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    cast of characters:: Jen, Jack, Abby, Rafe, Carrie, Madison, Brady, Sonny, and Will.

    We find Rafe and Carrie trying to keep eachother in a good mood while awaiting anything that would resemble a job. Today they have out a deck of cards. Carrie wins the hand (by cheating according to Rafe.) He mentions they might as well go home but neither wants to fight anymore with their sig other.Besides as Rafe points out, Sami wouldn’t even be there. So back to cards. The phone rings and it is Carrie’s home office telling her they are not going to continue to fund her office any longer. Well that’s it! Carrie says she might have to move back to Switzerland to work there. There are no law firms hiring in Salem. Rafe says he can work for the mayorial campaign as security. Glumly they decide to start packing. Rafe says wait. Let’s try to make this work. We have the rent paid for a month! Both cheer up and they hug on it.

    Over at the Horton home, Jen and Jack get good news from Abby. She is interning at Madworld! That’s great honey! And Madison wants to make her the face of the new cosmetics line!
    No that is not great honey! exclaims Jen. In fact you are not! doing that. You need to keep up your school work and eat more than coffee and cigarettes. It isn’t safe for you to go travelling around the country. She forbids! Jack comes to the rescue for Abby in saying that it sounds like a fine opertunity. Jen tells Abby if she pursues this she has to move out. She will not support her in this venture. After Abby leaves Jack convinces her that he is just driving Abby away. They can’t control their kids lives when they are adults. They have to let them make their own mistakes. If they try they will just alienate them. Jen sees that Jack is right. (they do notice that Jack is being the voice of reason and Jen is the one that is out of control for once).

    Sonny and Will have met up to go to a movie. The Devil Wears Prada is playing. But Sonny has a date the next night and his date will want to watch that. So they decide to stay in and download a movie. Will seems uncomfortable with that, Sonny notices. Surely he isn’t afraid to be alone with Sonny.
    No Will says. He just has some questions. How did Sonny know he was gay? Will asks. He is curious.
    Sonny and Will sit down and Sonny stars out by saying that he knew something was different before he even knew what gay was. He liked to look at boys both in real life and on tv. He didn’t know why. Then in highschool he wanted to be around the boys but the boys wanted to be around girls. So in order to fit in he dated girls. He discussed the low points like making the wish that the real Sonny would go away when blowing out candles on his birthday cake, and being at a party and this wall was between him and the other people at the party. He was a loner.
    Will says he doesn’t believe that Sonny could ever be a loner. He is constantly around friends. Sonny rebuts that yes now that he is out and has accepted himself, but before he hated himself and just didn’t have anyone to talk to.

    All the while Sonny is talking, Will is sitting there soaking in everything that Sonny is saying. He looks terrified and half ready to burst into tears.

    Sonny talks about the hardest thing for him was he thought he would have to give up the thought of having a wife and house and kids. Will agrees that would be hard.
    Will says that it wasn’t that hard for him to come out. His parents were sooo great and they loved him anyway. Sonny says yeah but they still were scared for him when he came out. They thought he would never find love. And his brother had some trouble with it as well but he did come around.
    Will talks about how hard it must be for people whose family is less accepting.
    Sonny says he wasted alot of time alone and feeling alone, when he really wasn’t. He would hate for anyone, a friend to feel that way. It’s alot easier to be out than to be alone.

    Brady and Madison have a long conversation about her rethinking spying on Kate. She is pretty much deciding that it is a bad idea and she is sorry for ever keeping secrets from Brady. Brady is supportive and ends the conversation by telling her that he loves her which she quickly responds that she loves him too.

    Jack catches up with his daughter later and tells her to be careful with her new job. Abby tells her dad that she is very happy he came back to town.

    While stopping short of actually saying he is gay, Will has certainly stepped through a door by starting to ask questions and to seek answers about being gay. That is a great first step and an emotional one for him and the audience. LOL my own coming out was a huge soap opera and much less realistic than this lol. Actually my own story would make a great soap story but that is for another time.

    I have been enjoying this week sooo much on Days. I have not been so happy with the show in many years and look forward each day to watching the show. It’s like when soaps were really good and I couldn’t wait to watch everyday. And the rest of the week promises to be just as good! (in fact I have seen the next ep as I am writing this and it is a great one!)

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