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    I Heard a rumor that MAB may be out and Robert Guza Jr. will replace her. Has anyone heard this? Apparently Sony isn’t happy with Maria’s writing and that they want Robert Guza jr. Word has it a deal is in the works. I dont want to believe this. I saw this rumor on

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    NB had something in his last column I believe that Sony is very unhappy with MAB particularly her writing for the Abbotts and Winters families. Not sure how Guza would help that at all since he hates vets and minorities also.

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    I wish y&r would return to it’s glory days like it was in the 80’s and 90’s. I’ve been watching the show since i was 2 years old in 1987. I wish some of the writers, producers,etc.. would come back to the show. I personally liked Josh Griffith, David S,John S, Trent Jones, and im sure there were others…

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    Not sure if it matters but MAB just recently resigned as Executive Producer and Headwriter so I doubt she’s going anywhere.

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    She can still be fired, Smitty.

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    Damn. The strange part is that I am sitting here contemplating WHICH would be the LESSER of two evils, and I am leaning toward Bob Guza………………

    But I don’t want Y&R to turn into a bad ripoff of “The Sopranos” with everyone over the age of 4 forced to walk around Genoa City packing heat 24/7 and random shootouts at GloWorm.

    I’m kinda torn. I am enjoying Y&R a lot more lately, but it’s still not in what I’d call “good shape.”

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    Can’t Brad Bell pull double duty and write B&B and Y&R at the same time? His dad did.

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    Um, are you kidding Alistair?! Brad’s writing on B&B right now is atrocious (which is why I haven’t been watching lately).

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    Sorry, double post.

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    Man, you’re scaring me Joemsales, I hope this is just rumor and internet foolery because Y&R is not Guza’s type of soap to write. Why is Y&R so trying to be like GH instead of being simply Y&R? MAB’s writing is very high and low, she can’t write the meaty middle of s\ls. Her stories go flat in middle important element for story and then fans are like WTF! I just think both Sony and Bells know the negative backlash from hardcore GH fans and seriously would not want the fans of Y&R outrage to rock the boat in this hard times of daytime drama.

    I do hope Sony & Bells are seeing the field of some very talented people come available which could strength their shows. Frank V. I would love as Y&R’s EP, Lorraine B. Addie Walsh, Courtney Simon, some very good writers for script writing and other positions of in the writing staff. Could add a lot to Y&R. I like if Sony and Bells finally see and say lets make a change at top of writing…but Guza NO…someone nobody is thinking about but I do feel change is on the way.

    I WANT LAURALEE BELL as EP!!!!!!!!!! :crown:

    There you go maybe Bill Bell over story consultant, Bring back Kay Alden as headwriter, and Lauralee Bell as EP. Look what she has done with her internet web series, (LOVE Family Dinner) she knows history of show and what the “feel” of Y&R’s soul growing up on set with her dad and knowing how and what is Y&R giving it back to fans and ratings will climb.

    the thoery of opposites
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    If they put Guza in I would regard it as to when Lorraine Broderick was HW @ DAYS for a month: wrong writer on the wrong show.

    I hope Sony is smarter than that.

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    Brad Bell is burnt out, and it shows in his uneven and unimaginative writing. The fact that he’s doing another LAME Taylor/Ridge/Brooke triangle, considering the fact that this triangle should have ended 15 years ago, has made me lose a LOT of respect for him. He needs to take about six months off to get those creative juices reflowing again. That show is so stale. I am going to go on the record and say that Y&R is TEN times better than B&B!!

    Kay Alden could take over for him for about six months, or she could come back over to Y&R.

    B&B is still OKAY, but not the kind of quality writing that I want for Y&R. Not by a long shot.

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    Alstonboy I am starting to question your judgment. First, you compare Brianna Brown TO Yvonne Zima in the acting department. WTH? She’s not that bad! You be careful because Ms. Brown might go and spit on you for that, LMAO! Second, your comments on Y&R and Brad Bell. You must have had some of those berries Thomas had on that island.

    Brad Bell maybe repetitive, but he’s a hell a lot more talented than MAB. Besides RC, Brad Bell is the best soap HW, currently.

    I could see Guaza replacing either Hogan or Scott as HW. I would not be against that. Sheffer does not fit Y&R at all and you can tell which stories are his. He wrote that Chipmunk BS.

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    Why are you questioning my judgment? Just because we disagree with each other, that doesn’t mean that either of us is necessarily WRONG. There’s no such thing as a WRONG opinion, sir….just differing ones. :) :)

    I never said that Brianna Brown is a bad actress, nor did I compare her to Yvonne Zima. If you reread the threads, it was David46208 who compared her to Yvonne Zima, not me. I think she’s ALRIGHT, but not great. But as I said, she doesn’t compare to other actresses on GH who have played kick ass villainesses, such as Cynthia Preston and Constance Towers. I think she’s bland and boring as an actress, but not horrible.

    And I am also not calling B&B bad, but it’s not great. Brad Bell has the POTENTIAL to be a good writer, but right now he’s being lazy and complacent. He needs a break.

    Dyllan, you and I disagree A LOT, and I enjoy disagreeing with you. There’s nothing more boring than being on the SAME page with people ALL the time. I come on here to share my views and to hear others who have different ones. Variety makes the world go round. So let’s just have fun discussing soaps without questioning each others’ sanity. Besides, I do question my own sanity from time to time, and as long as I’m not being hauled into a rubber room, I think I am doing SOMETHING wrong. ;)

    Lighten up and let’s have fun!!!! ;) ;)

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    Perhaps Brad is just burnt out due to writing the same show for so many years. Writing the characters of Y&R could reinvigorate him. It’s a similar show but also a whole different ballgame. He could really spice things up in Genoa City!

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    Alstonboy, a lot of that post was “tongue in check” as evident by the “LMAO” and the comment about “judgment” with regards to a soap, and the VR and MS incident. I was not being serious and sorry for the confusion.

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    Okay, glad we are still cool!!! I enjoy you and your posts. We have had a lotta fun on this board together over the past year!! Cheers!!!! :beer: :beer:

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    ^ :beer: :bigsmile: Right back at ya!
    [quote=AlistairCrane]Perhaps Brad is just burnt out due to writing the same show for so many years. Writing the characters of Y&R could reinvigorate him. It’s a similar show but also a whole different ballgame. He could really spice things up in Genoa City![/quote]
    Brad Bell has written some good stuff on B&B. Granted, I’m not looking forward to the same tired triangle. But, the Brooke and Oliver sex scandal was hilarious. And compare Stephanie’s cancer storyline to Lily’s. The writing was far superior.


    @Ryan-Scott: The only reason Lorraine left Days was because they didn’t believe in writing character driven storylines at the time and clashed about how to age and introduce new characters. Other then that she would have won them Emmy’s. She had 4 to boot!

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    NO Ma’am Miss Pam

    I REFUSE for Bob Guza to write my Y&R.

    MAB is NOT a bad headwriter. I just think Hogan Sheffer and Scott Hamner need to GOOOOOOO and quick.

    Replace them with John Smith and Kay Alden and I’d have my Y&R back. Bring back Ed Scott as EP, and just make MAB a writer.

    But for Bob Guza???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I’ve been fearing this a lot recently with the way some of these blogs constantly tear into Y&R as if its the worst soap on the air (when clearly its FARRR from the worst)…I’m just scared we’ll get rid of MAB and get someone far worse.


    Or maybe they’ll just get rid of MAB and promote Hogan Sheffer to headwriter, and we’ll have a town full of Chipmunks, bitter old women, and bloody fetuses in fireplaces.


    I say let’s stick with the devil we KNOW, and stop wishing for an unfamiliar devil. UGHHHH

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    “The Devil we know” argument never resonated with me. Sometimes change is needed, and I don’t think we should just settle for crap.

    Doesn’t the Bell family own a large percentage of Y&R? I doubt they would fire their own family. However, I can see them giving Sheffer the boot. That would be a “compromise”. MAB likes him, but it would give them PR that they are trying to make changes. I would be okay with Guza replacing Sheffer. Guza sometimes sucked on GH, but I do believe he is superior to Sheffer.

    Oh, and I put MAB and Higley on the same level. They have some similarities.

    Or why doesn’t Y&R hire within? Wasn’t Natalie Minardi Slater suppose to be Alden’s successor after she left.

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    I disagree.
    Maria Bell is a lot of things as a headwriter, but a Dena Higley, I highly doubt. Dena Higley is on a level all her own…and she makes a show totally and completely UNWATCHABLE.

    While I agree that Y&R is not as good as it once was, I still find a vast majority of the show to be still entertaining, and even at times so emotional and heartfelt.

    Y&R has its “clunkers” of storylines every year, but at the core, Y&R still has its heart. DAYS under Dena Higley didn’t invoke ANY emotions or feelings in me other than boredom and frustration.

    I’m just saying….everyone clamored for a new HW when LML had Y&R. Then MAB came on board, and in the beginning it was like she was the second coming, and then after Sheffer and Rauch came on board, the show took a nasty turn. My “Devil we know” argument TO ME, just simply means that a lot of the same ones begging for a new headwriter under LML are the same ones who make the claim that LML’s Y&R is better than today’s Y&R (Which I totally disagree, but that’s another post). So some WOULD say that its better to keep MAB (who we don’t always love, but who still has at least a TINY part of Classic Y&R intact), rather than hire someone totally new who doesn’t know the least bit about Y&R….I mean, under Guza…and nothing against the guy…but we think Victor is TOOO much now!!! Just wait until Guza gets over and realizes that Victor Newman could be his new protege. We’d have mobster Victor, pimp Victor, Victor the killer, Victor the rapist…and he’d never pay AT ALL. And we think its’ already this way on Y&R now…I just think MAB is cool as long as some other changes are made with some of the other writers.

    Sally Morina Sussman, Kay Alden, John Smith, Josh Griffith, Frank Valentini…SOMEONEEEEE who has a little bit of credibility!!! Geesh!

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    I don’t want MAB fired, but I want her two little helpers, Scott Hammer and Hogan Shefer, given some pink slips! I do think MAB knows Y&R’s history. If Guza replaced them, I would be okay.

    Guza and Higley never had a Chipmunk storyline or two “evil twin” storyline on at once.

    I’m one of the few who would not mind if LML came back and worked with MAB. LML’s early stuff was not bad, especially, when she was with someone who knew the show’s history. John and Cassie’s death was good TV. And I wish MAB would embrace some of LML’s style. LML knew how to couple, promote diversity, and empower women. However, she didn’t know about the characters history and that showed. Plus, she was good at that adventure crap MAB loves. Oh, and I thought LML was LIGHT YEARS better at casting when compared to MAB. I think they would complete each other.

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    I tend to agree with yall about them not ever getting rid of MAB. I think she’s somewhat of a figurehead anyway, so I do think that getting rid of Hogan Sheffer and Scott Hamner would definitely help a lot. I think she lets Sheffer take the reigns, whether she wants to admit it or not. I can see it in the writing like others do. I think Josh Griffith would be good as associate-head writer. Wasn’t he writing during the strike? There were good storylines then.

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    Maria Bell doesn’t deserve a free pass. Yes, many of the crappy story ideas might be Hogan and/or Scott’s, but as executive producer and HEAD writer, doesn’t she have the power to veto their bullshit?? Did they hold a gun to her head and FORCE her to agree to all the horrifically stupid stories that Y&R has done over the past 3 years? If she’s too weak to put her foot down, then she doesn’t deserve the title of “HEAD BITCH IN CHARGE..” And that would be yet ANOTHER reason why she should be fired.

    But you won’t get any argument from me that Scott and Hogan also need to agitate the gravel. But Maria is in charge, so she should have a much tighter reign over this ship, shouldn’t she??

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong………….

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    Preach, preacher. I didn’t know you were going to take me to church this evening, otherwise I would’ve brought my church fan and my tambourine. But I do think that Melody needs to be willing to take a pay cut. Reportedly, even Eric Braeden took a paycheck. And if she makes TWICE as much as he does, which is what everyone is reporting, then that means she should be willing to take one for the team. I am all about veteran actors getting their fair share, but there’s no reason that Sony should bankrupt itself to accommodate ANY actor.

    P.S- I just caught the holy ghost!! PRAISE him in advance……… 0:) :star:

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    With Sheffer and Hamner, there is PROOF from their other soapwork that they suck, whereas this is MAB’s first time headwriting anything. MAB doesn’t deserve a free pass, but she doesn’t deserve to take the brunt of the criticism while those two weasly little a-holes get off scot-free.

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    IF I WERE YOU, I’D SAY YES!!! SPEAK LORD…(in my Shug Avery voice)

    Compensating MTS isn’t about money. Give her quality writing, promote her chracter instead of focusing on dead weight, and allow her a shot on the Emmy ballot. They make her seem greedy when that might not be the whole story. Poor woman probably has a headache from the diva ranting of her co-stars (MS, PB, EB, DG, CK, etc.).

    At any rate, I want a change at the helm of Y&R! This regime is driving a stake in Genoa City’s heart and I want my soap back, even the slowburning storylines I criticized. UGH!!!

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    But Maria is the EP. The HBIC as Alston stated earlier, she deserves to be taken to the woodshed. Especially for the current assassination of Katherine Chancellor aka Ol Lady. WTF?!? Kay would never turn her back on Ashley and throw her in prison. Ashley is her goddaughter! This is sensational bullshit and destroys the Grande Dame in the eyes of this viewer. Why is MAB allowing this to make the airwaves? Pull this crap and rewrite it, ReRe!!! She is making a mockery of Y&R.

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    Dont’ EVEN get me started on the backstage clique. I swear, I have never encountered so many “famous” people on one soap opera set acting like grown-assed children in my life. Honestly, outside of their work on daytime, Stafford, Goddard and Khalil are UNRECOGNIZABLE. Nobody in primetime really knows or cares who they are. Not trying to be mean, just being honest. And if Michelle Stafford wins that Best Actress Emmy on Sunday, I will seriously PUKE.

    I want Hogan, Scott AND Maria to kick rocks, ideally. That would be the best scenario. My grandmother always had a policy. If something shady went down and she didn’t know who was responsible, she whooped EVERYONE’s ass…that way she KNEW she got the right one. Fire all three of them, that way they will be CERTAIN that they have fired the weakest link(s!)

    Until they fire these fools, Melody Thomas Scott is NOT going to get what she is asking for, if she’s looking for Emmy consideration and quality writing for her character. Just ask Jeanne Cooper, Jess Walton, Kristoff St. John and all the other veterans on this show if THEIR characters are getting these things. Why should she be entitled to something that others aren’t getting??

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    That’s why they need to drag Maria out of CBS studios by her stringy blonde mane and replace her with a credible showrunner. Somebody who will put the show’s needs first. Why should the stars of Y&R receive any less? This is daytime’s number 1 soap, but the stories they are telling fail miserably and that’s sad. It is a damn shame! MTS gives a tour de force performance and goes into rehab, Genie Francis hams it up during the Aussie finale in a Dynasty-esque plot that made my eyes roll back into my head, and Daniel Goddard just stanked up the place with his posing. The Y&R has never been this bad, even when Brad Carlton was squeezing Nazis between his thighs…

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    I must confess, I’ve been enjoying Genie Francis on Y&R. I think she’s doing a good job. The writing sucks, of course, but I think she’s holding her own magnificently against Jess Walton and Tristian Rogers. But I don’t know WHO Daniel Goddard is sleeping with to get this level of job security. I KNOW he’s not that interesting. Certainly not enough to warrant them building this convoluted story around him. Are there REALLY that many “Lane” fans out there? GMADB!!! Something is very shady.

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    Maria Bell actually wrote a very good and entertaining Y&R before Sheffer and Hamner were added to the team. And I also have to wonder if she’s truly the HW anymore or if that’s more of a figurehead position, especially now since there are *THREE* headwriters and she’s also doing EP duties.

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    I agree that MAB is the HBIC and she shouldn’t allow some of this stuff on the air. BUT, I just can’t forget the way she started out. Before Hogan Sheffer, before Paul Rauch….MAB’s vision of Y&R was verrrry classic. The stories weren’t rushed, they were paced perfectly, they all had climaxes that were interesting.
    Then Sheffer came on as a writer, and Rauch as EP, and everything just went to hell. i’m not saying MAB should get a “free pass”….I’m just saying that she’s not totally to blame for all of this. And when we KNOW for a fact that these other people on the writing staff have damn near MURDERED other soaps, and we see their track records, then we should automatically realize that a lot of what we see is THEIR work. Maria’s fault for airing it? YES!!!! But I can’t say she’s a horrible writer. It’s almost as if you can watch Y&R for two weeks and tell who writes WHICH stories, and it shouldn’t be that way.

    I still say keep MAB as an associate writer, hire a new headwriter, get Ed Scott back as EP, and watch the sparks fly.

    ANd I agree…Dru and Nikki AREEEE The Young and the Restless. It’ll never be the same without them.

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    [quote=Dyllan]”The Devil we know” argument never resonated with me. Sometimes change is needed, and I don’t think we should just settle for crap.

    I would be okay with Guza replacing Sheffer. Guza sometimes sucked on GH, but I do believe he is superior to Sheffer.[/quote]


    Sometimes change is needed, but let’s not change the witch for the devil. That is exactly what would happen by bringing Guza on. Guza sucked on GH ALL the time. Since GH and Y&R are the only two soaps I watch, (via DVR) I do not want to see Y&R go through what GH went through, even though I can FF through the tripe. Thanks to Guza, sometimes there is far too much to FF through.


    I have never been a fan of Maria Hell (yes I spelled her name that way on purpose) Scott Slammer, and fell out of love with Hogan Heffier when he turned Marshall into rapist and then killed him off on ATWT. On Y&R Maria did the easy part in the beginning. Writing the series out of LML stories, yet when it came to writing character-driven storylines and following in the footsteps of Bill Bell she decided that the best idea was to only use some of his better over-top plots from the past that were at least character driven along with her Turner Movie Classic watching bad plot stealing ideas.

    Maria has proven that she lacks any creativity and the ability to understand these characters and their complexities.

    Under her tenure, we have endured:

    1. The erosion of the Winter’s clan
    2. Recasting gambles where 7 out of 10 are bad.
    3. Grabbing top soap stars from other soaps only to not know what to do with them.
    4. Firing vets but hiring costly stars from other soaps.
    5. Getting bored with her new creations quickly.
    6. Forcing the audience to endure newbies 5 days a week over vets especially the black characters. All the while saying in interviews that viewers don’t want the same characters she forces on us shoved down our throats.
    7. And she is James E. Reilly light. Expect to see Katherine staring into a pot of water in no time saying “oh Tim-Tim.”

    But I will admit that every now and again they get something right. However, that last all of a few weeks before they return to these bad stories.

    Those are just my thoughts.


    If Maria was replaced they need to fire the whole lot of headwriters and just hire this two person team: Sally Sussman Morina and Lorraine Broderick. They both know how to write from a Character-Driven standpoint and know how to write for black people. They understand the soap audience and care about the survival of soaps. They won’t be telling the actors in a meeting, “forget everything you knew about Y&R!” Nor will they be edging away from the show’s history. They get this genre. Hire them and you are good footing.

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    I agree that Lorraine Broderick would be a great fit for the show. I don’t know much about Sally Sussman Morina’s body of work, so I can’t really comment one way or the other where she’s concerned. However, Lorraine is probably not eager to head write another soap. I heard that Agnes had to basically TWIST her arm to get her to come back as interim head writer last year, and she probably had to do the same thing to get her to come back for AMC’s swan song.

    They should call Pamela Long, Wisner Washam, Michael Malone or Sheri Anderson and hope for the best.

    However, I think all this speculation is futile b/c it seems that we are STUCK with Hackarena INDEFINITELY!!!

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    Stoney, ITA! Very well-stated.

    David, you hypocrite, Sally Sussman-Morina wrote some of Days’ most far-out and “sci fi” stories EVER! I can’t believe you like her or think she would be a good fit for Y&R! (Personally, I really enjoyed her Days stint except for the Carrie/Mike affair and would enjoy seeing her take a crack at Y&R)


    Sally Sussman Morina, worked for Y&R on several occasions. In fact in an interview she did a year or so ago she mentioned that it her who suggested the Phick Affair.

    Her Bio from Y&R:

    * Associate Head Writer: June 10, 2005 – November 2006
    * Breakdown Writer: June 10, 2005 – November 2006
    * Storyline Consultant: 1983 to 1986 (hired by William J. Bell), May 17, 2005 – May 12, 2006 (hired by John F. Smith)
    * Writer: 1984to 1988

    Here is the excerpt from the interview:

    CZ: When you were hired in 2005 as story consultant for Y&R, is is true that you was competing with Lynn Marie Latham for the Head Writer job? If yes, did you write a bible or long-story projection for the soap? Would you agree to divulge it? Are there any things you would have done?

    SSM: Actually, I was hired well before Lynn. I was brought back as story consultant to help Jack and Kay, really hired by Sony and the Bells. It wasn’t until 6 months later that Lynn arrived. It was great for me to work with Jack, Kay and the other writers again. With Jack and Kay, it was like I’d never left. The show was doing great, we had just married Lauren and Michael, I created the Nick/Phyllis love story and the ratings were great but then Lynn came in and we all knew she was there to take over for Jack. She and I were never competing for the HW job because she was the choice of the network person, Barbara Bloom. She wanted Lynn in the job and she wanted Jack out. Sony and the Bells went along with it and Lynn got the job. She never wrote a bible or any long term document. I had done one before I arrived and there were several stories in there that we should’ve done, especially one for Brad (and no, I don’t mean the ridiculous Nazi storyline). My story involved his former wife, Lisa who had locked him in the cage many years ago. We never used it because when Lynn took over, her time was spent getting rid of anyone who knew the show. She was a total disaster and the worst experience I’ve ever had as a writer.”

    This is why she is needed back at Y&R. As for work on Days of Of Our Lives she was under Tom L.’s rule. She said so much here:

    CZ: What are your personal feelings about your time on” Days Of Our Lives”. The soap has had a lot chaos since you left. Do you think you could get in there and fix things up–?

    SSM: I had a great run on Days and the stories I did won awards which had never happened to that show before. I’m most proud of the Kristen murder story, Sami’s execution and the Carrie/Mike romance. I loved working with the team of writers on Days but sadly, the job ended. I was very upset at being let go because it was a political decision when Tom Langan the executive producer decided he wanted to write the show. Shortly after he fired me, he asked me to come back but it was too late, I couldn’t work under those conditions anymore. Creatively, the job was fantastic and I enjoyed it a lot. But since I left I have never watched the show since. I wouldn’t want to go back there because the powers that be who run that show are not competent and frankly, it doesn’t interest me anymore.
    And when it comes to diversity we need not remember that she created Generations. So just because she wrote for Days is different than JER. All he ever wrote when he was in charge of Days and Passions was sci-fi and over the top mess. So there is no hypocrisy, because momma is a jack of all trades. JER is a one trick pony!



    So you are saying that his body of work can never be dissected unless it is a glowing review of his writing? Nobody is talking his personal life or what he did at home. But his work in daytime can be discussed the same way Bill Bell, Douglas Marland and countless others will be and have. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it an insult. You happen to like what he did and felt the sun set and rose over it. I and obviously too many others were not driven by the entirety of his work. I’m just one of the few here willing to speak up about it.

    Even Irons Bend!

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    David, it’s in your best interest to stop responding to my posts. I will do my best to AVOID every single thing you post on this board. I will no longer be responding to you—I am too classy for that.


    @AlistairCrane: And my last response is this “If it makes you sleep better at night to think that do so.”

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    Someone please tell David to stop harassing me. It’s sickening, and I am afraid for my life.

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    If the rumor is true and Guza is going to be your new headwriter, Oh oh! That is not good! When AMC is over in September I am planning on watching Y&R! I hope Guza isn’t the writer!!! BAH!

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