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    Rumors are going around that none of the networks will be airing the 2012 Daytime Emmy Awards now that daytime (officially as of January 14th) will be down to just four shows and with that, the networks are not willing to invest millions of dollars to air the Daytime Emmy’s from now on.

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    I hate to be a “negative Nelly”, but after the past few years of the Daytime Emmys being nothing short of a contrived, boring, tacky, trashy…..fill in whatever other adjectives you want to add in…….HOT MESS, I am not sure if I would be compelled to tune in in 2012. On top of that, we have had to deal with actors forgetting their lines on stage, getting drunk, dancing onstage like sloppy “Dancing with the Stars” rejects and forgetting which microphone they were supposed to go to (yes, I am talking about you, Vanessa Marcil…….). And let’s not even mention the gaudy dresses that the soap actresses have been sporting in recent years. Just because it’s “Vegas rules,” that doesn’t mean that everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The paparazzi never forget……..The ceremony has become a joke. I am starting to believe that not even soap actors take the awards seriously anymore. It seems to be nothing more than license for them to get together and get wasted.

    Unless they can get it RIGHT this time, I don’t think I want a real ceremony.


    I admit, I haven’t seen the Daytime Emmy’s the previous 2 years at least but I think I only still care because there are some actors from cancelled soaps who deserve Lifetime Achievement Awards for their shows (like Elizabeth Hubbard for ATWT,imo). She never got an Emmy for her role as Lucinda (I think she may have gotten one for the Doctors a long long time ago but I wasn’t around back then).

    I agree what you say about the gaudiness of the ceremony alstonboy. And I don’t know if it makes much sense for me to watch since ATWT is cancelled and I no longer watch Y&R, but I’m hoping that some of the longtime actors who never got full recognition for their performances still have a chance at acknowlegement.
    If they can’t get it on TV, perhaps they can stream it online? I don’t know what the answer is, but I expect a ratings drop if they decide to air the ceremony in ’12. It is sad.

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    The ratings are probably not enough to sustain it as a network broadcast, but Lifetime, OWN, TNT, or the USA network might be willing to take on the awards show.

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