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    I’ll admit, if it doesn’t involve Sami, Will or Lucas, I fast forward through most of the show.

    With my fast forwarding, I have missed a few plot points, such as why is Brady acting like a complete douche? And why are John, Rafe, Hope and Bo meeting weird people in a warehouse with guns? And when did Nicole and Madison become best friends?

    I did enjoy Maggie telling Melanie and Chad that she was the new owner of the spa, with nary a mention of what happened to Quinn. I know he was leaving the show and hasn’t been on in awhile,. it’s nice they are giving Maggie something to do, other than be married to Victor. I do wish Lexie and Abe were on more in her final days.

    I hope the new writers don’t forget about Horton Square, I’m a sucker for anything involving Alice and Tom Horton.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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