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    I am probably using the wrong metaphor for this forum when I say Ron Carlivati taking over as head writer is like when a sports team hires a new coach. That coach instantly has his “guys” and his favorites, and some players will be benched or traded. We are seeing the same thing right off the bat with the new writer for GH.

    He killed off two characters without hesitation. Was I crazy about “the woman in White?” No, but it finally gave Ethan a relationship, and they could have done so many different things with her. If he did not like how the character was being written, have her turn bad, and have her deceive Ethan on her own, reigniting the Cassadine/Spencer feud with a new generation. I did like Kodi Kitchen though. She was not a game changer, but I thought she did a good job in her role. Again, taking a job away from two actresses is not the thing to do at this time. If you don’t like the character’s storylines change things up, don’t just cut them loose.

    And Sean Blakemore has been in what 1 episode since RC took over? I was enjoying the TJ and Molly storyline and that’s done. Haley Pullos is one of the best child actors on television and he can’t find a way to use her? I also get the feeling he does not want to do anything with the Quartermaines….in that way he is like the past few writing regimes.

    While Lisa Locicero has been on a little bit more, which I approve, she does not even have a real storyline. This is what I am talking about with favorites, he’s just helping out his former OLTL star.

    I also get the feeling he is pandering to the internet crowd with some of the returning characters. This is not going to bring back long-term viewers, those are still watching and they are not coming back for Heather Webber or Felicia Jones. Nancy Lee Grahn has been on more, but like Lisa she is not getting a real storyline, he is just putting her in more scenes and giving her 1-2 lines. He’s trying to ingratiate himself with the veterans. He has no idea how to write for Luke, but obviously he is untouchable so he comes up with the most basic “adventure” for him because that’s what the casual viewers know him as, and they have him handle these little assignments.

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