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    Thinking like Agnes Nixon it would be great if DOOL were to incorporate all the Occupy movements across the country with an Occupy Salem movement that would intensify the scrutiny on John Black. Imagine Citizens of Salem whom were duped and lost their money and whose homes are facing foreclosure coming out to protest. Then when they decide to camp out Mayor Carver is forced into a sticky political position where if he doesn’t support them then he can will be seen as supporting John and all the corrupt corporations. But since they already have Abe on video saying that he believes John is innocent he has more troubles as he mounts a re-election campaign.

    Meanwhile, EJ comes out to show support for the protestors even bringing them food and promising to provide them pro-Bono legal representation if the mayor and his goons aka The Salem PD try to put a stop to their constitutional freedom to protest. This gives EJ a chance to seek sympathy on his family suggesting that the Dimera’s have been treated just as bad by local government over the years.

    EJ can lay out a story of an overzealous Salem PD where Bo Brady has had it out for his family for decades and has been willing to break the law to try and bring them down (true). He can go on to say that since Bo and Roman are brothers and Bo is married to Hope who is also on the force and close friends with john and the Mayor that the citizens can’t expect to get fair break under the Carver administration. So he ever so politically demagogues, suggesting that Abe is guilty by association.

    You see EJ’s strategy at this point is to paint Abe as no better then they say he is and the rest of the Dimera’s are. He wants you to believe that they have been misjudged and slandered by the liberal media, who has been fed lies by Abe and co. for years.

    Abe was commander, commission and then Mayor. And he has had the support of all the players in the game who now back John Black’s innocence.

    You see the corrupt connection EJ wants you to believe has been existing for years and has finally come to light with John’s scams? “Follow the money, ” EJ says!

    Now see that is how to add some layers to the story.

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