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    So you know I am a passions boy at heart, what are some of your favorite passions memories?

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    - Viki chopping off Julian’s penis
    -Eve re-attaching Julian’s penis smaller, backwards, and upside down
    -Valerie/Vincent seducing his/her father Julian
    -Vincent giving birth
    -Sheridan buried alive
    -Ethan proposes to Theresa at Midnight Mass
    -Prom Boat disaster
    -Miguel and Zombie Charity nearly have sex in the graveyard
    -Tabitha listens to Timmy’s heart beating inside Charity

    So many good memories. I could write a book instead of a list!

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    All those damn dream sequences

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    Ugh the DREAM SEQUENCES! That was what 98% of the final years of the show -.-

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    Woohoo!  Passions fans!  I was a huge Passions fan back in the day.  Loved how crazy and campy it was.  Some moments at the top of my head:

    Julian fencing with the Luis mask
    Sheridan and Luis tango at Pilar’s bday party
    The "Exorcist" spoof with Father Lonigan
    Julian and Timmy on the Prom boat.
    Grace’s Tomato Soup Cake
    Tabby thinking Timmy drowned after the prom boat and they played a "My Heart Will Go On" montage.
    Julian and Ivy waking up in bed together screaming
    Donn Swaby as Chad
    Deanna Wright as Kay

    Realizing you’ve been watching the same "day" for 3 months….

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    ROFLOL, so true, it was awful realizing that it was still the SAME DAY! What was worse is the amount of times that these people had the SAME conversation in that day LOL.

    Man i miss passions :(

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    Happy 11th Anniversary Passions!!

    Passions touched me in a way no other soap has. It will always be my favourite. Can’t believe you’re gone! I’m going to write some fanfic to celebrate Passions.

    ….you are my passion for life….

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    I was NOT a fan of “Passions” at all…in fact, I thought it was foolish garbage, but I do admire and marvel at the creativity of James E. Reilly, who headwrote the show for it’s entire run. RIP, Mr. Reilly. I applaud this show for stepping outside of the box in ways that most shows never have (and never will!)attempt to be. I did like Timmy, though! (May Joshua Ryan Evans also rest in peace!)

    P.S– Sorry if I rained on you guys’ parade or offended anyone. Please don’t hurl tomatoes and sharp objects at me. You may commence with your celebration. I am leaving now. LOL!!! ;) ;)

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    ^^ It was pretty rude of you to come in here and bash Passions on its anniversary. Why couldn’t you just keep that to yourself? Thoughtless and insensitive.

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    Dear Passions,

    I miss you most of all at Christmas. You always had wonderful Christmas miracles. I can’t believe it’s been exactly one full decade since the epic Christmas miracle of 2000, when Ethan proposed to Theresa at Midnight Mass and Sheridan returned from the dead to reunite with Luis.

    Here’s the miracle: That nasty disgusting fake Gwen got OWNED on Christmas Eve! Hahaha that’s what you get, you vile slut! Yup, I passionately hate Gwen Hotchkiss/Gnatalie Zea to this day!

    And what made it even more exciting was finding Theresa’s online diary from the NBC website days before it was supposed to be posted. It contained mega spoilers that made us Therethan and Shuis fans so very happy!

    Another special Christmas was 2001 when Timmy got his Christmas miracle and became a real boy. Such a heartwarming moment!

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