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    …as Deacon Sharpe..?!? REALLY, Maria Arena Bell??? I have now officially crowned you the Dena Higley of the CBS Soap World!!


    To be blatantly honest, not ONE friggin’ story assembled by MAB and her fellow co-hacks have resonated with this viewer:

    ~ The “Sheila Carter/Sarah Smythe/Daisy/Ryder” storyline – absolute ridiculousness!! How did Ryder & Daisy come about when Sheila & Tom Fisher didn’t meet until 2005?!?
    ~ The “Death of Skye Newman by Lethal Volcano” storyline – are we loyal viewers supposed to buy that Victor would have let his former daughter-in-law Sharon go through that horrible debacle while he stood there & saw everything that took place?? That a cell phone’s memory card would still be of use even after being submerged in the park creek for months??
    ~ The “Colin/Genevieve/Cane” storyline – Genie Francis as the mother of a 30 year old – really?!? Cane had an evil twin brother Caleb and he was the one killed on the church step I/O Cane, yet he was the one who told Lily “I Love You” before he expired???
    ~ The “Ronan/Nina/Chance” storyline – this one was ripe for potential; instead, Ronan Malloy came across as a immature boor. We still never found out where he went once he got part of Chance’s liver. This, along with “Is Phillip Chancellor III alive?” were complete busts and a complete waste of the talents of the lovely Tricia Cast – she deserved SO MUCH BETTER!!

    These are just a few of the dull, plot-driven slow-as-slurry tales being smeared on my screen daily!! Where’s the love/romance?? What happened to the beautifully crafted tales that were once told by the late Bill Bell and his writing team??? Why are once-likable characters turning into vindictive, whiny, shrill characatures???

    I’ve invested 30-plus years in Genoa City – just because one is married to a Bell doesn’t mean you have inherited any of their inherent talent!!

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    Sing it to the rafters Bartman!! I wanted Deacon to go back on B&B, he could have been stirring it up with his history that started their on canvas. Deacon will probably end up dead, in a pond, with soak drenched phone card, that had been in volcano for months before they will use Deacon’s kidney for a transplant for Nikki. God…don’t know if I truly want to laugh or truly cry. Take your pick…..?

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    I doubt he was meant to be the killer from the beginning.

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    Bartman I completely agree with your list of the ridiculous and crappy storylines. Now that my other soap OLTL is going off the air I would really like to have the old high quality Y&R back, but I don’t see that happening. :-(

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    I think Diane’s REAL killer is Maria Bell……….

    She ruined her through character assassination and a bad recast!!

    :D :D :D :D

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]I think Diane’s REAL killer is Maria Bell……….

    She ruined her through character assassination and a bad recast!!


    @Alstonboy4315…LMAO..SUPERB!! ;) I’ll drink to that Cheers! :beer:

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    I always thought that Kyle should have killed her. That would have been dramatic and I could see Victor and Jack moving heaven and earth to protect him from prosecution. Kyle could have done that Bill Bell thing that Kyle did it and then forgot he did it and then they would soras the character and then he could face his actions as an adult.

    Deacon is too obvious.

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    So we all had to endure 5 months of … Is it Ashley, Nick, Phyllis, Victor, Victoria, Jack, Abby, or Tucker…

    To find out it’s Deacon? Yeah, right.

    And Nikki is going to find out the answer for us. She wasn’t even on the show when the murder happened.

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    [quote=Ryan-Scott]I doubt he was meant to be the killer from the beginning.[/quote]

    And therein lies the problem. They had no idea where they were going with this, so now they’re pulling Deacon out of the hat and expecting it to wash.

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