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    Cast of characters: Marlena, Will, Sami, Carrie, Rafe, Nicole, Daniel, Sonny.

    Days in keeping with almost a week long of can not miss episodes had a great Monday show. We start in with Marlena, Will and Sami continuing their arguement from Friday. Sami really believes that Marlena told Rafe that Sami slept with EJ. Marlena ofcourse denies it because ofcourse she didn’t do it. She even asks Will who also denied it (Rafe ofcourse actually overheard Will discussing it with Sonny), Words were slung across the room. Will told his mom to stop blaming everyone for her problems. She is the one that slept with EJ.
    Marlena, although sorry to hear about Sami’s issues and not happy to be accused of things, really wants to get back to Will. Will however would rather go to the dentist and get his teeth cut out than to talk about being gay infront of Sami. He leaves eventually leaving Sami and Marlena to fight it out. Marlena wants to discuss Will. Although she can not tell Sami what is wrong, she is deeply concerned for Will and would like to know why Sami doesn’t know what is up with him. Ofcourse Sami is lost in her own world all the time, to imagine that people have their own problems! Will is only upset with Sami about EJ, she insists. Marlena says no it is way more than this. Sami needs to stand up and be a real mother to Will and stop being so self centered. He needs her right now! Ofcourse Sami wants nothing to do with parental advise from Marlena (who she sees as a pretty bad mom herself. Kinda the pot calling the kettle black!). She storms out insisting she will get to the bottom of Will’s issues.

    In the mean time Sonny finally tracks down Will on Horton Square beside the Tom and Alice Horton dedication. I thought that was a nice touch. As if they led him to help their great grandchild. He is relieved Will is ok. Will says he has been at his Grandmother’s house. Sonny asked him if he talked to Marlena about the events of the evening. Will says what? about kissing a guy? Will confirms that he did. Well, what was her response? Sonny asks. WIll reflects that she had no reaction to the statement and further said that she was not in the least surprised that she has known for a long time that Will has had issues like this. Sonny assumes that Will came out to her, however Will does not see it quite as black and white. He has not said he is gay but just that he kissed a guy. Sonny councels with him about coming clean with himself. The things that he percieves that he will lose will be more than made up in the fact that he will have peace of mind and he can be happy. If he insists on lilving a lie, he will never be happy or satisfied. Will says he is scared and affraid of the consequences. Sonny swears to be there for him.

    Meanwhile in Horton Town Square, Nicole is sitting at a table drinking coffee and basically catatonic as a hand lands on her shoulder. It is non other than Dr Daniel back from surfing in whereever he went. Nicole is so stressed out that that and not his vacation became the topic of conversation. She gets up to leave at one point and faints (wonderful nod to the old days when every woman would faint under duress or when they are pregnant). Dr D takes Nicole to the hospital and checks her out. She is not sick but there is news about her that might be tough at this moment. She is carrying the devils spawn!

    Carrie and Rafe in matching purple shirts have a conversation at their office while he is packing stuff up( how long does it take to pack that little office?) He tells her about Sami and Ej which shocks her. She never thought Sami would ever do something like that because of Marlena and John. She always said that is the last thing she would ever do is cheat. She must have been in alot of turmoil to do this (this was good of Carrie to defend Sami.) They carry their conversation over to Brady pub over some chowder. Carrie encourages Rafe to try to save his marriage. She shares the story of her grandparents Shawn and Caroline having a similar situation when Caroline slept with Victor and had his child Bo and they worked through it and they lived happily many more years.(nice use of history to put a current story into perspective.) Rafe is very unsure that he could ever trust Sami.

    Great ep and love that the show is focusing on what is working. Hopefully they are retooling what is not working and the show will come out even stronger. Right now it is must see every day!

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