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    1. HAVE FUN: We encourage spirited discussions and debate, but don't take yourself too seriously. These are celebrities and fictitious TV shows and movies we are talking.

    2. PERSONAL INFORMATION: Do not share personal or request personal information such as addresses, social security numbers or phones numbers.

    3. OPINION: Users are entitled to their opinions. We do NOT moderate opinions about actors, celebrities, executives or characters.

    4. SPOILERS: Unless specified as SPOILER FREE in topic thread titles, assume that a thread may contain spoilers.

    5. SWEARING: We do not moderate swearing unless it is excessive.

    6. DEFAMATORY WORDS: The use of defamatory words referencing someone's race, heritage, ethnicity or sexuality will be deleted. The use of the 'F' word referring to a gay individual is just as bad as using the 'N' word.

    7. SIGNATURES: Image signatures and signatures containing advertising are not allowed. Text signatures only.

    8: VIDEO: Forum users can include You tube video clips in their forum topics. However, only TV and Film trailers, promos or fan montages of characters/couples are allowed. Posts that containing video personal commentary/opinion, of an adult nature or are not TV and Film trailers, promos or fan montage videos will be deleted. 

    9. ACT LIKE ADULTS: We are not your parents.

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