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    Yesterday’s show showed us Robin being alive and today’s show had her asked about Patrick and Emma and where she is. Someone is keeping Robin – but the biggest question in all of that, next to who’s captivating Robin, is Kimberly’s status with the show…

    There are several rumors out there!
    1.) Kimberly actually had a change of heart, when she witnessed Frank and Ron’s work and decided to come back. Maybe even with the chance of directing a few episodes of GH.
    2.) The people at GH have already been informed that ABC sticks with it’s plans to get rid of scripted programming in Daytime and Kimberly decided to come back for the show’s end.
    3.) Kimberly is still leaving, just has a few weeks left on her contract where we will see her mysteriously disappearing while her loved ones think she died.
    4.) Kimberly signed on for another two months to add some twists and turns to the storyline.

    What could be the truth? Is Kimberly really coming back full time with maybe directing some episodes of the show? Or are we still down the road of losing Kimberly in what could be the show’s last months?

    We all know that Robin’s reappearance was NOT spoilered anywhere. We all imagined that Robin’s alive, but did we actually think that we would get the scene that proves this theory so soon?

    I really hope that Kimberly decided to come back and maybe even thinking that she could help saving this show. We all know that Kimberly didn’t really like the Lisa storyline and was outraged about them using Robin’s HIV status for the role. So could there really be a change of heart? Kimberly decided to depart the show before Ron and Frank came on. Maybe it wasn’t because she wanted to concentrate on directing but more that she was sick and tired of the show’s writing!? Maybe that changed when Frank and Ron came on, who could convince her to stay with the show that’s fighting for it’s life!?!?!? I can only wish …

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