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    A few weeks ago I posted some non-storyline ideas about how to save this show, knowing that there were problems. I don’t want to accuse Jamey of “stealing” them and posting them on the main page, but there were some strong similarities regarding the shorter production cycle seasons and stars coming in for a few weeks.

    With this post I want to give an idea of how the show can be saved through the on-screen writing. Obviously, one of the problems Prospect Park is facing is the cost of bringing the show online with the current cast. Only 3 have signed on thus far, and I’m actually going to say that they only need a few more to get the ball rolling. Soaps have been a great launching pad for a lot of careers the past 40 years and I want to take that concept and really use it here again. I’m suggesting PP calls up the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, they find stage actors, they find people in LA trying to make it and they bring in a lot of new faces for less money. But won’t this be a whole new show and not AMC you ask? No, here’s why:

    The big storyline to relaunch the show is the Von Williamsons vs. Pine Valley.

    The Von Williamsons will be a completely new family, a fresh family that will be scripted to become the next dynasty in Pine Valley. It will take us back to the glory days of the Chandlers, and not only will it have the 80’s feel, but you can bring in new fans or bring old fans back by simply pressing the reset button.

    The three current stars returning are the perfect characters to represent “team” Pine Valley. You have Cara who will conflict with Bradley Von Williamson, a doctor who thinks he runs the hospital and has an ego bigger than one anyone’s ever seen around PVH.

    You’ll have Ryan Lavery in his recent revenge zombie form trying to take down the evil family, but does he possibly feel something for twentysomething Lily Von Williamson, who he feels like he can “save” from the corruption of that group of people? And what does that mean for Greenlee (off camera if she doesn’t re-sign) who is in Milan working on bringing the top European fashion magazine into the Confusion fold? Will his eye wander with her spending 6 months outside the states?

    Jesse is an interesting character to handle. Let’s just brainstorm and say that JR shot Angie, with his gun in the ABC finale. You can have Jesse track him down and kill him, only problem is that Angie survived, and she left him for what he did to JR. Jesse struggles with demons of his own, and feels like he can make it up to his wife and the town if he can stop the Von Williamsons. Jesse will feud with their bright young lawyer, Alvin, who always finds a way to get his father and siblings out of trouble.

    The patriarch of the family would be Wesley Von Williamson, a powerful oil company executive with secret ties to Pine Valley, which is why he needed to move everyone there. Is he bankrolling David’s Project Orpheus? Does he have a secret that can ruin Bianca and Marissa’s future? There are a million ways you can handle that character, but just give him some important connection to someone in Pine Valley.

    Look, I know that we all want the show to restart immediately after the gunshot and we want to know all of the continued lives of everyone from the revelations of AMC’s final few weeks, but at this point that might not be possible. I think this is a cheaper way to maintain the pride and dignity of the series all while giving the online venture a fresh new start.

    Thoughts? Feel free to say the idea absolutely sucks. I can take it…lol.


    @thebookerman: All My Children can only exist with its core families or families from the past. So here is an example of how you write the show like Agnes would and keep in line with the social issues of the day. This is the first of several storylines I would suggest:

    Since AMC has a wealth of characters to bring back then AMC could refocus itself around these families: the chandlers, Cortlands and the Hubbard/Frye’s. I’ll work with the Hubbard/Frye family first featuring: Derek, Mimi, Danielle (aged) along with the Hubbard clan Jesse, Frankie and Randi.

    Angie could have been shot but she is left in a vegetative state. We’d have her mother Pat come back and learn the truth and get the courts to allow her take her daughter away from Jesse based on his most recent past. Pat would hate Jesse for the lies and vow to never let him see Angie again. From that loss Mimi would return to Pine Valley and would become Police Commissioner charged with first dealing with Jesse in an ethics case over his taking the baby that was left in the police car and passing it off as Angie’s newborn child.

    The media would be all over this and Pine Valley citizens would be split over whether Jesse should be forgiven and keep his job as the Chief or if he should be fired for violating all kinds of laws. Mimi would be a hawk in trying to figure out what to do and ride Jesse’s ass because of Mayor Blanco wanting to make sure her re-election is intact.

    Along the way Jesse and Mimi develop a slow friendship as their professional discourse melts away and draws them close to one another.

    Meanwhile, Derek has returned (recast with Henry Simmons, Peter Parros, or Rodney Van Johnson) and is the temporary Chief until the ethics case is resolved. Yet he is gunning to return to the position full-time. Derek also has designs to get back with Mimi so that he, Mimi and Danielle can be a family again.

    In another story Danielle who has returned to town, takes ups an executive job at fusion (since she worked there the last time she was on the show) and becomes Randi’s boss. Danielle also strikes up a friendship with Frankie which makes Randi jealous. Conflict starts in Frankie and Randi’s marriage as they battle over if one can control the others ability to have friends of the opposite gender. Randi feels threatened by Danielle who came from a nice middle class family like Frankie and worries that her being a former prostitute with little education will ultimately ruin their marriage. Meaning Randi has insecurities that come to light when she believes she has competition for her man’s affections. Her insecurities will lead her down a dark path of secretly plotting and scheming to keep Frankie and Danielle part.

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