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    It’s just an unconfirmed rumor, but word on the street is that Darnell Williams is joining Y&R in an undisclosed role. Now i don’t even like what I’m hearing! Nothing against DW, because he is an amazing actor. He just isn’t necessary to the canvas. Maria and those hacks are like the go-to soap for displaced soap actors. GF, DM, MCE, JB, TR, and ER are proof of how the Y&R keeps overcasting itself. The show is cannibalizing right before our eyes!

    Why do they think Darnell Williams is crucial to an already overbloated canvas? Can anyone confirm this? Please answer these questions and respond with opinions.

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    soap opera digest is now reporting it as true.

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    As I said in an earlier blogging group….”As we speak, Hackarena Bell has already totallY RUINED whatever new character that Darnell is going to be playing. And if the character isn’t ruined, it’s pretty damned close.” As much as I like Darnell Williams and his chemistry with Debbi Morgan, I give it THREE weeks and I won’t give a damn anymore!! It’s a shame that with THREE kick ass African American actors on this show, Kristoff St. John, Debbi Morgan and now Darnell Williams, that Bell can PLUCK it all up with that buffoonish storytelling that she’s infamous for! Nobody is immune!! Nobody stands a chance with her in the kitchen!!!

    Where is the vaccine for this heifer? She’s like a virus that is destroying this show from the inside out!!

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