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    This is gawd AWFUL, I’m not fan of these two, I know they do have fans but why? Please explain to me the fan base because I’m really don’t understand and I’m not trying to be disrespect to fans of “LANE”, I don’t see how this is romantic? MAB vision of writing of women is so disrespectful. This isn’t the ’60s and women are being written with no strength just to forgive and obey! |(

    After a tumultuous journey through love, death, lies, deception, and now reconciliation, Cane and Lily will tie the knot again, and hopefully for good!
    On this very special Valentine’s Day episode, Y&R will celebrate the union of Cane and Lily once again in marriage. They have traveled a difficult path, but they’re back to the love they once shared. So don’t forget to tune in on February 14th to see the sweethearts of Y&R reunite in matrimony. We look forward to seeing you at the wedding!

    Are you excited to see them back together? Tweet your thoughts to @Official_YandR. Lets tweet! ;)

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    My mom’s excited. Me, not so much. :~


    @SoapArmageddon: Well I’m gonna be on them like the LAPD is to us brotha’s. LoL.

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    Even though there are a lot of WTF elements in the Cane/Lily story that I just find very implausible if not downright stupid, I think the pairing could be interesting.

    Part of the problem though is that since his debut in Genoa City, Cane has been about four or five different people. How can we be expected to invest in a character that morphs into someone else every year or so? His very existence now makes NO SENSE.

    And don’t get me started on the actress playing Lily. My man alstonsboy ís the most eloquent poster on DC when it comes to expressing how I feel about this girl.

    I’ve resolved this year to tone down my criticism of Y&R, but the show has a long way to go towards improvement.

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    “I think the pairing could be interesting.”

    Ummm….I would rather watch Angelina and Kevin. Both characters are just awful, IMO. Plus, the actors SUCK! If they must be married, why don’t they concentrate on Lily’s career? Hell, she’s working at Restless Style, her and Chloe can b*tch each other out. Both characters were way more interesting when they were fighting each other than their current storylines.

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    HELL they are getting married on St. Valentine’s Day!! That is a most romantic time of the year for soaps…or use to be! Soaps doesn’t know what romance is now days except DOOL been very romantic lately. I’m sure every poster on here can remember a romantic wedding around St. Valentine’s Days on their soaps…mine was Lujack & Beth…Be still, my beating heart. I love, well love on soap opera. :love: “LANE”‘s wedding is befitting on Halloween >)

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