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    In a new series of posts, I will describe how I’d continue the Passions saga. First up….


    When we return to Harmony, Sheridan is in therapy with Eve and has regained her sanity after suffering a nervous breakdown that made her do crazy things. Sheridan and Antonio are still married and happy, but she admits to Eve her heart still belongs to Luis. Antonio is eager to start a family but Sheridan is secretly on birth control.

    Luis and Fancy have a son, Nicholas Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, or Nicky for short. When Nicky gets sick, he is rushed to the hospital and needs a blood transfusion. After running some tests, Eve takes Fancy aside and tells her Luis is not a match. Fancy realizes Noah is Nicky’s biological father and swears Eve to secrecy. Eve decides to run a paternity test to confirm Fancy’s suspicions, and the test confirms Noah, not Luis, is Nicky’s father.

    Meanwhile, Beth escapes Alistair’s compound and returns to Harmony. Deciding not to reveal her presence too soon, Beth lurks in the shadows and discovers Luis is married to Fancy and Sheridan is raising Marty. She plots her revenge. By stalking Fancy, she discovers Nicky is really Noah’s son and not Luis’. She decides to hold on to this secret for now.

    Deciding she needs more from life, Sheridan returns to volunteering at the youth centre which puts her in close proximity with Luis. They show the children how to tango, rekindling old memories and feelings.

    Antonio discovers Sheridan’s birth control pills and confronts her. Sheridan admits she’s been lying to him and he realizes she still harbours feelings for Luis. Mutually, not angrily, they agree to end their marriage.

    Luis is surprised to hear that Sheridan and Antonio are divorcing, and they wonder what life would have been like if Beth had never kidnapped Marty. Fancy spots Sheridan and Luis about to kiss and interrupts.

    Sheridan decides she can’t let her feelings for Luis ruin his marriage to Fancy so she decides to take a trip to Paris with Marty.

    Beth puts her plan into motion. At the airport, Beth approaches Marty and he recognizes her as his other mommy. Beth tells him they are going on a trip together and takes him to her jet.

    Sheridan can’t find Marty and finds out he was seen with a woman matching Beth’s description at the airport. Luis gets a call form Sheridan that Marty is missing and searches for his son with the police. Meanwhile, Sheridan finds the Crane jet and confronts Beth. They get in an epic catfight, but Beth knocks Sheridan unconscious and ties her up. When Sheridan wakes up, Beth, by threatening to hurt Marty, forces her to call Luis and tell him to meet him at the airport so they can run away together. The message ends up on Luis’ home phone’s voice mail. Luis is already on his way to the airport. Meanwhile, Sheridan secretly convinces Marty to sneak off the plane. Marty gets on the plane to Paris.

    Beth dons a Sheridan mask and lures Luis onto the plane. The plane takes off as Luis demands answers. In mid-air, a tied-up Sheridan stumbles out of a storage compartment. Luis is stunned by the two Sheridans, and Beth rips off her mask. Luis is horrified. Beth reveals she, Luis, and Marty are going to be one big happy family. Sheridan unties herself and attacks Beth. Beth is furious that Marty has escaped. Beth opens the door to the plane and shoves Sheridan out! Luis grabs a parachute and jumps out of the plane to rescue Sheridan as Beth screams in anger.

    Luis and Sheridan wash up on a deserted island. Fearing they may never escape, Sheridan and Luis grow closer together.

    Meanwhile, Fancy believes Luis has gone off to Paris with Sheridan and Marty to be a family.

    On the island, Sheridan and Luis fall back in love and kiss. They almost make love when Beth discovers them. She has set up camp on the other side of the island. Beth and her goons attach a ball and chain to Luis and put Sheridan in a cage made of bamboo. Beth threatens to kill Sheridan if Luis doesn’t make love to her. Luis agrees but forces her to wear the Sheridan mask.

    Back in Harmony, Fancy and Noah have grown closer and she has told him he’s Nicky’s real father (this part of the story will be covered in another chapter). Also back in Harmony, Liz Sanbourne has returned and she and Antonio have rekindled their romance that began on St. Lisa’s Island. Liz wants children because she lost out on years with her dead son Chad, and Antonio was deprived of children by Sheridan, so they plan to start a family together.

    While trapped on Beth’s island, Sheridan and Luis admit they love each other. Finally they subdue Beth and escape the island. Beth chases them back to Harmony.

    Sheridan and Luis first head to Paris where they pick up Marty. Luis and Sheridan reluctantly decide to put their tropical romance behind them because he is married to Fancy.

    Luis arrives and almost catches Fancy and Noah about to make love. As Luis grows suspicious about their closeness, Beth arrives and exposes Fancy’s secret. Fancy admits Luis is not Nicky’s father. Disgusted, Luis tells her their marriage is over. Beth, thinking exposing Fancy’s secret will make her a hero in Luis’ eyes and he’ll return to her, is devastated when he reveals he wants to be with Sheridan. Luis goes to Sheridan and tells her he loves her.

    Beth decides if she can’t have Luis, no one can. She takes a gun and opens fire on Luis, shooting him. Luis is pronounced dead on the scene, but Sheridan cradles his body in her arms and cries. She admits she loves Luis, and as her tears fall on his face, Luis’ eyes open. He is alive! Instead of being doomed by death as in their past lives, Sheridan and Luis’ love has triumphed over death.

    After being released from the hospital, Luis proposes to Sheridan and finalizes his divorce from Fancy. Sheridan and Luis soon wed in an epic, romantic wedding. Beth comes out of hiding to attend the wedding dressed in all black with a hat and veil, but the children of Harmony, in a tribute to Children of the Corn/Village of the Damned, surround Beth and take her down. She is carted off to the psych ward. But Beth has one last trick up her sleeve: a bomb in Sheridan’s bouquet! Just as the bomb is about to detonate, Sheridan tosses it to the single women of Harmony. Wedding-crasher Edna realizes the bouquet is deadly and knocks it out of the way and high into the sky with her walker. The bomb detonates and is mistaken for a beautiful fireworks display. Sheridan and Luis kiss and begin their happily ever after.

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    Part 2: Grace/Sam/Ivy/Julian/Eve

    Ivy and Sam are planning their wedding, but Ivy’s got a secret: locked up in a room at the bed and breakfast is Grace! Grace’s death in a bus explosion was faked by Alistair and Vincent, and they held her captive in a cellar in the Crane mansion. When Alistair died, “custody” of Grace was transferred to Ivy, who locked her up in the bed and breakfast to keep a closer eye on her.

    Ivy constantly visits Grace and taunts her about her upcoming wedding to Sam. Grace reminds her it won’t be valid because she is still alive and married to Sam. Ivy retorts that Sam and the law don’t know that, and she’ll be Mrs. Sam Bennett in every way that counts.

    As the wedding day draws nearer, Sam comes close to discovering Ivy’s secret but never finds Grace. When the wedding day arrives, Ivy returns to taunt Grace again. After Ivy leaves, Grace curses Ivy’s wedding day. In a rage, the walls begin to shake and the door breaks. Grace escapes and heads to the church.

    Just as Father Lonigan asks if anyone objects to the wedding, Grace arrives! Sam and the rest of Harmony are stunned. Grace reveals that Ivy has been holding her captive for years. Sam tears into Ivy and Grace punches her out. Fancy and Eve drag Ivy from the church as Sam and Grace renew their vows.

    Meanwhile, Julian is back as the head of Crane Industries. Eve lives with him in the mansion. A destitute Rebecca works at the mansion as the Crane maid. Julian takes pity on Ivy and invites her to move into the mansion. Eve is jealous, but Julian qualms her fears by surprising her with a wedding in the living room.

    Eve attempts to reach out to Grace when they run into each other at the park, but Grace hates Eve for her part in Ivy’s scheme. Ivy arrives on the scene and the three women argue. Ivy reveals she found David Hastings in Alistair’s database because he had once worked for him. Alistair had dirt on David that Ivy used to blackmail him. David was the hospital orderly Alistair paid off to switch Eve’s baby. David then used the money to start his photography career.

    Meanwhile, John Hastings arrives in Harmony and reveals his father recently committed suicide after suffering depression over his deception. David wrote letters for Ivy, Grace, and Eve, and John hands them out. Unbeknownst to anyone else, John has a letter of his own from David that he’s keeping secret.

    Sam and Grace settle back into domestic bliss but that changes when Sam sees Grace levitating. Grace realizes her supernatural powers are related to her amnesia and they decide to discover just what truly happened before the fire that caused her to lose her memories. Grace and Sam take a road trip out of Harmony that leads them to Castleton and Boston.

    To be continued!

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    Whitney returns to Harmony with her children Miles and Billie and gets a job at the Blue Note, now owned by Noah, as a singer. In addition, Whitney volunteers as a tennis coach at the youth centre.

    Whitney visits Chad’s grave and spots a mysterious woman in black leaving roses. She chases the woman but the woman in black escapes. Curious, Whitney hires private eye Frank Lomax to investigate.

    In addition to Whitney, TC and Simone return to Harmony. Simone brings her girlfriend Marie with her. A native of New Orleans, Marie is a voodoo priestess and highly skilled in the magical arts.

    TC returns to coaching tennis at the country club where he befriends Rebecca. Rebecca, in addition to working as the Crane housekeeper, has taken a service job at the country club to supplement her income. Sparks fly!

    Frank charms Whitney but she doesn’t want to date him as long as she is his client. Frank suggests passing the case to another investigator but Whitney insists on keeping him on the job and making him wait.

    Frank stakes out the cemetery hoping for the mystery woman to make an appearance, but she has been appearing less and less after almost being caught by Whitney. Frank is startled when Whitney surprises him on the stake-out with coffee. As they watch Chad’s grave from behind a tombstone, Whitney and Frank are drawn together and lean in for a kiss, almost missing the woman in black. Frank and Whitney chase her through the cemetery but the woman hides behind a tombstone and evades capture.

    On the next stakeout, Whitney and Frank chase the woman into a mausoleum. The woman escapes and locks them in the crypt! Cold and fearing they will suffocate, Frank and Whitney kiss. Suddenly, the door to the tomb opens and they escape.

    On the final stakeout, Whitney and Frank finally catch up with the woman in black. Whitney tackles the woman and they fall into an open grave. Whitney rips off her veil, revealing the woman to be Liz!

    Liz admits that she has been leaving flowers and visiting Chad’s grave in an attempt to make up for the time they lost together. Liz has been on the run for attempting to kill Julian and Alistair, and it was on St. Lisa’s Island that she learned Chad was the child she had given up for adoption years ago. She didn’t return to Harmony for Chad’s funeral for fear of Alistair seeking retribution for her attempt on his life. Because of the tragedy of losing Chad before ever really knowing him as her son, Liz has spent the last few years seeking repentance for her crimes against Eve. Whitney convinces Liz that it is safe to come out of hiding.

    Whitney arranges for Eve and Liz to meet. Liz apologizes and Eve forgives her. Julian also forgives Liz for trying to kill him. Eve reveals to Liz that Antonio is alive and convinces her to stay in Harmony so they can really bond as sisters.

    With the investigation behind them, Frank and Whitney decide to explore a relationship together.

    Liz and Antonio reconnect. They begin dating and realize they want the same things in life: love and children. Liz and Antonio, realizing the depth of feelings they share for each other, elope and get pregnant.

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    Tabitha tries to adjust to life as a good witch but finds it difficult to resist temptation when friends from the past attempt to push her off the wagon.

    A devilish billionaire named Adam Scratch arrives in Harmony with his daughter Monica (who resembles a black-haired Charity). Adam has his sights set on taking over Crane Industries, which puts him in conflict with Julian.

    Adam charms and romances Tabitha and somehow secretly knows Endora is Julian’s child. Adam’s feelings for Tabitha may be genuine, or he may be attempting to use her daughter as a powerful pawn against the Cranes.

    Monica befriends the Bennett girls Kay and Jessica and secretly wants to harness their powers for the dark side.

    As it turns out, Adam is actually the devil in disguise and Monica is his witchy daughter Demonica! Monica sneaks into Tabitha’s basement and discovers the bottle containing her mother, Hecuba! Hecuba and Adam are estranged lovers but they agree to put their differences aside to raise hell on Earth!

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    Jessica and Reese are engaged and back in Harmony raising little Samuel. Reese is officially a wacky mad scientist, and he and Tabitha constantly clash over science versus magic. Jessica is a social worker helping young people get off the street.

    Reese is working on outrageous science projects through generous research grants. When an experiment with a newly-developed laser/cloning beam goes wrong, Reese is separated into two different people: “good” Reese and “bad” Reese (“Good Reese” is played by Bruce Michael Hall and “Bad Reese” is played by his twin brother Seth). Good Reese is knocked unconscious by the beam and doesn’t realize he has a doppelganger on the loose.

    Bad Reese is trouble and is significantly rougher with Jessica in bed. He is also careless with Samuel and Jessica panics when he disappears in Bad Reese’s care. Fortunately she finds Samuel but takes it out on Good Reese, who is confused.

    Meanwhile, Jessica’s slimy ex Spike returns to Harmony and stalks her. He kidnaps Jessica and Samuel in an attempt to create the perfect family. Good Reese and Bad Reese simultaneously search for Jessica but Good Reese still has no idea about his “twin”. The Reeses track down Jessica and Spike. Good Reese finally runs into his doppelganger but is knocked unconscious by Spike. Spike then pulls a gun on Bad Reese, but Jessica uses her magic to turn Spike into a frog. Jessica, Bad Reese, and Samuel reunite. Later, Bad Reese cooks Jessica a romantic dinner and serves her frog’s legs. She declines to eat them, so Bad Reese eats them instead.

    Good Reese doubts his sanity and thinks he is blacking out and developing a Jekyll/Hyde personality. He turns to Tabitha for help, and Tabitha’s magic reveals the truth about Bad Reese. Good Reese realizes he needs to stop Bad Reese before he steals Jessica from him. Good Reese catches Bad Reese and Jessica in bed. Jessica faints at the sight of two Reeses. The Reeses struggle and Bad Reese subdues his twin. Bad Reese locks up Good Reese in Reese’s lab.

    Meanwhile, Bad Reese receives a job offer from Adam Scratch to build a secret machine.

    Jessica continues to suspect something is off about Reese while Bad Reese has to deceive Tabitha. The Reeses clash in the lab when Good Reese learns Bad Reese has developed a machine that would burst the supernatural bubble that surrounds Harmony and protects the rest of the world from its magic. With the bubble gone, hell on Earth could be unleashed through Harmony.

    Jessica catches Bad Reese in a lie and realizes something is going on.

    As Bad Reese prepares to launch the machine for Adam, Good Reese escapes his shackles and attacks his twin. As they struggle, Jessica arrives. Jessica realizes which Reese is which and knocks out the bad one. Jessica uses her magic to merge Good Reese and Bad Reese into a whole person again. Reese destroys the other Reese’s machine. Reese and Jessica celebrate by tying the knot. At the wedding, Jessica tells Reese she’s pregnant with twins.

    Meanwhile, Bad Reese’s machine did manage to create a small tear in the bubble. It begins to rupture…

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    Noah and Paloma are happily raising their daughter Gracie. Noah now owns the Blue Note, and Paloma works for the police, although no longer as a police officer.

    Fancy has spent the past few years raising Nicky and not working, but now she feels it’s time to return to the workforce. She doesn’t want to return to being a cop because it’s too dangerous. Theresa, who is president of Crane Couture, offers her job to Fancy. She has been looking to return to designing and the creative side of things instead of the business side. Fancy happily agrees.

    Luis, Fancy, Theresa, Ethan, Noah, Paloma, Miguel, Kay, Sheridan and Antonio have dinner together. The Lopez-Fitzgerald children reminisce and wonder why Martin hasn’t contacted them in years. Sheridan also wonders why she hasn’t heard from Katherine especially with Alistair dead. Luis and Antonio agree that Martin is a deadbeat. Kay asks Antonio why he left Harmony all those years ago, and Antonio finally reveals the truth: He witnessed what went down between Martin, Katherine, Alistair and Sheridan. When he confronted Alistair, Alistair threatened to harm the Lopez-Fitzgeralds unless he disappeared, so Antonio left town.

    Meanwhile, Pilar has skeletons in her closet, literally! Pilar starts receiving troubling phone calls about her “dirty little secret”. Plagued by troubling nightmares about her closet, Pilar rips down the wall and finds two skeletons walled up inside! Pilar calls Paloma. After examining the skeletons, Paloma determines they were a man and woman, each of whom was murdered with an ax. Paloma then finds wedding rings on each of the skeletons. The man’s is inscribed “With love from Ellen”, and the woman’s says, “All my love, Bob”. The skeletons are Martin Fitzgerald and Katherine Crane! Pilar panics. Paloma can’t believe her mother would have murdered Martin and Katherine.

    After sedating Pilar, Paloma calls Eve and demands confidentiality. Eve agrees and puts Pilar in a trance. Pilar recalls travelling to Boston, confronting Martin and Katherine about tearing her family apart, arguing, snapping, taking an ax and killing them. Paloma buries the skeletons in Pilar’s garden and plants a white rose bush over top of them. She tells Pilar they have to forget what happened and move on.

    Meanwhile, Roberto is back in town. He sees Paloma and admits he still has feelings for her. Paloma makes it clear she loves Noah and leaves. To himself, Roberto wonders how Noah would react if he learned what Paloma was keeping from him.

    Paloma visits her mother and is surprised by Pilar’s up-beat, almost manic high. Paloma thinks Pilar has forgotten or blocked out the murders and decides not to mention it again. When Pilar serves her tea in the garden, Paloma is horrified to find the white roses have all turned red!

    To be continued…

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    Kay and Miguel are in a rut. Miguel is bored in his marriage. Kay is eager to have more children but Miguel is not so interested. He works as a mechanic.

    Kay runs a daycare out of Tabitha’s house which proves a challenge with young witches Endora and Maria stirring the pot. Kay also reaps the benefits of being the widow of Fox Crane, which puts her at constant odds with Fox’s mother Ivy. Kay hates Ivy for breaking up her parents’ marriage and Ivy hates Kay for indirectly killing her son.

    Kay and Miguel’s lives are turned upside down when Charity returns to Harmony. Miguel is immediately smitten with his first love, and Kay is extremely jealous of her cousin. Charity admits she’s just stopped in for a visit. She is travelling New England trying to uncover the identity of her father.

    Kay’s friend Monica, who’s secretly the daughter of Hecuba and Satan himself, wants to manipulate Charity. If she has sex out of wedlock with a man who isn’t Miguel, Charity’s powers can be harnessed for evil.

    Miguel asks Charity if he can accompany her on her travels. Charity doesn’t want Miguel to leave Kay, but he tells her Kay will be alright with it. Miguel and Charity head out of Harmony together on his motorcycle.

    Kay is furious that Miguel has taken off to help Charity. With her magic powers, Kay conjures obstacles to stop Charity and send Miguel back to Harmony.

    Charity and Miguel’s first stop is the ruins of her childhood home in Castleton. Miguel discovers a trap door under the rubble and opens it. It leads into the ground. Miguel and Charity head inside but become trapped by falling rubble, thanks to Kay’s machinations.

    Unbeknownst to Kay, the cellar is protected from magical interference so she can’t see what’s going on. Charity and Miguel discover Faith’s diary (with missing pages), a letter to Faith from her mother, and a locket. Miguel hits his head and is knocked unconscious. Charity taps into her powers to clear the rubble and levitate her and Miguel out of the cellar.

    Under an apple tree in the moonlight, Charity and Miguel peruse Faith’s diary. They reminisce about their past and come close to kissing. Charity and Miguel decide to head to the address on the letter, which is Faith’s parents’ farm.

    Kay and Monica talk and Monica comes up with a plan. Monica, without Kay’s knowledge, puts John under a spell and makes him drink a love potion that should make him attractive to Charity. She then commands him to track down Charity and Miguel and make Charity his lover.

    Travelling further through New England, Charity and Miguel arrive at the farm of Zachary Sutter and Mercy Standish, the parents of Faith and Grace. The farm looks abandoned, so they carefully inspect the grounds. Unbeknownst to them, someone is watching. It’s Charity’s grandmother Mercy!

    Back in Harmony, Ivy arrives at Tabitha’s to pick up her granddaughter Jane from daycare. Ivy overhears Kay and Tabitha discussing Charity and Miguel in the kitchen and realizes Kay is hinting at a horrible secret. A quick-thinking Ivy uses her phone to record the conversation. Ivy hits jackpot when Kay admits to using dark magic to trick Miguel into sleeping with her (by making him think she was Charity) and getting pregnant with Maria. A gleeful Ivy decides to turn the tables on Kay and blackmail her daughter-in-law just like Kay blackmailed years ago.

    To be continued!

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