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    It is obvious by the way that they are hiding the identity, that it is someone we know. If it were an extra or new character they would not have a reason to hide them. So who do you think it is?

    I mean, I have been thinking about it and I can only come up with someone like Fish’s Dad or Nigel. But they just seem too far fetched. I have only been watching since last year, so I would love to hear other peoples theories on this.

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     Maybe Alison is out of her coma?

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    What about Ross’ brother as Mitch’s attorney? I don’t remember seeing him in Seattle. Is he back in Llanview?

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    Since they seem to be running Ross out of town as a psycho, that would be a good way to get the rayburn’s out of the picture. But I know many women who would be dissapointed in the loss of his hotness.

    BTW, who is Allison?

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    Alison Perkins…The psycho chick at the Go Red ball a few years back.

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    My first thought also was ross’s brother eli.  If allison was out of the asylum I would have thought that they would have discovered that at the hospital and notified someone, but still could be a possibility.  Who would I like it to be – I would love to see it turn out to be someone shocking like Powell Lord or Lindsey brainwashed or forced or maybe Miles Lawrence or dang the guy that Lindsey killed I cant remember his name.  No I dont want him back but if he was still alive, lindsey would be released and the writers could kill him off again.

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    Evangeline Williamson

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