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    This show is PURE FIYA!!! Tell me why y’all like it and then tell me what they can work on!

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    I really like the diversity on the show.  That’s a number one draw for me.  They have lots of minority characters which is a major plus for me.  I have watched this show a couple of times in the past for a couple of brief spans.    I like that they have great cast integration.  I like to see different folks mixing it up.  I love Tea Delagdo!  She is by far my favorite character on the show.

    A couple things I think they can work on is some of these couplings are just a mess.  Bo/Nora, John/Marty, Sean/Rachel, Rex/Gigi….

    I’m not really a fan of a lot of the comedic stuff that they do.  David Vickers is very annoying to me.  I think focus less on the comedic stuff and more on the dramatic stuff.  They also need to recast some of the roles on the show.  That Evans family needs to be recast.  To me I think the Kyle/Fish thing seems forced.  I liked Kyle/Nick.   The John character is very annoying as well.  I don’t really get him.  Oh yeah that Rex is one of the WORST actors I have seen in daytime.  His antics are distracting and ridiculous.


    Overall I do like the show.  It has been easy to get back into even though its been probably about 5 or 6 years since I have watched it.  A lot of new characters but they are pretty interesting.  All soaps need to take a cue on the diversity issue.  That is one step in the right direction.

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     Personally, I think that a lot of the lagging storylines (John/Marty, Rex/Gigi/Sky) are about to iron themselves out, so we can focus our attention on the one storyline that is by far, the worst… Rachel/Greg

    First of all, Terrell Tilford is a terrible actor. Second of all, Daphne Duplaix deserves a medal for trying to steal the scene so that we don’t notice how bad he actually is. Sean Riggold is okay, and he’s a well-liked character, but isn’t there some Passions reject that we can get to replace Doctor Suck?

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    I’m loving everything now except psycho Ross. Christian/Layla and Greg/Rachael are also sleepers…

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    OLTL has  a ton of potential to become number one.  I am excited about the potential Vicki and Clint reunion.  The quad of Todd/Tea/Blair/Ross is on fire!  I cannot wait to see the drama unfold of Bo and Nora being back together.  What is going to happen when Kevin and Kelly return to Lanview?  While I like Chris and Leyla together I would love to see Chris help Nat thru her grief to see their love reignite!  They were amazing togther.  If the powers that be are smart they will give Marty back Patrick as her storyline with John is lacking.  Can we say more Michael and Marcy?  I loved seeing them on the other day.  Jess and her alters will be awesome and interesting to see them rage hell on Mitch.  Where is Alison and what is Rex gonna do when he learns Mitch is alive?  It will be very interesting.  On a final note bring back Cassie!

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    I stopped watching OLTL awhile ago (after the climax of the Tarty Rapemance.) I’m sick of psycho rapist Todd being pimped as a romantic lead. I’m sorry, but Tea and Blair are supposed to be strong, intelligent women, and they’re fighting over Todd?! UGH – please!

    I was skyping with some DC friends the other night and I commented that the town is populated by rapists (Todd, Mitch, Stacy) and their victims – it’s Rapeview (my friends jokingly called it One Rape to Live and One Life to Rape). And now I hear that Ross is also a violent nutjob. WTF???

    There were a lot of thngs I liked about the show, but too many things I didn’t like. I want to start watching again, because all soaps need to be supported, but I don’t know…


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    One Life is definitely very good right now. As someone said up thread, the diversity is outstanding. The show is living up to its legacy in that respect. I’m thrilled that they’ve finally let Tika Sumpter out of the corner. She’s a fantastic actress and has proven she can more than handle any material they throw her way. Layla is easily my favorite character on the show. I’m still baffled by how they let a talent like her linger on the shelf for 4 years. Better late than never I guess. I’m also impressed with the way they’ve rejuvenated the Cristian character. He’s finally back to the loveable character he was before Fumero left the show the first time and they’ve added a layer of humor and made him quitea joy to watch again. They’ve struck gold with the quad of Cristian/Layla/Kyle/Fish (though Fish is the weak link IMO). My only gripe is their airtime is way too sporadic. To give the audience two days of great scenes and then leave us hanging for 2 weeks until we see them again is just unacceptable, especially when people are loving them so much.  They’re a great relief from the heaviness and darkness of the other stories currently being shown. There needs to be more balance when it comes to their story. 

    I’m also loving the new Carlotta. Saundra Santiago is an amazing actress. She brings a sassy dynamic to Carlotta that I think can be utilized to get her out and circulating with Vicky, Dorian, Clint, etc… I’d much rather see Clint starting a relationship with her rather than letting Kim get her nasty hooks into him. That’s just disaster waiting to happen.

    I also think the show should recast Antonio and Jamie to round out the rebuilt Vega family and give them some family centered drama to deal with. They should be the anchor to the Angel Square side of the show again.

    I am glad the show tried to introduce another AA family to the canvas but I’m not thrilled with the casting.  I also think they went about building them the wrong way. Everything with them just seems so thrown together and the Rachel/Greg/Shaun triangle is a major bust. I like Greg/Rachel but Shaun is just not needed to make that work. His part in this has made him irritating to me and I used to really like him. If they’re going to keep him around, please find him a new woman and let him stop fixating on a relationship that only happened in his head and let Greg/Rachel get on with the business of trying to be a couple.

    On the less pigmented side of town ( lol), I’m really liking John/Natalie this time around. I don’t know if they’re going back there again but if they keep her mature and he doesn’t resort back to treating her like a noisy chihuahua I think I could buy into them as a pairing. 

    What’s not working for me is Jess/Brody. They have all the elements of a sweet couple but their scenes just come off creepy to me.

    I love Dorian but I wish they’d give her something worthy of Dorian Lord to do. I thought the mayoral race would have been it but that turned out to be about anything BUT DorLor/Vicky. Hopefully they’ll let her have some fun with her new found power once Vicky steps down. I love the Cramer girls but they need to get back to their roots. None of them are really recognizable now. I won’t even begin to touch the destruction of Blair and Starr. All I’ll say is hopefully the return of Gina T’s Kelly will usher in a resurgence of the Cramer women we know and love.

    Those are just minor fixes that can be easily remedied. What I absolutely hate about the show is Rex/Gigi/Schyler/Stacy/Kim et al. I’m glad the show has pulled back on them a little in the last few weeks but with Rex learning that Mitch is his father and the baby still looming out there I imagine I’ll be ready to gouge my eyes out here again soon. Bottomline I don’t care about any of these characters and truly wish that Roxy was Kyle’s mom instead of Rex’s. When he became the "it" guy of the show is beyond me but I wish they’d fire whoever decided it was so.

    I think that’s enough for now. LOL  Basically I think the show is rolling nicely with a few things that need to be tweaked and a couple things that need to either be dialed waaaaaay back or chucked all together.

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    I stopped watching OLTL awhile ago (after the climax of the Tarty Rapemance.) I’m sick of psycho rapist Todd being pimped as a romantic lead. I’m sorry, but Tea and Blair are supposed to be strong, intelligent women, and they’re fighting over Todd?! UGH – please!

    This is my same complaint, Daisy! I love Tea Delgado, but I hate how she acts when she’s fighting for Todd. And I completely hate Blair now! I still watch OLTL because I do like most of the show, but Todd is not a part I like!

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    I have pretty much fallen out of love with One Life, I thought the show was AMAZING, and I still think it has one of the better dialog and overall writting in the US soap arena, but the problem is that isn’t saying much, I mean the soaps all pretty much suck, so being better then ‘suck’ isn’t really a step up imo.

    Hopefully something will change and i will fall back in love with OLTL, but for now I just am not enjoying the show, and i haven’t in quite some time…

    Maybe if Tina Lord came back I would like it again? LOL

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    Love the mix of soapy drama and comedy. They also have the best,snappiest, dialogue on daytime imo.

    the thoery of opposites
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    GossipGirl: I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels that way!! :)

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    What I like about OLTL:
    I like that every one gets a story and it is not 80 % of certain characters like GH. You can almost count on  seeing a different group of actors one day and the next is for the other group. (I said almost because some days they do carry over but not the whole week)
    Only comedy I like is David and want Rex off this show. I cannot stand to watch his facial expressions. Unbelievable idiot …..he is.
    Hated Gigi until they started to put her with a decent character like Schyler (forget how to spell it) now I can at least watch her.
    I like the idea that Kim might try for Clint.  Clint is such a boring character now that he needs a new "life" injected into him. Remember all of Asa’s "little women" that was ages and ages and ages younger then him and since everyone thinks he is so much like his daddy lets get this story started.
    I like Kim but they need to get rid of Stacy and let Fish have and raise his baby. (Now that would be a great story)
    I like Layla now, don’t know why but I think she is getting better. Still not crazy about the Vega’s.
    Love Brody and Jess
    Hate tea but then I always have. really really hate that her surprised, excited, oh my ‘looks" are all the same, she opens her mouth and leaves it open (and Olivia does the same on GH) hate that "look"
    I am not a Nora or Bo fan but I don’t Hate them. LOL
    I want Marty to have a decent story and man. my goodness she won an Emmy and she has no story… Dislike John McPain (but loved ME before he became John) Want Marcy and Michael back, I want the Cramer women, all of them back and I even like the kids and their stories. and I think it is awesome that they can get "stars" on for guest appearances

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    I am soooo thankful for richness of ‘One Life To Live’! I have been a fan since 1993/1994, and Carlivati/Valentini regime have reignited my passion for the show. Everything is not perfect, but that’s life. There are so many things it would take too long to list, but first and foremost I love the diversity. You don’t often see this kind of diversity in an ensemble primetime show.

    FYI Melodie – Téa scraping like an ‘alley cat’ on Friday made me want to throw some blows at Ross!

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    [quote=Melodie]This show is PURE FIYA!!! [/quote]

    What the heck is a FIYA? :) 

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    Thanks for clarifying that GossipGirl, I was wondering the same thing!  LOL

    As for OLTL….I like the fact that they play ALL of their cast.  No-one is really relegated to the back door, only to be brought out once in awhile.  They play their vets!  After all, it is the vets that have helped make the show what it is today, and that’s the case with any soap.

    I like the diversity of the ethnic backgrounds.  The only downside of that is that I wish they would include subtitles when the characters are speaking in their native tongues.

    Other than that, I’m loving the entire show!

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    [quote=Melodie]This show is PURE FIYA!!![/quote]
    [quote=sonyab1974]What the heck is a FIYA? :) [/quote]

    Fiya is a slang word meaning "awesome", "hot", "on fire", etc.

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