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    This was posted in the Gary Tomlin thread on the main site, but I think it warrants its own discussion. Mark Hapka is back as Nathan!

    Although I liked Nathan, I am not excited about this because A) it means the annoying-as-all-get-out Melanie is safe and B) I would rather have seen someone like Lucas return. But beggars can’t be choosers. Even though there are at least 5 more actors who need to be let go from Days, I am just happy my beloved Marlena and John are back.

    On the plus side, I hope Days seizes advantage of Nathan’s return. Bring his mother Melissa back on a recurring basis! She should move back to Salem to be closer to Maggie. Maggie lets just about everyone shack up in her home—why not her own daughter? Then they should reveal that Pete Jannings is Nathan’s dad and maybe bring him back for a handful of episodes to flesh out Nathan’s daddy issues. Sometimes Days forgets that there are plenty of non-romantic stories to play out with certain characters.

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    hey we are pretty much on the same page with this one! I think bringing Nathan back is great! NOt so great that that means that twit Melanie will stay.
    Very very glad Marlena is coming home. Hope the stay is a long one!

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    Pretty happy about this. I always liked him. He still has some mystery about his back story. Why does he go by the last name Horton? Who is his father? Why do they not get along? Maggie made an offhanded comment one time about how she understood why he stayed away from his father….or something like that.

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    I remember when Melissa came back to the show pregnant with Nathan for Bo and Hope’s wedding in 1996. Pete Jannings HAS to be the father! Melissa and Pete were a popular couple during Melissa’s original stint on the show and it would make sense that they hooked up offscreen in the 90s and conceived Nathan.

    Actually, when Nathan came onto the show in June 2009, it was reported in the soap media (SOD, etc.) that he was the son of Melissa and Pete. The show never mentioned his father, though, so I suppose it could go another way, BUT it would make the most sense for Pete to be his dad.

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