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    Okay, so me and this soap have had a love/hate relationship for years. I mean, don’t get it twisted, I love OLTL. Or at least I did back in it’s heyday. The first episode of One Life To Live I ever laid eyes on was the day Tina found out she was pregnant right before she and funky ass Max Holden went to Argentina back in ’87. Baby, you talk about drama!!!!! I loved it. The writing was intense and every character (Cord, Viki, Gabrielle Medina, Asa, Tina, Didi, Rafe, etc.) had presence which never happens anymore on soaps. Paul Rauch laid the groundwork for my version of Llanview and I miss it. Something about that era captured the true essence of daytime drama. Yeah, it was campy and there were blacks at the table, but I let that go due to sheer entertainment. OLTL lost it’s pizzazz around ’95 and never creatively recovered. Todd, Nora, Marty, Hank Gannon, Antonio and others ruined this show to me. Blah! Awful stories of gang rapes and convicted killers romanticized into heartthrobs…not my One Life To Live! We had a great formula that was a series of entertaining villains terrorizing the Buchanans. Why mess up a good thing?! Yes, the Georgie Phillips murder, Viki’s heart attack, and Victor Jr almost getting lethal injection were damn good soap, I miss the standard I stumbled across. Now it seems that want to repair all that by bringing back the characters fans truly want to see before the finale. Who cares whether Brody kidnaps Liam or Stacy is really Gigi? I want Viki, Cord, Clint, Tina, and Bo front and center. No newbies…just the vets!

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