrates the living hell out of me (no pun intended!) to see people hide behind the Bible or foolish cliches such as “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” to justify ignorance, intolerance and hatred. These morons need to reread their Bibles, assuming that half of them can even READ in the first place, which seems highly unlikely for many of them.

    My thoughts?? I don’t watch DAYS, but when it comes to gay stories in general, as a gay man, I feel that soaps shouldn’t even BOTHER with creating or writing gay characters if they aren’t going to treat them with the same level of respect as they do the heterosexual characters. Why bring on some BORING gay couple and then saddle them with cliched dialogue, crappy stories and then ship them offscreen when they are no longer “fashionable”?? Didn’t AMC do that with Reese and Bianca??? They were a HORRIBLE couple, in my opinion. Totally boring and yawn-worthy!! Eden Riegel and Tamara Braun deserved better.

    And then when we DO have a soap that starts telling a captivating story with a gay couple, they nip it in the bud before it reaches it’s……um, climax (again, no pun intended! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: )

    NONE of the soaps really seem to care about gay characters or gay people. Y&R gave us Rafe, a gay character, but can’t even be bothered to give him an ONSCREEN romance!! And don’t even get me started on how they’ve treated Thom Bierdz. (We would be here all day!)

    Okay, that’s my two cents for now. I am glad to see that I still live in America—-the land of milk, honey and homophobes. Cheers.

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    You should see some of the hateful, ignorant comments on the original EW post that broke the story. I tried to fend them off, but bonestly, fighting with people on an internet message board is not going to solve anything. Hopefully the old ‘phobes will die off before their hatred can spread, and the young ones will learn through education and experience that their attitude is just wrong.

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    Absolutely. Hatred and homophobia must end. And it would be even better if this country would stop encourage homophobic commentary. Half of these young kids can’t even think of a proper adjective to use to insult someone other than simply calling the person/thing “gay.” Sad. And I applaud you for trying to speak out against stupidity on that website, but some people are doomed to live and die COMPLETELY ignorant.

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    So it’s basically confirmed that Will will be gay, but it doesn’t look like they are pairing him with Chad. As the EW article says (“From what we gather, it may involve a current cast member hooking up with someone new”), I believe a new character (with core family connections) will be brought on (or brought back) as Will’s love interest.

    The most logical choices?

    -Nikki Alamain is returning to the canvas if spoilers for this week are any indication. But even if he came back slightly de-aged from his Victor Webster incarnation, he may be a little too old for Will. Plus, Nikki’s last love interest was Kate, and it would just be gross for Will to hook up with his grandmother’s former suitor.

    The best choice?

    -Jackson Kiriakis. With Justin and Adrienne back together, it stands to reason that at least one of their four sons will return. And with Philip leaving the show, Days needs a young Kiriakis man to take the lead. Plus, he’s also Abby’s cousin which is an easy way to connect him with the younger set. Why do I think it’s Jackson and not another of Justin and Adrienne’s kids?

    1) Jackson is the youngest. With all the SORASing, Justin and Adrienne’s other kids are probably between the ages of Shawn/Belle and Sami/Nicole. He also doesn’t have the baggage of his brothers (see below).

    2) Their oldest son, Alexander, is actually Angelica Deveraux’s son. I don’t think the show will want to get bogged down explaining that aspect of Justin and Adrienne’s history.

    3) Victor and Joey are identical twins. Unless the show wants to cast twin actors or hire one actor to play a dual role, I can’t see these characters coming back right now. Plus, Victor Sr. is currently embroiled in a frontburner romance with Maggie. What would they call his grand-nephew? Vic? VJ? I just don’t see it happening.

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    It’s gotta be Jackson! Just realized Victor Junior and Joey aren’t Adrienne and Justin’s bio kids–they were adopted!

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    I am gonna stick to my guns that it is Carly and Taylor. Being that Tamara Braun is coming to days as Taylor and both CC and TB have played gay characters on soaps with some degree of success, it makes sense that they will be put together. Plus CC seems to be the spokeswoman for lesbians nowdays……

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    SOD confirmed it’s Will.

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