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    Will someone rescue Billy and Chloe from the bores known as Chance and Mac?!

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    I’m starting to get into Chance and Chloe a little. And Y&R broke my heart with what they did to Mac and Billy. I really tried to hold on to my Mac and Billy love but casting Clementine ruined it. Not even I could resist rooting against them.

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    Billy and Chloe need to be the endgame couple. They have so much chemistry, that it’s absolutely insane. Clem has ruined Mac, and Chance is too cookie-cutter clean for the fire that is Chloe Mitchell.

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    There’s a scene in Monday’s episode of Y&R where Ashley says to Billy, "I guess when you can reveal your darkest secrets and not hold your breathe and not be afraid of the reaction you’re going to get, that’s when you know you’ve found your soulmate, if there is such a thing." I took it as proof positive that Billy and Chloe are the endgame.

    That said, I’m okay with Chloe being with Chance right now. She needs to raise her expectations about what a good relationship should be and he’ll help her with that….when Billy comes calling, she’ll know not to answer until he agrees to step up and change. 

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    I feel very bad for John Driscoll having to come to Y&R and then have a character that lacks any personality whatsover. His return from the beginning was a disaster (remember those scenes with him meeting his father in the very first few seconds of his return and then having a full week of story resolved in a minute?) and it continues to be bad. His character lacks charisma and personality and so far he has only been sacrificed as a prop for Chloe. Why come up with such a lousy story of him getting stabbed (soap cops suck) only so that Chloe could realize she loves him?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Elizabeth Hendrickson, but Chloe has also been boring for a long time. Billy Miller is a great actor, but he seems to be obnoxious in every single scene…. and Mac is just… damn, she’s boring. Clementine Ford needs to be gone.

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    I agree Jillian! Billy and Chloe need to be the end game, but I’m getting the feeling that Y&R doesn’t want them together. Chance has gotten a lttle better, but he’s too boring for a woman like Chloe. The only part of the Chance and Chloe relationship that I like is the sparring between Nina and Chloe. Is it bad when I love the mother/girlfriend relationship more?

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    I still see Chance as Coop on GL. For some reason I can’t get past that. I can’t see Chance as a virgin cos I still see Coop rolling around on the floor at the diner with Beth.

    I do like the Nina/Cloe dynamic. It’s Jill and Nina all over again. Nina can’t accept that she’s turned into Jill as far as Chance is concerned. I love Nina and have to laugh at her when she’s raking Chloe over the coals.

    I think Chloe could turn Chance around. But she still has that fire with Billy. I can’t make up my mind on this. Chloe best make up her mind cos Billy’s gonna end up with an STD. LOL

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    LOL ITA Jorpa! 

    I still see Chance as Coop, but the thing that still bugs me is that he is sooo boring, I am sorry but you can be a virgin and still an interesting PERSON! 

    Y&R  could make both couples interesting (okay they would still have to recast CF) but they don’t know how to write a proper storyline, so i don’t see that happening anytime soon.

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