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    According to, Kelly Cramer returns February 12.

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    I prefer the other Cramer girls myself, but if they brought on Chad Brannon as Joey I could change my mind

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    EET- never thought of that!  That would be awesome.  Looking forward to the return of Kelly, if she stays a minute!  I do not care about Cassie or Adrianna.

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    I think  CB has a resemblance to Dan Gauthier and I really really REALLY want him back – I could see those two as brothers.

    I must admit I have a bit of a bias against Kelly.  I just feel likeSince they got her back,  they are going to want to promote her so that means a triangle or a new man if they dont keep Kevin long term. So who will that be?  If they dont cast a Joey, would it be Todd? John?? I would HATE either of those options.  And if that happens what does that mean for two of my favorites – Natalie who I want with John and  Blair who I would rather see with Todd.

    I just have this feeling with Dan-yella coming on that means more Tea, if TK comes on that means more Marty and Kellys return – where does that leave Blair?  And if they go with John/Kelly and Marty/Patrick then Natlie is out in the cold – we all know that NO love interest means NO air time.

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