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    Since it is Halloween and the DC group did the scariest characters, I thought how about the scariest family ever! My vote is the Frame Family on Another World. There were a few normalish people such as Steve and Dean and Jamie but the rest of the group were a scary bunch from the psychic androgenous detective Frankie Frame falling for womanizer Cass and killed by a serial killer to Jason Frame who turned his baby sister into a hooker, this family was anything but normal. There was Willis who fell in love with his brother’s wife (and money and position) who blackmailed his sister Sharlene with the knowlege that she had been a hooker. There was Sharlene who was conservative house frau by day but had an alter ego of the wild and crazy Sharly who came out at night and rocked Grant Harrison’s world. There was Jason who turned his teenaged sister Sharlene into a hooker by force and caused her split personality. Not to mention he terrorized Bay City for a while.
    There was crazy Emma Frame Ordway who was this button down uptight pentecostal farm wife in the 70s who became a glamorous jetsetter by the 1990s. Her oldest daughter Molly who was so sick of the farm in Chadwell Ok. that she roped young Michael Randolph into marriage. And then there was Janice Frame who roped Mac Cory into marriage (as a sidenote she created the long running magazine Brava). She used a manuscript that she was editing “Who Killed Harry?” as a guidline for gaslighting and poisining poor Mac. Rachel figured out what Janice was doing and had Janice’s accomplice Mitch Blake help to stop her from killing Mac. Mitch ofcourse had to be seduced into it and Matt Cory was the result. Anyway, Janice’s short reign of terror ended in a knife fight in a swiming pool when Rachel fought with her and Janice died by her own knife. Then ofcourse was Evan Bates Janice’s son who sought revenge on the Cory’s. However he fell in love with Amanda Cory and put an end to his revenge. However that didn’t stop him from trying to make everyone believe that Amanda’s husband Sam (ironically Mitch Blake’s brother) was over the edge crazy and wanting to harm Amanda. And ofcourse there was Willis’s once normal wife Gwen who after living with Willis for twenty years or so decided to go off the deep end and take revenge on Rachel for hogging all of Steve Frame’s money after he died. Apparently Willis and Gwen went broke in some sort of money scheme and she could have used some of that money. After stalking her all over a ship, she knocked her out and left her for dead in a room full of poisonous gas. Fortunately (and again ironically) Evan Bates came to Rachel’s rescue (there by saving the life of the woman who had ended his mom’s life).
    So for these reasons (and many more) I nominate the Frames as the scariest framily ever on soaps. I know there are some other nominations out there. Anyone else want to make a pitch?

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