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    When I was looking at the Days on 12/13 I was sickened by the fact that John and Marlena had a picnic at the Salem PD. While John is not guilty, what has been going on the last few months show’s that under Abe’s leadership that the Brady’s and anyone who is considered a saint in the town, gets special treatment. I mean would a Dimera be allowed to have a picnic if they were charged with a crime?

    If I were Nicole and EJ I would have this released so the public can see what has been going on under Abe’s watch.

    One of the biggest problems is the nepotism at the Salem PD. How can anyone get a fair justice when the commissioner is the brother to Bo an officer whose wife is the detective? That’s a conflict of interest right there.

    Now coming to think of it if EJ were to win that would be an awesome story with ad’s referring to it as the “dark days of Salem” under Dimera rule. With EJ cracking down on Roman, Bo and Hope.
    Come to think of it, it would be so good if someone said (like people do in real life) “If EJ gets elected I’m moving to Canada…”

    The Election Day results could be revealed over the TV and all of Abe’s supporters are at the Brady Pub and as EJ is announced the winner everyone has a blank stare as they look at the TV screens while eerie music played in the background. You would have the camera’s pan in on each of them as they were frozen. It would even get worse as EJ made his acceptance speech.
    Then image EJ coming to Brady Pub pretending to want to thank Abe for a good run, while gloating.

    Bo cats-off at the mouth and EJ warns him about insubordination.

    In this way I would love for the Dimera’s to have a reign of terror over the city for a while. Then Lexie feeling hurt and angry would plot revenge against her brother, drawing out that bad side. And the more determined she got to take him out the more her Dimera side would take over.

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