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    I’m not sure if any of you will agree, but I truly believe CBS would benefit from a new soap. I know hell would freeze over but you never know. I like to think I’m a talented writer and have been writing a serial entitled “Seaside Bay” since 2000. The following is fiction only, but let me know what you think. Criticism and all…
    “Seaside Bay” takes place in Seaside Bay, FL, a resort town on the outskirts of Miami. A city full of wealthy bluebloods, this soap is a mix of “The Young And The Restless” and the 90’s cult classic thriller “Wild Things” starring Denise Richards and Neve Campbell. The storylines set the scene for a gothic melodrama of sorts where romance, deception, greed and murder reign supreme. I originally intended for “Seaside Bay” to air on primetime, but I’m willing to lend my expertise to show daytime head writers what we soap fans want to see. The show is currently in its 8th season.

    The Characters:

    Nicole Scott (Sarah Buxton-Annie, Sunset Beach Morgan, B&B) Seaside Bay‘s resident damsel in distress. Ex-wife of Aaron Scott and Dylan Harrison. Was Chief Executive Officer of Bittersweet Cosmetics until recently. Best friend of Kate Harrison. Recovering alcoholic. Has been held captive numerous times. Currently eloping with Ryan Callahan in Paris.

    Aaron Scott (Sean Kanan…this role will make you “Deacon who?”) Affluent entrepreneur who was once affiliated with underworld crime. Ex-husband of Nicole Scott, Victoria Summers, and Carla Perez; father to Jacob Scott. Owns successful nightclub, Club Sunset. Major shareholder in Bittersweet Cosmetics and sits on the board of directors. Currently battling blindness due to injuries sustained during the Rising Sun explosion.

    Jonathan Evans (Hunt Block-Craig, ATWT Ben, GL Peter, Knots Landing) Unscrupulous attorney for Trinidad Cosmetics. Husband to Laura Evans and father of James Evans, Dominic Bryant a.k.a Stephen Andrews, and Lillian Andrews. Ex-husband of Jessica Richards and Angelique Richards. Revealed to be Ryan Callahan’s older brother. Had an illicit affair with Amanda Andrews. Arrived in Seaside Bay in 2000 hoping to bilk Kate out of the Richards estate. Currently keeping the truth about Dominic’s identity from Laura and everyone else in Seaside Bay.

    Laura Evans (Lesley-Anne Down-the woefully underused Jackie, B&B Olivia, Sunset Beach) Creative Director at Trinidad Cosmetics. Wife of Jonathan Evans and mother to James Evans. Sister of wealthy industrialist James Stallion and the late Matt Stallion. Possesses clairvoyant abilities. Currently having various premonitions that predict her witnessing a gruesome murder.

    Alana Preston (Alexa Havins-Babe, AMC) Model for Bittersweet Cosmetics. Engaged to Sean Carter. Sister of Lila Preston and Greg Preston. Former call girl. Once terrorized by corrupt police detective Paul Lockhart. Currently scheming with Greg to avenge the death of their mother, Jennifer.

    Nathan Bryant (Jack Wagner…yeah I know, I’m stealing alot of B&B actors lol) CEO and chairman of Trinidad Cosmetics. Former assassin who came to town with orders to kill Jocelyn in 2004. Half-brother of Kate Harrison and the late Lillian Doherty. Husband to Jocelyn Bryant. Currently preparing to launch Exquisite, a revolutionary face cream.

    Dylan Harrison (Clive Robertson-Ben, Sunset Beach) Arrogant media mogul who recently acquired Richards Worldwide. Ex-husband of Nicole Scott. Battled a prescription drug addiction in 2006 and 2007. Estranged husband to Kate Harrison; father of Caitlin Harrison. Adopted brother to the late Dr. Eric Harrison. Owner of WSBC Television Station.Currently lording his newfound power over various rivals.

    Jocelyn Blair Bryant (Carrie Genzel-Skye, AMC back in the late 90’s) Machiavellian lawyer notorious in Seaside Bay for her several heinous acts and machinations. Wife of Nathaniel Bryant; widow of Victor Richards, Matt Stallion, and Francois Devereaux. Formerly married to the late Dr. Eric Harrison. Engages in a cantankerous feud with Kate Harrison. Currently passing off baby Dominic as her and Nathan’s adopted son.

    Dr. Ryan Callahan (Ty Treadway-SoapTalk Colin, Troy, OLTL, whoever he plays now on DAYS) Psychiatrist at Seaside Bay General Hospital. Long lost brother of
    Jonathan Evans. Engaged to Nicole Scott. Revealed to be the culprit behind the Rising Sun explosion. Currently embroiled in a vendetta against Aaron and Nicole for the death of Victoria Summers.

    Eduardo Gomez (Matt Cedeno-Brandon, DAYS) Crime Lord and head of an illegal arms cartel. Once employed within Jackson Scott’s syndicate.
    Harbors a violent grudge toward Aaron Scott. Currently gaslighting Kate into believing Victor Richards is alive.

    Cassandra Ross (Victoria Rowell-Drucilla, Y&R) Former Senior Vice President at Fashion Fair Cosmetics in Atlanta, GA. Niece of John Carson, Seaside Bay‘s police captain. Currently awaiting the formal announcement that she is assuming the role as CEO of Bittersweet Cosmetics.

    Greg Preston (Dax Griffin-Tim, Sunset Beach Shane, B&B) Ex-con recently released from the Parker State Correctional Facility in Des Moines, IA
    after serving seven years for drug trafficking. Son of the late Jennifer Preston; brother of Lila Preston and Alana Preston. Employed as a server at Imperial Dining Hall. Currently plotting to romance Jessica and steal her fortune.

    Jessica Richards (Josie Davis-Grace, Y&R) Fierce daughter of Kate Harrison and late real estate tycoon Victor Richards. Divorced from Jonathan Evans and former lover of Sean Carter. CEO of Jessica Richards Couture fashion house. Sister to the late Dr. Eric Harrison and Caitlin Harrison. Richards Worldwide minority shareholder. Currently designing her fall collection and dating Greg.

    Sean Carter (David Charvet-Craig, Melrose Place 1.0) Seaside Bay’s honorable District Attorney. Ex-husband of Amanda Andrews. Father to Clay Carter. Shares romantic history with Stephanie Stallion, Jessica Richards, Nicole Scott, Laura Evans and Angelique Andrews. Engaged to Alana Preston. Currently investigating the Rising Sun explosion case.

    Captain John Carson (Billy Dee Williams) Long standing Police Captain of Seaside Bay‘s law enforcement team. Husband of Gail Carson and maternal uncle to Cassandra Ross.

    Kate Richards Harrison (Fiona Hutchison-Gabrielle, OLTL Celia, ATWT Jenna, GL) Billionaire heiress and celebrated philanthropist known throughout South Florida society. Mother of the late Dr. Eric Harrison, Jessica Richards, and Caitlin Harrison. Best friends with Nicole Scott. Formally married to Victor Richards. Once engaged to Jonathan Evans. Sister of the late Lillian Doherty and Nathaniel Bryant. Nemesis of Jocelyn Bryant. Has a gothic past involving murderous secrets, deception, and lies. Bittersweet board member.

    Now I know this a long read but if you have time and truly love soaps, just give this some thought. I’d also like advice from any and all. I tried to incorporate an element from various soaps as well as give “Seaside Bay” my own pananche. Various daytime and primetime actors frequently grace the screen in various roles in this top-notch drama. There’s the humor of AMC, raging campiness in the vein of B&B, a romantic epic quailty not unlike DAYS, high octane characters like beloved favorite GH, diversity and rawness we see on OLTL, and elegance that those who watch Y&R are familiar with. If someone would give me the green light, “Seaside Bay” would be all the buzz in the soap world.

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