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    Cast of characters: EJ, Will, Nicole, Sami, Madison, Stefano, Bo, and Hope

    Today was yet another intense day in Salem. The big stories all had some movement today and set up for big things coming.

    Let’s start in the Dimera Mansion where Nicole has had it up to here with EJ and Will’s relationship. She wants to know what the hell is up. She is tired of EJ hemhawing around and keeping her in the dark. He mentions that he knows about the nice little bribe she gave Will to get Will to tell everything he knows. Nicole goes “Oh”.
    Well that doesn’t deter her even a little. EJ spills the beans on poor Will who has to stand there and take it. EJ explains to her that Will not Lucas shot him at the church all those years ago. Nicole is like ok….. and? Well EJ thought it would be nice to have someone close to the Mayor to spy on him so he is blackmailing Will. Nicole can see this is true by Will’s reaction.
    Will, not too happy that EJ can’t be trusted to keep the secret, is ready to spill the beans on EJ about sleeping with Sami. Nicole realizes that somehing else is up. EJ throws in an apartment overlooking the townsquare (where else would it be lol) as bribery to keep Will in line oh and a little threat that he shouldn’t cross EJ because it isn’t healthy. Nicole when she comes back into the room, tells EJ that it is like Will has something on EJ too. It is like Will is blackmailing EJ as well. EJ manages to dodge this bullet as the mayorial campaign breaks in and puts a stop to the conversation. He reminds Will once more that he should keep quiet if he wants to stay out of Jail.(personally I doubt that Will would do jail time for something like this that he did as a kid. Maybe parole but this is Salem and people have been sent to deathrow for less lol).
    Speaking of deathrow, that is part of the topic over at Madison’s hotel room when she is trying to break it to Sami that she wants to stop spying on Kate at Countess W. Sami warns that Kate is very vindictive and if she ever found out what they were up to God knows what they would do. Deathrow was one place that Kate put Sami when she was connected to her sons.
    Imagine what she would do with this? All the more reason to stop Madison argues. Sami says it is too late, she can not stop now. She fears that Madison will throw her under the bus if Kate ever found out what they were up to. Madison says she would never do that. Sami doesn’t trust her and quits working for her. She is staying at Countess W.
    When she gets home to tell Rafe, she finds instead her oldest son packing his bags. He is moving out. Not with Marlena, Sami hopes. No he has his own place. EJ got him a place.
    Livid, Sami has decided right here and right now, they are having it out. What is going on with Will? Where is the Will that Sami knows?
    Will is ready for battle but is Sami he wonders? You want to know? You want to Know? ……
    You want to know what’s in that box? Stefano baites the Dynamic duds. Ofcourse they do don’t they? Well about 50 percent of the time Hope wants to know. The other 50 percent she is waivering. Well let’s open the box and find out!!!! I was screaming at the tv at this point “Open the effing box already” Yada yada yada blah blah blah. Finally keys go in and turn and there are two manilla envelopes in the box. One fo which is obviously from Stefano since it has the pheonix symbol instead of the lock on the envelope. he quickly reaches in for the plainer envelope (even the packages are representative of who they are from. One plain and simple from Alice. The other has to have Stefano’s seal on it!) Stefano walks out with his envelope but before he totally leaves, he says that Alice was a smart woman and went to great lengths to keep what was in that envelope from coming out. Hope might use those kinds of smarts before she opens it. He says she can not unremember what is in that package once she sees it. He walks out leaving the two to decide what to do next (maybe open that damn envelope!) Outside the door Stefano reflects on his own envelope. Could he also fear what is inside of it? Does he want to know? And will it tear his family apart too?
    Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode of Days of our Lives.

    It has been along time since I yelled at my tv over a soap! It felt fantastic to be so into the show that it gets me riled up!

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    Mark, just finishing watching today’s episode and YES I loved the episode today…it had everything! What blows me out of the water is the chemistry between the actors Chandler & James…it just pops off the screen when those two are together..I love it. EJ is always “touching” William, by putting his arm around him or something…LOL…fantastic! And of course I got me some Nicole today, EXTREMELY HAPPY when she looked at EJ referring to William, calling him “pretty boy”(don’t remember the exact wordage)…I busted out laughing!! The scenes between Madison & Sami was high quality and could change the dynamic of their relationship. Loved how Sami stood her ground. Sami is going to be successful @ Countess W & new twisted relationship between Kate & Sami forms then Kate going to find out Sami’s manipulation. I’m digging the Alice mystery myself because it will have affect on both families and that’s what good soap opera should do in story. I read something about this story it was changed at the last minute (Mark will send you quick email to get your personal take). I did want to point out a great scene from yesterday’s episode between Jack\Jennifer\Abby, it was one of the best family scenes I have seen in awhile. It had everything humor, Jack being left in the dark about Abby situation with Melanie & Chad. It had parents perspective trying to protect their child, Abby being a young woman spreading her wings, Jack being the referee between the disagreement of Jen\Abby, Jack being cool headed in this situation not Jennifer…LOVE IT! :)

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    I particularly enjoyed that scene too Harlee! It was really cool that Jack and Jen pretty much switched roles for that storyline. Jack being the cool even head and Jennifer flying off the handle. It shows growth for both characters. Jack is able to control himself and Jen is able to let loose!
    It was good family drama but also a little fun for Jack and Jen fans as well.

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