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    So since we are pitching revamps of Y&R. Here is something I came up with as a lead storyline. There would obviously be more. Yet this is the start. Forgive the typo’s.

    We start with a party at the Genoa City Athletic Club that everyone in GC has been invited to by a mysterious person. The party is said to have an explosive reveal for all important denizens that will rock GC to the core.

    As the denizens prepare for the night each character has visions of times past and wonders if the explosive reveal shall be about them. What secrets could be revealed at the party? And what would be that explosive?

    The guest arrive at the GCAC as the party begins unaware of who the host is and where he or she is at. Victor and Nikki think Adam or Jack could be up to something. And Jack and Billy wonder if the Dark Night has some trick up his sleeve and has been waiting to reveal it at the party.

    Kay questions if Tucker’s promise to work on being a family was a ruse and that he has some major reveal that will not only embarrass Kay but be his final nail in the coffin for his revenge because Kay gave him up as a child.

    Jill, Cane and Lily are concerned that Cane’s mother Genevieve could be up to something.

    Nick and Avery are worried that Phyllis may have flown the coo-coo’s nest.

    Sharon worries that Adam is up to his old tricks.

    As the party moves forward a shadowy figure lurks by the entrance and then quickly exist. The lights go out and a voice comes over an intercom. The voice gives a cryptic message of death to everyone and then everyone tries to leave, but finds themselves locked in. Victor, Jack, Tucker and Billy team up to bust the door down but an explosion happens before they can do so…
    At a special facility Nikki enters a room with flowers and sits them by the bed where Victor lies in a coma. As Nikki strokes Victor’s head she notices his eyes twitching feverishly and calls for a nurse. Just as the nurse arrives Victor awakens and calls out to Nikki. Nikki becomes emotional as victor has come back to her.

    Victor asks Nikki about the explosion and Nikki is dumbfounded by his admission. Victor becomes agitated as he wonders if his kids are alright. Nikki informs him that they are fine and are on their way as she had the nurse call for them.

    Basically all of Maria’s storylines have been playing out in Victor’s head. He reveals everything he thought had happened and Nikki confirms that most of it never happened.

    When Nick and Victoria arrive, Nikki explains to Victor that he has been in a coma for several years now. That he installed Adam as the head of the Newman Enterprises because his is guilt and angered Nick and Victoria. But once Victor had discovered that Adam was using his new found power wrong way, he went to confront Adam and he suffered a severe epileptic seizure that left him comatose ever since.

    And since he has been out Nikki and the children have been fighting tooth and nail to wrestle control of NE away from Adam, but the law has been on his side.

    Nick informs Victor that Adam plans to take NE public and Victor decides to keep his return from the coma a secret as he recovers and plans to buy up all the shares through dummy corporations and best Adam.

    So as Adam puts out the IPO a mysterious set of dummy companies purchases a significant amount of NE’s shares as Adam falsely believes his plan is working. But the kicker is that these shares are being bought up before Victor and clan can get them. Victor thinks it could be Jack up to no good or maybe Katherine is buying up the stock to save NE from being destroyed. And when these theories are found out to be untrue Victoria and Nick become determined to figure out who is the culprit so that they can make a counter-offer to buy the stock back.

    Paul is then hired to find out who is behind all these dummy corporations. But is unable to find the source.

    Meanwhile, Victor learns that he has lost the feeling in his legs and shall be confined to a wheelchair until or if he may ever regain the ability walk again. Yet Victor will not let this stand in the way of him taking down his punk of a son Adam.

    Victor learns he is only able to buy up 30% of the stock on the market, while the mysterious investor has bought up 40% through the dummy corporations. Leaving Adam with 30% of NE stock under his control. Yet, Adam believes he still has controlling interest.

    Adam is shocked to learn that Nikki and his siblings have finally given up on trying to wrestle control of NE away from him. And a victorious feeling Adam revels in the success he thinks he will make of NE and wishes his father could see him now.

    After the successful sale of the shares on market Adam plans to have a shareholders luncheon and toast his success. He will also lay out a plan that he believes will take NE into the stratosphere.

    Aside from inviting the investors Adam invites the Newman clan, the Abbott’s, the Baldiwns, Jill, Kay and Neil so that he can gloat in front of them. Elsewhere, Victor plans to reveal that himself and the stocked he has gained at the luncheon.

    On the night before the luncheon a woman arrives in Geona City. She takes up a hotel room at the GCAC and opens file folder in which she has newspaper clippings of companies Victor has bought up over the years. She comes to a clipping with Victor’s face on it and promises to make him pay for kicking her while she was down.

    Later woman heads down to the bar and runs into Neil, whom is having a club soda. She and Neil get acquainted and the woman informs him that she is there on very important business and does not know how long she will be in town for. .

    As the woman gets up to head back to her room for the night Neil asks for her name and she reveal herself to be Dominique (Debbie Morgan) and then dashes off before he can get a last name.

    So the day of the luncheon arrives and Adam is feeling in his element as he practices his speech he will give before the shareholders.

    Across town at the ranch Nikki helps Victor get dressed and meets then they the family down in the living room. The Newman’s marvel at the shock that will come to Adam once he learns that Victor is alive and well and that he has equal the shares of Adam. They also worry though about when and if the person who bought up the rest of the shares will reveal themselves.

    Elsewhere, the rest of the attendees prepare for the event. Jack and Billy wonder what tricks Adam has up his sleeve. Kay let’s Neil know she is devastated by what Adam has done to his father’s company, but knows she must be there for Nikki. Phyllis is preparing for the big story to cover the luncheon for Restless Style, even though it is against Nick’s wishes. And Dominique prepares to shock the whole Newman family with what she has to reveal.

    The guests and the press start to arrive at the luncheon. Adam becomes worried when he sees that none of the shareholders on the list have arrived yet, since their tables are empty. And after a short wait Adam decides to go-ahead with his speech. But just before Adam can begin, Nikki enters as does Victor in his motorized wheelchair stunning everyone.

    Victor and Adam lock eyes and Adam tries to hide his shock and fear. Adam then takes to the podium and looks at his written speech. He crunches the paper up and tosses it deciding to wing it.

    Adam then launches into a taunting tirade of a speech admonishing everyone who didn’t believe in him and tried to take him down. He pointedly reminds everyone of his feelings of abandonment inby Victor and his siblings living lapse of luxury. And then he laments on his success and starts to inform the media and his guests bout his future plans for NE. Victor then maneuvers his wheel chair out toward the podium and turns to inform the room that he is proud of Adam and then stuns everyone with the fact that he and Adam now have equals shares in NE.

    Adam becomes chocked up with anger and disbelief. But Michael Baldwin assures him that everything Victor has said is true.

    Victor gloats to Adam that they will now be a father and son team to Adam’s dismay. Yet Victor informs Adam that it is not over with yet. He informs his punk of a son that he should have kept up with where the rest of shares went because someone tricked him and bought the remaining shares up through dummy corporations, the oldest tricks in the book.

    Adam, then demands Victor tell him who did it or at least reveal that it was him. But Victor informs his son that it was not him and that for his sake he better hope whoever bought it is a nice person. Because they will now control the company he “built from the ground up” and Adam destroyed in a matter of days.

    Just then Dominique enters (dressed to the 10’s) having heard the tail end of the conversation and reveals that she has controlling interest in NE.

    And when asked who she is Dominique reveals herself to be the once bankrupt billionaire Dominique Cunningham of Cunningham Corp.

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    Okay, so you took elements of DAYS, Dallas,and Dynasty and turned it into a reboot of Y&R? Nice try, but this story lapses substance to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the back to business as well as MAB’s tenure but we also need a return to basics. If you were going to make anything a dream, it should be Adam. He has ruined Y&R!

    If it makes you feel any better, David, your writing is way better than my post. It was dismal after I reread it lol

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    I do not have a problem with a soap opera having a character awaking and the last several years is a dream, if the show went really off track. Which Y&R has. I would rather the show have a point in it inwhich whoever is the party that has been ripvanwinkle, have been part of an actual story. Such as Cassie Newman wakes up from a long winters nap after she crashed her car. She did not die but rather has lain in a coma for a long while.

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    Daniel did get the blame for the car crash and is just getting released from jail. Phyllis has harbored deep resentment for her son’s conviction all these years. She works for the Abbotts at Jabot where the Abbotts have owned and operated it. Jill and Jack had decided a few years back that their union as both husband and wife and as business partners made sense. They offered the stability that was necessary to stablize their fractured family. They are currently working together to raise their sons and make Jabot the success that it once was.

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