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    Correct me if I am wrong, but isnt the go red ball in February? If so, then I bet they are going to get Snoop to perform there. It would also be a great place for Kelly Kramer to comeback.

    Just curious what some of you think might be coming down for the Go Red Ball. Will Mitch still be around? Will he do anything to sabotage it?

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    Well, if OLTL just fired him or whatever it was Monday or last week, he’ll probably be going out then. OLTL is SO far ahead of taping, even with this upcoming Christmas break they will be a good 4 weeks ahead when it’s over. 

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    Who did OLTL fire?  I must have missed something…

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    Roscoe was let go AGAIN! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Man, I love him and really don’t know why they would get rid of him. He has soooo much more to do in Llanview, just don’t get it. Hope he isn’t killed and can come back again when they know what to do with him. So not happy about this turn of events, it really sucks.

    Still, I love this show! I think if they did the Campbells campaign on OLTL, it would bring in more viewers but the Go Red Ball, besides our fans— no one will even care. Too bad. Could be that Mitch will be the one to crash through the glass wall this year.. boo hoo…. boo hoo. Maybe Allison will be the one to push him???

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