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    Stephen Nichols’ return has been speculated for months. The rumors started as soon as Nichols left his role of Tucker on Y&R and seemed to come to a high when Nichols reunited with Tyler Christopher for a fan event back in June. Now there are some new rumors out there…

    General Hospital Happenings reports in it’s Rumorville section:

    – Stefan is indeed still alive and has been kept by Obrecht for all those years.

    – A casting call for a young girl, Kailey Cassadine, went out. She is supposed to be Stefan’s daughter.

    – Another spumor is that someone is watching Nikolas, Alexis, her children and a new girl (Kailey).

    – Stefan is supposed to return to Port Charles and eventually live at Wyndemere again.

    I don’t know if it all turns out to be true, but I think another chapter for the Cassadines would be great. It would even be nice to bring on the mentioned Valentin on some point. I know the cast already seems bloated and maybe some characters should leave before new (or old) ones come on. Anyway the Cassadines have a rich history with the show and Stefan returning maybe would give Nikolas something other to do that being ignored by his sister or taking care of Britt.

    Does anyone know more?

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