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    Years ago, pop music would appear frequently on soaps, and characters had popular songs as love themes: Roman and Marlena had “Up Where We Belong”, Bo and Hope had “Tonight, I Celebrate My Love”, and Carrie and Austin had “I Only Have Eyes For You”. The first episode of Passions featured music by NSYNC and Hole. I specifically remember a montage on GH set to Sarah McLachlan’s “Ice”.

    Those were the days! I wish soaps could afford to bring back pop music—instead of canned or original songs, pop music helps soaps feel current and “with it”. Also, these love themes listed above enhanced the romance of each couple.

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    Days of our lives has a long history with pop music in the shows. At Doug’s Place and Doug’s Place on the Lake and later Blondie’s and Shenanagans, we were often treated to live music. Doug or Trish or Robert or Jeri Clayton, Trish’s mom, or Liz Chandler would get on stage with Day’s music director Marty as the pianist, and sing a song that was dead on with whatever mood the show was conveying that day or in a given story.
    We were treated to Send in the Clowns or People, or Don’t Cry out Loud, or Smile, or My Funny Valentine. Liz sang two of Days most memorable songs that hit the charts in real life; Lovers and Friends and You Were Always on My Mind. Later on Days did a pretty much weekly montage music video of pop songs while their actors were in contemplation or crying or making love or what have you. I think these moments really added alot to the shows.
    Another World frequently used music in the background at their restaurants on the jukebox. We would hear Anita Baker or Barbara Streisand singing their hearts out while we watched the scenes going on. It added to the reality of the moment.
    Young and the Restless also used live music (funny enough using the same actors from Days). But their special moments in pop music is when they would drag out a version of Nadia’s Theme or Bless the Beasts and the Children. Frequently when the subject of the show would turn deadly serious (a death or a major break up) they would employ using one of these songs and sweep over the sets of the show catching glimpses of the actors mourning a death or a break up. Y&R also had alot of fun in the 80s with live performances with Danny Romalatti and Tracy and Lauren.

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    I’d love to see them bring back pop music, but I cringe at the thought of having to hear the likes of Ke$ha or the increasingly tired/annoying Lady Gagme in the afternoon during my soaps.

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