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    All the talk about Iris and Alexandra leads me to a topic of recasts. Specifically recasts in which the next actor plays the role much longer than the former actor but which never quite eclipses the original in my view.
    My List:
    1 Tom Hughes (ATWT). Scott Holmes played Tom the longest but I would much rather had Gregg Marx or Justin Deas continue in the role. Scott was always a place holder to me. While he always gave a solid performance, I thought he was kinda boring.
    2 Roman Brady (DAYS). Speaking of place holders, hasn’t Chris Kozichek I mean Josh Taylor, place held this part long enough? I want Wayne Northrop back!
    3 Alexandra Spaulding (GL) Marj Dusay did a very good job with Alex and frequently hit it out the ball park, but I never forgot Beverlee Mckensie even for a minute. Irreplaceable!
    4 Jack Abbott (Y&R). Sorry folks but Smilin’ Jack is and always will be Terry Lester. Peter Bergman might not be Jack but he plays one on tv…… (I know that I can not be alone in this!)
    5 Vicki/Marley Hudson (AW) Jensen Buchanan played this part for the longest but I never forgot Anne Heche or Ellen Wheeler in the roles. Anne’s Vicky was spectacular and I loved both Ellen’s choices in the parts of the twins. Jensen was ok. But heck I even enjoyed Cynthia Watros when she filled in for Jensen for a few episodes!
    6 Victoria Newman (Y&R). Amelia Heinle has not been on quite as long as Heather Tom yet but she is certainly working in that direction. Is there even one day that someone somewhere wasn’t wanting to see Heather back in the part? Ok maybe during some of the Billy Abbott early days…..

    I am sure that there are more out there but these are the ones that always stood out to me.

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