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    Not to be negative…and most here know that I’m a diehard Y&R fan…and I’ve cut MAB a lot of slack in the past. But I’m currently watching today’s episode, and I have to say, it almost feels like MAB is trying her hardest to put out the absolute WORST soap possible. Why the hell is Sharon stealing things? What kind of plot point is this? She started in like 2009 stealing expensive jewelry from stores, which I didn’t really mind. Now she’s stealing lipstick, pregnancy tests, and a teenager’s concert tickets? Makes no sense.

    Then we got an amnesiac Victor in California beating up buff guys half his age in bars.

    We got Ronan Malloy putting his job and virtually his life on the line to protect Phyllis, and for WHAT???? He had to go by the book to nail his mother’s boyfriend, but for Phyllis, he decides to lie to protect her??

    We got Tucker, who I’m kind of warming up to finally, pulling all the strings, and I have absolutely NO idea of what he’s trying to do. And even more frustrating is, I don’t know if the writers want this to be a mystery, or if the dialogue just isn’t clear enough to explain what the hell Tucker is trying to do. I know he wants to buy up Newman Stock when it plummets, at least that’s what I’m guessing…but IDK.

    And let’s not forget Victoria who one day is completely hoarse and her voice is barely above a whisper, and the next day she sounds like she’s overdosed on pills and is just drowsy. Poor Michael has no life outside of being the DA now…Lauren’s missing in action….we still ain’t found the friggin KNIFE that Ricky had on Eden. Eden’s so busy humping back and forth between Daniel and Kyle that she doesn’t have time to even TRY and remember anything. Neil and Harmony have no chemistry. The two actors are great together, but the characters just don’t “mesh”. Maybe Neil and Yolanda would’ve worked better, but MAB’s version of YoHarmony just sucks to me. Darnell Williams is a great actor, but they refuse to give Sarge a backstory or a POINT on the show, so I’m sure he’ll be gone soon…so oh well. Nikki’s running after Victor and expecting Jack to be cool with it. Jack’s been paralyzed since February, but decides he wants to walk away from Nikki, so he gets out of the chair and does it. I guess marrying her, the supposed “love of his life” wasn’t motivation enough.

    Adam and Chelsea are living in martial bliss, aka the backburner. Two conniving, manipulative characters…had absolutely NO storyline or scenes to explain their “growth” but suddenly, they are both reformed. Chelsea I can kind of understand…having given birth to a child and seeing how great a normal life outside of schemes can be. But Adam Newman has really just turned completely around, and I want to know WHEN it happened???!!?!?!!!!

    But above all else, I must say…I just CAN’T with Y&R right now. I’m so confused, frustrated, annoyed, and for the first time today, my best friend walked into my room and asked what I was watching, and I was so embarassed, I turned the channel really quickly so I wouldn’t have to explain why I was watching this “Stupid” show. That’s never happened. Every member of my family and most of my close friends watch Y&R…or at least USED to….ugh. Sorry, my venting is officially over.

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