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    Rumor has it Addie’s death brings Kelly, Cassie, and Adrianna back to Llanview.

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    What!?!?! No!!! 

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    No offense to the young ladies but I don’t want Sweet Addie killed?!  I’d rather keep Addie than have the other girls back for 2 seconds and Addie gone forever!

    NOOO, let it be STACY!!

    First STUART, NOW THIS!!?? 

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    I don’t think any one of the Cramer girls get killed, I do think one gets hurt, but not a deadly hurt.  And if it has to be one of them, I sure hope it’s not Addie, I’d rather it be one of the other ones.

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    According to Nelson Branco’s Suds Report, the Cramer death might just be Cassie, as Worthram Krimmer is returning as Andrew Carpenter for several episodes.

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    If they do that, RC is dead to me.

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    Word has it that Addie is taken out during the storm on Llantano Mountain. Yes, this is really sad, I wouldn’t mind it being Cassie as I would love for her to return to AMC. Who knows, I read that a lot of scripts and storyboards are in rewrite because of Allison’s return. She is also going to be with us for quite some time and will have something to do with the Teenage-crap.

    I hope that if it is Addie, that she already has engagements with another show, I love this actress, but will miss her like crazy when and if she is gone.

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    They’re killing off Addie???????


    Why not kill off a character that I don’t care about, like Gigi or Layla?????

    This character has so much history with the show, and is always interesting, even with so little actual storyline.

    Frank and Ron, please tell me that you aren’t this clueless!!!!!


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