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    In all honestly, I would prefer it if she wasn’t. I could go with this s/l if Destiny and Matthew had gone threw colleges and were college sweethearts when tragedy struck but she’s still a baby. She still has these chubby cheeks and every time I see her I go ‘aww’…I know this will be a part of Matthew and a part of Nora and Bo would love that besides the fact that Des is a baby…oh and can you imagine Shawn’s reaction?

    Okay I’m done with my mild rant. Tell me what you guys think of Destiny’s pregnancy even though I don’t recall us viewers seeing the results ourselves…Maybe she read it wrong?

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    I must agree. They did this storyline already. With Starr & Cole.
    Perhaps if Mathew were to die another generation continues. For that it would be OK for her to be pg. Now I am hearing he doesn’t die.
    So maybe she won’t be pregnant?? This next week should tell if he dies or lives.

    I think Gigi is headed for disaster…maybe her heart goes to Clint?

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    IA. I like Matthew and Destiny’s friendship and never wanted them to go romantic. Maybe years later after they each dated other people and some how found themselves in their late twenties or even early thirties suddenly both wanting a romantic relationship then go ahead, but I never saw any romantic chemistry between EA and SE.

    I never wanted Starr with a baby in the first place. A pregnancy scare, miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy but no baby since KA looks like a baby herself! In a lot of ways, Starr and Cole acted like they were 30 somethings and not teenagers and I know a lot of it had to do with having a baby and their s/l.

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    Hey JAQ! Yeah if Des is preggers then it’s like a piece of Matthew for Nora, Bo & Des but she’s still young. OH and I hope he doesn’t die…I love EA and I think he should be on until the finale and Nate and James should bounce. Especially Nate since he did this to my Matthew!

    I really hope Matthew lives and Gigi is the one to go…I’ve never gotten attached to her.

    P.S. Nice avi :bigsmile:

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    Liason4Real, I could have seen EA & SE’s relationship going anyway but in a sweet, romantic, innocent sense. But I would have preferred them fall slowly in love in college after seeing other people.

    I thought it was bold for OL to go in that direction with Starr&Cole especially with teenage pregnancy the way it is now. I was also surprised they did the s/l. I think a pregnancy scare, miscarriage or stillborn delivery would have been a tough s/l also (there doing that on The Secret Life; stillborn delivery) and it’s heartwrenching. I think the birth of Hope made Starr&Cole mature and they never had the opportunity to do teenage things…I think that part is realistic.

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    I’m okay with this storyline only if Matthew dies, and I don’t really want Matthew to die. The storyline will stink because they just did this to Starr and Cole. Starr acts likes some boring azz 40 year old lady and she is never seen with her child. Pointless. Plus, I think the actress who plays Destiny is way too stiff in the role.

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    Starr/Cole already had a teenage baby s/l and I would rather not see the same thing with Matthew/Destiny.

    Starr does act like she’s and old woman! I remember a bratty Starr during the “Man on Wheel” s/l with Troy and she was so funny. Starr was aways bratty around adults and not so much around her peers when she entered high school.

    I do not want Bo to lose another child.

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    Hey EV…I didn’t watch Monday yet. I like watching 2 days in a row.
    (I should do that with GH since its so boring!!!)

    I NEVER liked Gigi. Not only is she a ‘whiney’ character, but the fact she has either a new hair do or color EVERYDAY really bothers me. |(
    Something tells me it is Gigi who dies. If it were Mathew, he would have died by now.
    And hopefully it will be only a ‘scare’ and Des isn’t preganant.
    Speaking of Des, I wish they would follow up with that storyline about her disowning her grandparents.

    I want Nate & James GONE! ;)

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    I must be in the minority, but I like the storyline. However, I don’t know if they will actually follow through with it, or if they will just make it a scare. But, I like seeing kids go through stuff that really happens to teens. I don’t want to watch them if its just high school angst, that is what we normally complain about. This may have been done with starr and cole, but we have a. an interracial couple, b. a rich kid and a poor(ish) kid, and c. This may give her parents a way to comeback into her life, or to follow through with “divorcing” them. I just think this will be a good final story for Matthew.

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    I gave birth to my firstborn at 16 so I am very tough on teen pregnancy sls, I hated the Starr/Cole story and I still hate the fallout mostly because there is no fallout. Hope is the best behaved baby in the history of the world. Linking bad stories is also a pet peeve so when the teen pregnancy was hooked to the Tess is going to kill Nat and Jared well even the prospect of dead Nat couldn’t excite me.

    I will wait to see if perhaps RC is trying to make up for the holes in Starr/Cole in writing a teen pregnancy into Matt/Destiny. I love Shenell Edmonds and while yes she has to continue(she has already improved just by relaxing into the role) to grow as an actor, soap operas have always been a training ground for young actors. I would include Eddie Aldersen among the young actors whose talent has grown overtime. Occassionally you get the exceptional young one like Kristen who was a natural but she’s the exception that proves the rule.

    the thoery of opposites
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    Dyllan – I agree only if Matthew dies but I still don’t want him to die. Bo has lost his share of children…I think Clint should shed Nat but that is another topic entirely. Though I did not see Starr & Cole from the beginning, I’ve seen my share of vids of them and I know the story. So I don’t want see it revamped even if there is more than one preggo girl in a small town…I rather not. And Starr is boring and she’s always on doing absolutely nothing with James. That is why I am hoping this Tale of Two Todds s/l will give her something to do and show her chops.

    Lol and the young lady playing Des has grown a bit from her first appearance and she has a long way to go…Meaning I don’t think she can carry a pregnancy s/l along with dealing with Matthew’s death (if he dies).

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    JAQ – Yeah I know your OL schedule. My GH schedule is even better…I don’t watch, at least not until July 25th!

    Yes Gigi is useless and her hair modeling does nothing for me. If anything she needs to be behind the scenes, making her money, doing the hair of the women left on the 4 soaps. B/c the hairstylist on the remaining soaps don’t seem to be doing their job.

    Yeah I am seriously hoping it’s scare unless Matthew dies then…okay but I want to see more of Des’ life outside of Matthew. I even forgot she was divorcing her grandparents b/c the last I saw of them was when Des’ ex brought them to see her in the park and she stormed off.

    We can only hope James & Nate are gone before January. It’ll be even sweeter if Nate is in jail for assault against Matthew. J) ;)

    P.S. I know this is GH info but have you seen JJ’s son Titus (the one whose going to play Aiden)? I saw your comment on there. He’s so adorable, has JJ’s eye shape but looks like his mom.

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    Scooter Smith – “This may have been done with starr and cole, but we have a. an interracial couple, b. a rich kid and a poor(ish) kid, and c. This may give her parents a way to comeback into her life, or to follow through with “divorcing” them. I just think this will be a good final story for Matthew.”

    You make some great points b/c I was a major fan of Cristian & Evangeline (hence my online name) but I didn’t consider the class issue for Des & Matt. JAQ did however remind me of Destiny’s divorce s/l. I think the interracial relationship topic can be explored more and the class issue can be used in many ways and one can be when they enroll into their respective colleges. Because I know tuition was an issue for me and one I face while attempting to transfer.

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    [quote=Evangeline Vega]JAQ – Yeah I know your OL schedule. My GH schedule is even better…I don’t watch, at least not until July 25th![/quote]

    And why is that such a bad idea?? lol The only reason why I don’t save Gh shows is because I will be bored for how many shows I’ve saved. Its easier to ff thru it one day at a time.
    Today was OK. Graduation day. H) H) Did you watch or no?
    I can’t wait until the 25th girl! :party:

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    EV-I actually like the interracial between Mathew & Destiny. I just don’t want a baby. For anyone that young.
    Hopefully if he lives, it will be a false pregnancy scare only.
    I would rather her make peace with her grandparents and have Mathew as her boyfriend.

    Now her grandparents may have a problem with interracial…… ;)

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    Maxsmom – I think the only realistic thing is that Starr became boring and has never done anything really teen related (except prom). Otherwise it’s the typical soap ending with everything tight and quiet and back to normal. And I think another reason it wasn’t realistic is because Starr has rich parents so every time you hear her talk about Hope she is with grandma or the nanny. What granny is Hope with exactly since Marty went cray-cray and Blair is somewhere with a villain? Does Starr mean Blair’s mom? Lol Hope barely even speaks, I want her to act out like Cam did when Liz & Lucky split and Jake was a baby. Hope should accidentally burn something down.

    I don’t know why they link unneeded stories together. Especially the pregnancy one & Tess unsuccessfully killing Nat, I mean just b/c their related doesn’t mean they go. Why couldn’t Starr and Cole face real obstacles like paying bills and trying to make ends meet? I could have went for that.

    I don’t think RC will do that baby s/l with Des’ unless Matthew actually dies and Destiny goes into premature labor before the show goes off air. B/c by the time January rolls around Des will only be 7 months and there still wouldn’t be enough time to see Des’ waking up in the morning, doing feedings and changing diapers etc.

    I do agree that SE has grown a bit and EA has become such a good actor. I just wish KA’s Starr had some of that fire. She seems bored (another reason I am glad The Tale of Two Todds is going on), I want to see her shine. I also think Jonathan Jackson (GH, Lucky Spencer) is an exception to the rule. Both JJ & KA grew up around amazing talent/onscreen parents.

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    JAQ – Lol your schedule isn’t bad idea but I need to watch at least two soaps full on b/c B&B is annoying me as is GH. But if I had DVR I would probably watch GH live (with the new writer) and then watch Y&R and B&B later in the day. Probably fast forwarding through most of B&B.

    Oddly enough I was channel surfing and caught the last 10 minutes with the random kid telling Kristina she deserved it and how she ruined Kiefer’s life. The kid had it coming I just wish Kristina would have slapped him instead of Michael putting himself in further trouble protecting Kristina. She needs to learn how to slap a person when there in her space. I’m sure Elizabeth, Carly and Sam wouldn’t mind giving her lessons on how to fight.

    I’m telling you JAQ I am going to be front and center and 2 minutes early to catch the new GH. I’m excited to know whose going to open the show…I really want it to be the Quartermaines bantering in the living room. :party: :beer: :bigsmile:

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    JAQ – I like the relationship between Matthew and Destiny also. B/c interracial relationships aren’t shown enough on TV, so when one pops up I try to get into it. I especially agree that I don’t want another teen with a baby.

    If it is a false pregnancy hopefully it will scare Destiny into using protection and if Matthew survives, her telling him what happen will hopefully scare him too.

    I would like Des’ grandparents to tell her more about her parents what similarities they sees between her and her parents. I want to know more and creating an angsty obstacle that big between Matthew&Destiny and Destiny’s grandparents would be great soap. ;)

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    EV-I watched only 1 episode of OLTL.. You know, one can only wonder how these silly shows lasted as long as they did. Bobby dressed up in a Nun’s outfit?? Really?? Stupid or stupid??

    Then Gigi being locked in the basement. How could not one of those kids recognize it wasn’t Shane?? Stupid or stupid?? I can only imagine this entire week will drag out with her in the basement!!!

    I will always DVR soaps. I HATE commercials on any show!!

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    EV-Considering Dorian is leaving, Kelly & Joey are leaving. Gigi.
    I would assume there is plenty of stories left to tell with Destiny!

    Scary that they are going to be down to the ‘bare essentials’ soon!

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    JAQ – As stupid as Ford dressing up as a nun was, I love the conversation he had with Tess when they got to the motel. They put their feelings for each other out there then stopped “being mushy” and made love. As Brody and Nat did the same. I have to say it had been a long time since I’ve seen a love scene that didn’t involve hate sex, drunk sex or was just plain sex. Both love scenes were sweet (& hot) and were played to nice music. I’m going to miss OL.

    Lol, Jack and his demon friends are stupid so it doesn’t surprise me they mistook Gigi for Shane. She is about his size. Didn’t Gigi have Shane’s jacket on (with the hood on)? I think those kids are going to fry anyway. They wrapped up Gigi’s story already, I think she is either dead or in a coma b/c the doctor said he’s sorry and they did all they could. John is already at the abandoned house looking at evidence.

    I should get DVR but I’m cheap, lol.

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    JAQ – That is incredibly scary, I mean what else is there to tell? Besides a bunch of teens, I hope Ron can pull a rabbit out the hat on this one.

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    Whoops……motel?? I still have yesterday and today to catch up on. I am going to go do that right now. Hey..I like her with Ford. If we could just get a little Jess with Tess!
    I SHOULD be cheap $) I have DVR in BOTH rooms!

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    EV-2 questions??
    1) Does Brody still live at Landfair?
    2) Ben..Vicki’s exhusband. Didn’t he turn out to be one of Asa’s sons??
    Who isn’t Asa’s son?? Or Clints?
    Geeze..remind me if you can about Ben and how he came to be Clints son.

    My memory……that is the first to go they say. ;)

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    JAQ – Yeah after Ford smuggles Tess out of St. Ann’s he takes her to the Minute Man where she starts laying out plans for them to leave Llanview. Ford tells her he can’t, Tess gets upset and tells him he’s abandoning her. But he tells her he can’t leave Ryder and Tess tells him if she can love him, she can love Ryder. I also love Tess with Ford there not the usual love story and if we can get Tess/Jess intergrated that would be great especially since Brody has given up.

    Whew, my DVR is Youtube, lol.

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    JAQ – glad you asked, Brody was talking to Nat today about leaving Llnadfair b/c he didn’t want to step on anyones toes and he didn’t think Jess was coming back and if she did she would want to be with him anymore. Nat was hurt and told Brody he should stay but he said he would be there for her and their baby and heading toward the door. Nat cut him off, shut the door and told him to tell her how he really felt about her…the rest you pretty much know now. So I guess Brody is staying since he’s with the other sister? Lol, I hope Brody doesn’t end up in a padded room. Brat anyone?

    Yeah Ben Davidson was Asa’s son but they hated each others guts. Kind of like Clint and Rex now, Asa’s loathed the entire Davidson/Rappaport family and locked Grace (Ben’s sister) in the pool house during a violent rain storm killing her and he framed Ben’s brother Sam for embezzlement and Sam was arrested. Attempting to free his brother, Ben began to question Max Holden (Asa’s “son”) and his illness (Max had an aneurysm, susposedly) and told Max he would reveal he was faking his illness if he didn’t tell him (Ben) the truth. Max admitted to faking his illness and in the process told Ben he was Asa’s son. Asa found out in 2001 at Todd & Blair’s wedding that didn’t happen and went to the hospital (I believe from a heart attack). Asa still refused to except Ben and vice versa but eventually the two came to a truce.

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    I am all caught up! Gigi is dead??? :)
    Minute Man?? Is that the only motel in the city?? (who ever came up with that name…PRICELESS)
    Speaking of minute man, where is Echo??

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    So now I am totally confused. But that is OK. Sam?
    Sam Rappaport was Ben’s brother?? I don’t understand how some people can remember these stories so far back.

    OK. I HATE Gnat. I always have. WTF she can’t be without a man??
    Does she ever learn?? Reallistically neither of them are in a relationship. However, her sleeping with Brody was the start of this whole mess. Back then I DID blame her. I can’t stand the character. If she somehow shows up on GH I will go to CA and start that studio on FIRE! |(
    All these months I have been wondering where Brody lives. The day I remember to ask, they disclosed it on the show. So now what?? He is moving from one sister’s room to the other’s??

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    I still don’t get all the Natalie hate. She has “been without a man” since the wedding. This Brat relationship has been a slow build. I like it. I love her, and I think she would be great on GH, but I am probably in the minority.

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    Its not about the sex only. She afraid to spend time with herself and discover things about her that aren’t nice??
    I ff thru MOST of her stuff. However, she better not ruin my GH!! |(
    How tacky. She want Brody because he is just down the hall??


    I honestly didn’t see this S/L coming…when I was watching yesterday…I was like what?? Really?
    I really hope she’s not pregnant…they’ve already gone there with Starr.
    I’d rather see them play the friendship and maybe more with them then her having a baby…esp. if they don’t end up killing him off.

    Oh well guess time will tell.

    On the Natalie thing tho…I have to FF through her crap…I’ve never liked the character but ugg this brody and her crap annoys me…I really hate that once again brody gives up on Jess and right away jumps in bed with Nat…and we all know that Jess will come back now…it’s like come on we did this s/l a year ago…sigh.

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    JAQ – Yeah the docs say she’s brain dead and now Clint can have her heart. I have to say I do feel bad for Rex but now we can move on to Rex & Clint being bitter rivals while at the same time building a relationship. I especially want Clint to spend time with Shane. That kid is all messed up now.

    Lol every time someone mentions the minuteman I bust up. The writers had to know what they were doing when they named that motel that.

    Echo is out of sight right now and I definitely thought viewers would be seeing her scheming.

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    JAQ – Yeah Sam Rappaport changed his last name to get away from his family. Don’t remember why though.

    Even though I see the chem between MA (Nat) & MW (Brody), if the characters where under different circumstances I could have went for them. Now I even loathe Brody though their love scene was hot. For him to tell Jessica he blames her and her illness and that is why he turned to Nat completely killed the character for me. Jessica told him she didn’t know what Tess was doing and that Wes wasn’t meant to hurt him but he went off on her. If Brody would have shut up long enough he would have learned that Jessica has been fighting for over a week to be with him and her kids. Ugh I can’t stand him now and now Nat can have him. But he will more than likely be dumped and sent to the padded room when Nat figures out Liam is John’s and she has a chance with John. I Don’t feel bad for him.

    I just can’t get with the Nat character either, I’ve tried and hope they don’t push the fave characters on OL onto GH. I want to see GH characters and vets only!

    Lol, I hope Brody is kicked out of the mansion but I doubt Viki will do it and I doubt Brody has the gall to stay up with Nat in her room. He’ll more then likely get an apartment. But the writers haven’t picked up on where Brody is going to live now that he has solidified his feelings for Natalie.

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    Sam if I am remembering correctly didnt like that his family was all mobbed up. He changed his name to get away from them…I think.

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    Soap_fan_forever – After Wednesday’s episode I am leaning toward Destiny definitely being pregnant. She said they didn’t use protection and felt the need to lie about it to Starr & Dani. But that could just be a red herring. But I to hope Des isn’t pregnant and they just build on Matthew & Destiny’s relationship.

    You have pretty much summed up my annoyance at Jess finding them yet again but goodness the gall of Brody to tell of Jessica. She nearly folded into Tess again but once he asked her if she was okay and she said yeah he then proceeds to rip into her. They’ve ruined Brody for me and Nat is the worst sister.

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    EET – Thanks for the info!

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    Scooter,,IA. Jessica uses her alters to do her dirty work including picking up strange men for sex.

    The Jolie 2.0 kiss that Marty caught was mutual, but John is the one that chased after Natalie and kissed her at Llanfair.

    I think Jessica would have let Tess out if Natalie/Brody had come clean at the very beginning especially if Brody was the baby Daddy for Natalie’s kid.

    I don’t see any differences between Jessica and Natalie at this point. Jessica uses her mental illness as an excuse and Natalie is way too impulsive and then regrets her actions.

    If Kelly had not ended things with John then he would still be sleeping with her while Natalie had to move on with her life. Jessica would rather hide behind her alters instead of dealing with her messed up life and raising her kids.

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    Scooter Smith – I think if Jess and Brody were completely through and her sister was sane then Brody and Nat could have been fine. But there wasn’t a clean break between Brody & Jessica and to sleep with him again was not only slapping her sister in the face but proving everything she said about them being a mistake was a lie.

    As for GH, I only want to see my vets and the faces that haven’t received storyline in months if not years. Nothing against the actors on OL but droves of actors/actresses have been neglected by Guza and now is their chance to shine. There is no need to add on to what is already a big cast.

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    liason4real – I think Jessica escapes her life and lets her alters take over to take a break. I don’t think that’s right but that is how I see it. It’s like Tess said, she does all of the heavy lifting and then Jess gets to come back and try to pick up where she left off.

    I don’t pay John/Nat to much attention so I can’t comment there.

    I don’t think so, Tess took over b/c everything seemed to fall apart at once. I think if Nat and Brody would have called Jess & John and told them what they had done, yeah they would have gotten ripped a new one but it wouldn’t have been so dramatic and Jess wouldn’t have felt like everything was collapsing under her. I mean it happened on her wedding day, the DNA test results came out in front of the guest and your sister and the person you decided to share a special moment like your wedding with slept with the groom. Oh and he’s the “father” of her baby.

    Jessica uses her illness as a ticket to escape her life and Nat as you said is impulsive. But Jess doesn’t set out to hurt people and what would Nat think would happen if she slept with her sisters off & on again boyfriend for a second time? After swearing up and down it was a mistake.

    You think John would be sleeping with Jessica? Is that what your saying b/c I can’t see that one. But I agree Jess needs to woman up and face her problems. She needs to grow a thicker skin but what Nat did is still worse to me.

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    Max’s mom..I completely understand how you feel about early pregnancy.
    Besides this being another “Star & Cole’ I don’t want the remaining days of OLTL to be devoted to younger kids. I want to see our fav’s and the fav’s we were promised would come back to wrap up the show. JMO

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    EV-until I came to this site, I never knew people kept such close track of who said what to whom, and when!! It’s a soap!! I guess this is some people’s livihood so they pay better attention.
    But my memory and the stories both on OLTL and GH are vague. I remember the characters though.

    I am going to say this about Brody. He should move on. One can not blame him. He has given Jess/Tess so many opportunities to come back. And he waited. So the fact he is moving on is the right thing to do.
    With Gnat??? She is a character that I never liked. I still can’t understand the purpose of her showing up in Landview. WHY??
    I don’t trust her, she lies, she schemes, and basically she doesn’t care who she steps on or hurts to get what she wants at the moment.
    I am thinking maybe since OLTL is ending soon, we could bring Spinelli over from GH to mate with her?? :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
    I am sure she ends up with McPain. You know the detective who has gum in his mouth and his hands in his pockets during an arrest? ;)

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    EV…Do I think that John would sleep with Jessica? No way! John knows that Jessica has a mental illness and the way that he looked at her at the Minuteman Motel (giggles at the name!) as Wes showed me that he wouldn’t touch any incarnation of that mess. John would knock boots with any woman out there which is what I’ve seen over the last eight years, but Jessica and her mental issues is something that I don’t think he would ever want to be bothered with. I don’t think John really likes Natalie at all so it doesn’t bother me he never finds out that Liam is his son.

    Brody/Natalie both agreed in the hospital not to give up on Jessica and John. We both saw what happened with John/Natalie and Brody/Messica’s conversation before Brody talked about moving out of Llanfair.

    I look at Jessica and see a woman mad at her sister and fiancee for having a child togehter and had no problem blasting both of them at the church then allowed Tess out to do her dirty work. Jessica has done this how many times over the last few years while giving birth to a child that she neglects along with Bree for months?

    We are not going to agree on Brody/Natalie which is cool since I wanted Brody as the baby Daddy for Liam and Ryder! This drama would have propelled s/l for decades for the Buke twins, Brody, Ryder and Liam as well as the actors involved which is all that I want for my favorite soap. :party:

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    JAQ – Lol, I wasn’t watching OL during this s/l but I do occasionally look up old clips on YouTube and read up on character’s history. So those are my sources b/c I’m still a new viewer to OL. The same for GH I watched for some time on YT but never watched live up until JJ got there and then I became a regular. So I already knew what couple I liked and who I was going to root for but some old s/l’s still come as a surprise to me.

    I too agree Brody should move on but the way he ripped Jessica was so unnecessary and mean, considering she has been fighting for weeks now to come back to him. I thought it was excessive but I don’t see Brody finding happiness before OL takes its last bow. My prediction is John/Nat & Liam and Jessica/Bobby & Ryder.

    I don’t see Nat’s purpose either and I think I dislike her more b/c she’s Jess’s sister. It’s the same for Nikolas on GH, I dislike him more for what he did to Lucky b/c Lucky’s is his blood and the struggle they had building a relationship for him to just so easily throw it away. It’s why I don’t like Nat and I don’t think she even cares about Jess. LMAO! oh man her and Spin would just kill me slowly…I mean gosh that is such a fitting couple and an annoying one at that. Oh and could you imagine their children? Smart but oh so annoying.

    Love, love, :love: your description of John. I still do not see his appeal. I agree with liason4real, I don’t think he really does care for Nat and she deserves him.

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    liason4real – Lol, I thought you were saying you thought John & Jess would hook up in your previous comment. I misread that completely. Even though I don’t like John and I’ve never paid him any mind until him and Evangeline, I actually liked him with Kelly…and that’s saying a lot. But I also agree that I was hoping Liam was Brody’s b/c Brody has lost so many kids, I wanted him to catch a break.

    Yeah I remember the conversation but the only change I see coming is Ford/Jess. I think there pushing Brody out unless they plan on keeping him with Nat…but I doubt it. The writers for some reason like John.

    I think here is where we agree to disagree b/c I think Jess is weak but with the statement she made that she was going to make Nat/Brody pay, that might change. I also think Jess should have more of Tess’ fearlessness and aggression.

    I would have went for Brat if it were under a different s/l. I don’t know why but I can dislike a character but like a pairing there in if it is with another character I like. And Brat have chem but it was just the way they treated Jessica that left a bad taste in my mouth. I always wanted Bobby to be Ryder’s father and Brody to be Nat’s. I wanted Ford to be forced to mature and Brody to deal with wanting to be with Jess but having to build a relationship with Nat for their child. While also bonding with her while pregnant…basically I wanted to see Brody juggle two different lives while Jess and Ford did the same.

    I also agree if Brody would have fathered both kids, that would have been some soapy drama and OL has quickly become my favorite soap too. :) It was the only thing (and still is) I can watch, be entertained and call a good soap while GH gets all dark and depressing and Y&R just gets boring.

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    EV…Gnat will be with Jawn in the end. NO doubt. I just hate to see her get what she wants. She did her sister wrong. There are no two ways about that. And Vicki…should have chewed her ass out. But once again, she made exxcuses for ‘poor Natalie’.
    Why is Natalie on the show again? J)

    I did hear spoilers about how the show ends. (Supposingly) I won’t disclose them unless you tell me you read spoilers.
    Brody will of course come out the loser. Which is sad. He is a good guy.
    When he chewed out Jess/Tess, you have to remember, in his eyes he see’s the same person. (Jess/Tess) No he shouldn’t have yelled but he thinks it Tess but acting like Jess. Geezzz even that one confused me.

    What Nik did to Lucky has to be the worse storyline GH ever gave Nik.
    Would the old Nik really do something like that??

    You believe in karma?? I do. Lucky will end up having the last laugh on Nik when Aiden’s paternity is revealed. Which I belive happens this month.

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    EV,,,,John has to be liked since ME is a Frons pet!

    I don’t like Ford with Tess because he was warned about Jessica’s delusions of being a 17 year old in a 30 year old body. I fell in love with Tess/Nash because Nash had no idea that Tess was not a real person and then grew to love Jessica. Ford is sleazy and I don’t give two poops that he is Ryder’s biological father since it should have been Brody.

    JMO, but the best pairings that Jessica has ever had was original Cris with Erin Torpey and Jess/Tess/Nash with Forbes March and then Brody. I never cared for Jessica/Antonio since Cris was her first love.

    Jessica is going to make Natalie and Brody pay? Why? Jessica should have stepped into the bathroom to discover that she just had sex with Ford before entering Natalie’s bedroom and does not have room to talk!

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    JAQ – I think Nat deserves Jawn even though I do agree she should be alone. Jawn is boring and one of the less appealing men on the show. I really think Nat doesn’t give a crap about Jess and I really wish Viki would chew her out. The writers not letting that happen just makes things worse.

    Lol, I don’t know why Nat’s still here. That is the question to end all questions and if I knew the answer I think it could rid us of characters like Spinelli.

    JAQ you know I love spoilers and insider dish, so spill! :bigsmile:

    This past week, I believe thursday or friday, Brody knew it was Jess. She proved it and then asked him why he would sleep with Nat again and then he proceeded to chew her out. She even dropped her head and Tess almost came back, she fought her off, Brody asked her if she was okay, she said she was fine and then he continued to defend sleeping with Nat.

    Also where is your GH spoiler thread? I don’t see it.

    With Nik I say yes and no b/c Nik has no boundaries when it comes to women. I honestly think it stems back to Laura not being able to raise him and in result abandoning him. Every woman Nikolas has ever pursued has been either dating a man, married to him or engaged to him. It really started with Emily when she married Zander (when she had cancer). Emily slept with Nik for the first time, while still married to Zander, in the cabin Zander bought her. Then he cheated on Emily (who he says is the greatest love of his life) with Courtney who was married to Jax. Em & Jax caught them on some vacation and Jax beat the crap out of him. Then Nik started to pursue Emily again but this time she was going on dates with Patrick and then she started dating Sonny. While about to go on a date with Patrick, Nik punches Patrick. So I’m split on Nikolas b/c he wants women he can’t have and another example is Nadine. She was free and available and he lost interest and instead began to chase Elizabeth. Sorry about the length but I’ve thought about this before.

    Yes JAQ! I believe in karma indeed and Nik is sure to feel the sting when Liz tells Lucky about their first bio baby. Though he is turning one soon, I think they de-sorased Aiden to give Lucky more time to bond with him. B/c Liz was talking to a mother waiting to hear about her son who was hit by a car and the woman asked about her kids and she told her that Aiden was going to turn one in July. JJ’s son is only 8 months. Lastly, I hope the reveal is this month b/c I can’t wait to see the acting.

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    liason4real – I completely forgot there was a reason ME was still on OL or on an ABC soap in general, lol.

    I don’t know why but I like Ford. I had a love/hate relationship with character when he first appeared but then he grew on me when he had Ryder and became more of a father. It also doesn’t help that DG & BW have amazing chem together and seem to have fun playing off of each other. But I’ve seen quite a few Nash/Jess/Tess vids and they had great chem themselves, I wish I was watching then.

    I like ET’s Jessica & DF’s Cris from the vids I’ve seen. I wasn’t watching when the actor that originated Cristian was on. I also never got behind Jessica & Antonio b/c that was just nasty and wrong. I don’t like it when characters break up with a sibling and then date the other…ugh.

    Well that is what she said, who knows if she goes through with it. Rumor has it her and Ford find themselves in each others orbit quite a bit during the summer. Lmao! Ohmygosh, I’ll wait for that to hit Jess later b/c I’ll be damned if I didn’t think the same thing when she randomly got dressed grabbed her jacket and left as Jess. Gah, how does she not know Tess just got nasty with Ford…ah good ol’ soaps.

    liason4real, you my friend are hilarious!

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    I disagree simply because Tess got into this, reluctantly, because he knew she had mental issues. I wonder how he will react when he finds Jess. I hope this storyline pushes Jess into integrating with Tess (for the last time) and being more like her than ever before because of what she just went through.

    and to all the people that are mad at Brody for going at her for hiding behind her illness, step off. I know first hand what it is like to love someone who has severe mental issues. If you don’t call them on their crap, they will use it every time. I was sitting there cheering him on, good for him for telling her how he felt.

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    EV….The whole “Niz” s/l was gross. Liz has always treated Nik like he was her brother more so than Steven who was MIA for years and years at a time. I liked LnL2 as teens, but after the whole paternity fall out with Jake, I felt they should have both moved on to new pairings if they refused to write for Liason as a couple. I was really hoping that GH would have gone with Lucky/Rebecca only for it to turn out that she was a “brainwashed” and pregnant Emily with Lucky’s kid. That would have been soapy and since neither Lucky or Rebecca knew that she was the REAL Emily instead of another WTD s/l for Liz.

    As for Natalie, I did not have any problems with her and Brody moving on since they do have a “son” in Liam and Jessica had just finished having sex with Ford. Yes, it was Tess that had sex with Ford, but Jessica’s body is the one that was used. I hate that OLTL is trying to recreate Tess/Nash with Tess/Ford to end up as Jess/Ford since it’s a total ripoff of the previous s/l.

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