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    I absolutely love OLTL, and have been a fan for many years.  However, this latest storyline with Mitch has imploded under its own weight.  When Jessica was hooked-up to the machine, the lines Mitch was spauting about ‘personailities’ reminded me of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse.  Initially I laughed my ass off.  I didn’t consider this a serious drama but more of a dark comedy.  But once Mitch decided he wanted to create a ‘new messiah’ with Jessica, I felt like heeving.  Like the DC gang said in a recent podcast, the woman needs a break.  I was excited when Roscoe Born returned, but now I feel as though his storyline has run its course.  Personally, I think the problems began when Mitch shot Jared in front of four people (we did not need another David Hayward).  This time around I was hoping for a more subdued Mitch, more machiavellian and less scenery chewing/ scenery destroying.  I love the notion of Mitch creating the ‘Lawrence family’ by manipulating his children’s insecurities within their family dynamics.  However this is too sensationalized, its like the OLTL crew are utlizing Passions as a template. 

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    I agree with everything except the Passions diss (it’s my favourite soap).

    Mitch has been way too "in your face" this time around. Getting away with killing Jared made it hard for him to be accepted by the audience. I am glad he’s only back for a short stint. If he returns in the future, they should do something different with him: give Mitch amnesia and have him try to make amends for his evil ways, and then see if he returns to evilness in spite of his amnesia.

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    I’ll admit that I watched Passions back in the day, loved Timmy and Tabitha.  But you have to admit that Mitch reminds you of Alistair Crane, all-knowing, all-seeing.  At least Alistair had the money to pull this off, we saw Alistar blackmailing/paying people off/ setting-up hits.  Mitch is hiding out in old Army Bases that resemble the sub-basement of LLanview Hospital.  Damn, did Mitch get interior decorating tips from Helena when she hide Stavros in the sub-sub basement of GH, ha!  Anyway, the only person we’ve seen Mitch actually put the screws to is Dorian.  Passions was a dark comedy/dramedy.  People knew that since day one.  OLTL or at least this current incarnation is supposed to be a slice of life drama with a dash of comedy. 

    Also, I like the idea of Mitch with amnesia.  I was hoping for something similar this go around.  A ‘new’ Mitch who is trying to find redemption while secretly ploting to bring together his family. 

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    I will say, OLTL can’t pull this story off like Passions could. If Theresa were hooked up to a machine and electro-shocked into thinking she was a teen again, it would be par for the course. But on OLTL it stands out as ridiculous (even though they had some ridiculous stories in the past, like Eterna). But then again, this is the same show where two grown women throw themselves at a convicted rapist…

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    You are so funny and brillant!  I have this image in my head of Theresa being shocked and bolts coursing through her body.  The bolts would be a blue/white mixture.  Rebecca or Alistair would be in the background laughing and shouting dialogue like "I will make you forget about Ethan you social-climbing Latina whore!" 

    Getting back to OLTL, it is so obvious this storyline is so sensationlized because its sweeps month and the show needs a ratings bump.  This is not a Guza special!  Unfortunately, there are some great pieces within this storyline but the whole sum is not working. 

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    Yes Mitch is over the top!

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    I like to follow the "bad guys" but Mitch making the "chosen one" with his own daughter was FAR beyond my realm of, "I can follow this.."  YIKES! 

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    February sweeps this year is very stunty, but I actually like it. We’re getting a lot of good developments amidst the milieu of the snowstorm (particularly the Rex/Schuyler scenes). I think stunt craziness is okay during the sweeps months, but it shouldn’t be done during regular months; otherwise, the show risks becoming too over-the-top.

    The Mitch/Jessica development was gross, but I’m used to gross. In 2008, Valerie (played by OLTL’s Rachel) had sex with her father Julian (who had no idea they were related) and got pregnant and then later gave birth as Vincent (he/she was a hermaphrodite). Watch this:

    doctormo77, in 2007, Sheridan strapped Theresa to an electric chair at the prison, turned it on, and fried her. Then Gwen walked in and touched Theresa and got zapped too! It was pretty funny (well, the Gwen part, because I adore Theresa).

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    Yes Mitch is over the top!!  Do you think they’re doing this so he can be "committed" to St Ann’s and be used in the future. (I haven’t read any spoilers as to how this storyline will end…)

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    Mitch has always been a sexual preditor, and this is no different. Granted it is sick and gross but back a few years ago when Mitch was back and he kidnapped Jessica he wanted to make her into his Viki. He even called himself Victor when he was breathing down Viki’s neck. He wanted in his sick way what Victor and Viki had, which is sick and twisted in itself.  Mitch is one of my favorite villians on One Life and I couldn’t see anyone else in the part but Roscoe Born.

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    Yes, this character is OVER THE TOP, and has become an ANNOYING cartoon!!!! Roscoe Born is wonderful, and the character has proven to be entertaining over the years, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

     I am starting to see Ron Carlivati (the head writer) falling into the common head writer traps—recycling and repeating old storylines, bringing back old characters ad nauseum (even when we don’t really WANT these characters to return!!) and writing stories that are based around silly plot twists, as opposed to character-driven stories that we can relate to.

    Having Dorian pretend to be a lesbian was a clever plot twist that didn’t go TOO over the top, but bringing back Mitch AGAIN just SCREAMS—-"LACK OF CREATIVITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" How about creating a NEW villain or villainess, or better yet, how about  going a year or so without a serial killer, rapist, or random psychopath coming to town to terrorize everyone??? All things are good—IN MODERATION!!!!

    I say, get rid of Mitch and get back to the BASICS!!! Stop giving Todd Manning so much airtime, and passing around illegitimate children like party favors!!! Get rid of Stacy (the cartoon hooker that stopped being interesting the moment she first stepped onscreen!!!!).

    Soaps are losing viewers, but you don’t have to appeal to the lowest common denominator to pull in viewers!!!

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