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    Anyone who follows GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn, as I do, on Twitter can attest to the fact that she’s nothing if not witty and entertaining. She’s also fairly opinionated, which can easily be misinterpreted by many as being bitchy and or unreasonable. Robin Strasser is guilty of the same level of “bluntness,” in her own unique way. However, Nancy recently took to Twitter to discuss her personal feelings about the ATROCITY that took place in the Younger Actress category, as well as her personal feeling of blame and sadness over the result. Interesting read. As always, I have posted both the e-mail link and the text, in case certain posters can’t access the link on their computers. Enjoy. Hopefully, you will learn why I love this woman so much!!

    Nancy Lee Grahn
    On Wednesday 22nd June 2011, @NancyLeeGrahn said:

    Let me start by saying, it is very hard to get me to lose my sense of humor. Sunday night, I had none until after it was all over and I finally saw my friend Michelle Stafford and said, “What the F#*K was that?” That is the summation of my experience from the moment I put my expensively adorned feet on that foot long red carpet, until the Tylenol PM kicked in and I woke up the next morning.

    “What the F#*k was that?” can be interpreted any way you choose and that will be up to you, let your imagination take flight. To say any more would be unproductive and quite frankly, self-serving. However, to not say anything at all would fool no one, due to the fact that I am ridiculously transparent and most of you can read my mind anyway.

    I will, however, share this one thing with you. Lexi Ainsworth’s performance in her submission reel was incomparable. I’ve been acting for a long time and we all wish we had an Emmy reel that spot on. It would have, in my opinion, been unbeatable in any category.

    I was so sure that Lexi would win, that I urged her to prepare her speech so she would say exactly what she wanted because she would remember the moment forever. I assured her she would win and because she looks up to me, she unfortunately believed me. I love this child and not only witnessed her performance, I viewed every single reel in her category. Because of what I believe any trained actor could only see as a slam dunk, I unknowingly set up my TV baby to get unjustifiably crushed.

    Because of her class, intelligence and beautiful heart, Lexi handled her loss with maturity and grace. I on the other hand did not. I got up and left the room. I was misbehaved, pissed off, and anything but graceful. I got outraged for Lexi who should’ve been, but had more maturity and clearly more dignity in the moment than I did.

    My Achilles heel is my kids, on TV or not, and I don’t handle it well when they are not treated fairly, especially if I created the expectation that they would be. Why did I ever say anything to her besides you should win and I hope you do? Why would I have faith in a judging system that could go so awry?

    The judging system has had to be continually adjusted for the Daytime Emmy’s to ensure the voting process is equitable. In my opinion, a blue Ribbon panel is the only way to prevent what appears to me to be results that undermine the integrity of what an Emmy should mean. We must do better.

    And now for the good news; I am genuinely excited about what Garin Wolf , Ron Carlivati and Jill Phelps are bringing to the new and better GH. They have such an investment in all of you as an audience. Please start watching and keep watching. We have no plans to go anywhere. Just sit back, and let us entertain you. You are loved and appreciated.

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    Thank You Alston for sharing all that!!

    I was a little surprised myself Lexi didn’t win.
    However, shouldn’t one be prepared for such a result??
    NLG is very outspoken. As I am so that is what I like best about her!!
    However, surely she has learned in all her years that awards don’t necessarily go to the BEST but the MOST POPULAR.
    I was SHOCKED (though very happy) that LW got her overdue Emmy.

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    I am going to be honest with you, since you and I have that kinda DC relationship. I was not rooting for Laura to win this year, I was rooting for Colleen Zenk. I feel that she was overlooked for 32 years on ATWT and deserved it, but by the same token, I am also a huge Laura Wright fan, and have followed her work since she joined GL as Cassie in 1997. She wasn’t my first choice, but I still smiled and got all giggly when she won.

    Same with Heather Tom. NEVER in a million years did I think they’d call her name. I was CERTAIN it’d be Tricia Cast. In fact, I think I almost went into meltdown mode when they announced Heather’s name. It was weird, almost like an outer body experience…..But again, a part of me got a little giggly and happy, because I have always been a Heather Tom fan.

    When Brittany won, I almost flung my remote at the TV. In NO way did Brittany deserve that award. I didn’t even know she was that popular. She got fired and recasted because everyone agreed that she was as boring as spoiled mayonnaise. The recast is doing TEN times better than she ever did. I don’t get it.

    Nancy’s comments confuse me because a few years back when Soap Opera Digest polled seven Emmy winners, asking them if winning an Emmy had helped their careers, she VEHEMNTLY said NO……I think her exact words were “it has no effect on anything. It just means you get the title ‘Emmy Award winner’ inserted at the front of your name in magazines…….” And she’s always been very gracious when losing in the past, even hugging the winners. She hugged Michelle Stafford in 2004 on her way up to the podium, Sarah Brown back in 2000 on her way up to the podium, Erika Slezak in 2005….

    Nancy is certainly used to losing Emmys. I guess she feels that Lexi is like her daughter and no parent wants to see her child hurt. Apparently, Lexi was very upset about the outcome. I don’t know. I recommend that Lexi get used to being screwed over by the Emmys, because many other actresses have been screwed over in the past and will undoubtedly suffer the same fate again………

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    Good evening DC friends. As I’m not a “twitterer” your post Mr. Alstonboy is much appreciated. Ms. Grahn was truthful and spot on in her assessment of Lexi Ainsworths’ work. I was familiar with Miss Allens’ role but honestly, there truly was no comparison. Given Miss Ainsworth’s age and the difficult subject matter she dealt with, one would think that the judges would be inclined to favor such risk taking. That she also displayed a touching vulnerability under the veil of maturity during this storyline had me excited to see her receive a justly deserved award.
    Oh well..what do I know? I’m just a ballet teacher….
    I still am quite pleased for Laura Wright (been a fan since her days as Cassie on GL), and Jonathan Jackson. At least they got those awards correct.
    Take care all. 0:)

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    Thank you for your commentary and I agree. The Emmys are a joke, though. Someone referred to them earlier as “fool’s gold,” and the more I think about it, the more I feel that is a TOTALLY accurate explanation of what they represent……hollow trophies that do NOTHING to further your career advancement, help you get hired, help you get better pay or help you become a better performer. They are pretty to look at, until they get dull and rusty in about five or ten years, and then what???

    As Erika Slezak so eloquently said last year, “An Emmy and a few bucks will get you a subway in New York, but not much else……”

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    Alston I too respected what nancy had to say. I am the same way – mess with me and you may catch fire but mess with the people I care about and its about to be a (what) GIRLFIGHT. LOL So yeah I could see Nancy been bummed she didnt win and then totally OUTRAGED and acting the fool about lexi. Plus shes right…love aside…lexi wuz robbed.

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    Exactly, an Emmy is nothing but “fool’s gold.” They reportedly only cost $300 bucks to make, so they obviously aren’t THAT special. LOL!! For $300, I’d rather have a used Geo Prism……..LOL!!! :D :D

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    It may not be worth anything to us or to the industry for that matter, but as a teenager, let alone a teenage girl, I am sure something like that is a HUGE deal. I remember at that age being upset about a bad hair day let alone how I would have felt about losing an award everyone all but assumed I would win. I am sure she was bummed and I am sure part of her felt like she let her family, her soap colleagues, and her agents down by not winning when she was supposedly a “lock”, so if I knew my teenaged friend was that heartbroken I would want to strangle someone for it…and I would feel terrible for whatever way I contributed to it.

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    Nancy Lee didn’t say anything profound. She just said what everybody and their mother has been saying for years! Who cares

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    Alston you really know soaps!! I wasn’t familiar with half the people you mentioned. However I don’t doubt their acting is as wonderful as you say it is. :beer:
    I only follow the actors from the one’s I watch. OLTL/GH.
    I never knew who LW was until she came to GH.
    IMO the years she has played on GH she has been ‘overlooked’ for too long. I was SHOCKED that she won. Not that she didn’t deserve it, but the Emmy acknowledged her finally! :beer:

    As far as NLG, as one gets older they look at things differently than they may have years back. So for her to contradict herself, is no biggie for me.
    What was wrong of her, was to prepare Lexi for the win. Who would do that??
    As a parent you hope/wish for success of your child, but how could NLG assume Lexi won before the Emmy’s were announced?? Did maybe someone from the ‘inside’ tell her Lexi was going to win??
    For that, my heart goes out to Lexi. As a young girl, she must have been crushed when her name wasn’t called.

    OK this next thing is going to sound harsh, however, welcome Lexi to the adult world. Life is full of disapointments! (Was that cruel?) I know if anyone would tell me its you! ;)

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    Though an Emmy SHOULD mean something, the whole process has been tainted by the voting system and the fact that it’s almost like drawing a name out of a hat. Brittany Allen shouldn’t have been on that list, much less won, much like Drew Tyler Bell the year before. Heather Tom, though I adore her dearly and think she’s one of daytime’s best, shouldn’t have won that award; it was Tricia Cast’s this year and if not her then Nancy Lee Grahn should’ve taken it. The rest of the acting awards, however, I think were pretty spot on. That said, in the end, I don’t think an Emmy(least a Daytime one)means jack.

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    Good Morning all…
    JAQ-thanks for the little shout out. Love what I do and how it shapes minds and body’s for possible careers in the performing arts and that includes the commercial/TV industry.
    As for what I will call “The Ainsworth Debacle”, I tell my kids most of the people who you will encounter in the industry could care less about how many medals you’ve won in competition or how many scholarships you’ve got aquired other than if they’ve furthered your training. They are most interested in what they see in front of them right here, right now. I also tell them the best award for them (and by extension myself), is when they show me a signed contract that tells me they are now a “working professional”.
    In actuality, Lexi already has that and that’s a credit to her and the people around her who have helped shepherd her career thus far.

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    Honestly, I agree with the comment “welcome to the real world”–life in NOT always fair. There is no guarantee that you’ll win anything in this life, no matter how much you believe you deserve it. Often, you have to take satisfaction in knowing that you did a good job and that you will continue to develop your craft to the best of your ability; whether you ever receive any major accolades or not.

    There was a time when I would get upset when a few of my personal friends didn’t win Grammys or Primetime Emmys; but I tried not to add salt to the wound with endless rants about how they were robbed. The fact of it is–they got the rare opportunity to do exactly what they loved to do for a living; and have others enjoy their work. I’m sure there are kids acting in high school plays who would love to be in Ainsworth’s position; and they never will have that chance, no matter how good they are. I would never sneer at “just being nominated”; as there are good actors who have toiled for years and have never been nominated. I think some of these privileged folks should develop some perspective and realize just how lucky they are in the greater scheme of things. Just come back to work everyday and try to “knock it out of the park”; and you’ll prove that the voters made a mistake by not giving you an award sooner

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    ‘Honestly, I agree with the comment “welcome to the real world”–life in NOT always fair. There is no guarantee that you’ll win anything in this life, no matter how much you believe you deserve it. Often, you have to take satisfaction in knowing that you did a good job and that you will continue to develop your craft to the best of your ability; whether you ever receive any major accolades or not.’
    TOUCHE’ ;)

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    Let me start out by saying that I love NLG and I think her blog was dead-on…

    I am a little surprised that she didn’t tweet or mention support of her fellow GHers that did go home with well deserved emmys – both cast and crew…

    Also, I may be reading too much into it, but do NLG and LW get along. I have just noticed some things that give me the impression they aren’t exactly close..

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    I catch them tweeting each other occasionally, so it seems that they get along pretty well. But then again, they are both good actresses, so perhaps they are hiding their true feelings? I fear that we will never REALLY know the truth.

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    Alston –

    Thanks for the quick reply ;) I love them both so I can only hope/imagine they get along.

    I am new to twitter so I have never seen them interact….

    Here’s to hoping for some great Alexis and Carly stories in the future!!!

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    Wow. I think Grahn was unutterably rude. Her attitude that her opinion of who should have won is the only right one is conceited to the nth degree! She also obviously doesn’t care about the feelings of the other two nominees in the category, whose performances she degrades by talking about how Ainsworth should have been a “slam dunk” and saying that she “unjustifiably” lost. Grahn is old enough to know when to keep her mouth shut, stay in her seat during the Emmys, and be gracious. IMO, she’s behaved shamefully.

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    I agree Robin Strasser and Nancy Lee Grahn have a gift for tweeting. I check both. They speak of many subjects and are interesting. I will recommend both, whether you disagree or agree. I have agreed and disagreed. They both are political so I love it. They make their tweets interesting and speak on range of subjects. I don’t check out anyone elses anymore. I could care less what LW is doing at any given moment. Who cares. Besides some are so careful of what they tweet. They are company people. These two tell it like it is. Love it.

    As far as Emmys, there is also the factor of the split vote. You know where there is a surprise win and the audience looks shocked. I am sure that happens more than we know. I don’t think LW should have won for Carly. Yuck. I do think she had great scenes as Cassie (GL). So I just look at it like she won because of the Cassie character. I just don’t see the range in Carly that she had with Carly. She is ff material as Carly. On GL she was, in many ways, the star. Too bad cbs/gl took away all their money and so many jumped ship before it sank. At least amc/oltl have a chance to survive going where they are appreciated. ABC would have pulled the funds also. I think they are in a better place than GH. I still see GH losing the big bucks to keep it going.

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    Ditto on the Emmy blackout @ my place. I feel embarassed for the presenters so I wait for the reviews. As for NLG’s dramatic over-reaction one must remember she IS an actress.Drama is her life. And more than a bit biased on the quality and winning possibilities of Lexi’s work. It’s just a shame she’s lacking in good judgement and is just a tad immature as evidenced by her involvement in Lexi’s private business.(How she dealt with her nom ,etc.) Perhaps NLG has learned a lesson about letting the young’uns learn their own lessons through good ,old-school,experience.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m a real ,longtime supporter( Julia Wainwright SB fame.) of NLG. But in this matter she erred.(verb).

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