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    There are many soap actors whom have played multiple roles across various soaps. List some of the actors you remember and which ones were their best and worst role they have played. Here is mines:

    Robin Strasser (Rachel Davis Matthews #1, Another World; Dorian Lord #3, One Life to Live; Dr. Christina Karras Martin; All My Children; Hecuba, Passions)

    Best Role: Obviously Dorian Lord is her signature role and won her a daytime Emmy. This is her best role by far. There is no Dorian without Robin in the role. She makes it work

    Worst Role: Hecuba. I know she had bills to pay so you can’t fault nobody for wanting to get paid. But this role was like being on a PBS/Nickelodeon children’s series for ages 2-5. I always expected some Sesame Street puppet to break in and remind us what letters and numbers sponsored the episode. She made the best of it. But it would not be a role I would promote.

    Amelia Marshall (Gillian “Gilly” Grant Speaks, Guiding Light; Belinda Keefer #2, All My Children; Liz Sanbourne, Passions)

    Best Role: As Liz on Passions she played a rare black villain in daytime and rocked the role. She could turn shit to sugar. And she gave this character specific personality traits that worked.

    Worst Role: Belinda Keefer had been nothing more than a recurring character until Amelia came to take over the role and since the character had not ever been explored outside of her relationship to her brother Noah, the writers still failed to explore the character and she was played more as supporting character in the storyline about Adrian and Opal.

    Genie Francis (Laura Spencer, General Hospital; Diana Colville, Days of our Lives; Ceara Connor Hunter, All My Children; Ceara Connor Hunter; Loving; Genevieve Atkinson, The Young and the Restless)

    Best Role: Laura Spencer hands down as her Emmy winning role. As the heroine Laura she captured the hearts and minds of millions of American viewers. This something she has not been able to duplicate anywhere else. Yet she mastered this role and worked whatever they threw at her.

    Worst Role: Genevieve. The He Man meets Voltron meets The Wizard of Oz cartoon villainous “I’ll get you my pretty” character is not what anyone might have envisioned for her to play on the #1 rated daytime drama.

    Andrea Evans (Tina Lord , One Life to Live; Patty Williams, The Young and the Restless; Tawny Moore, The Bold and the Beautiful; Rebecca Hotchkiss Crane, Passions)

    Best Role: This is tuff. But I have to say she knew how to work it on Passions as Rebecca and on OLTL as Tina. So it’s a tie. I love that doe-eyed bad woman she knows how to play. And on Passions she immediately made Rebecca her own. And who can forget the one and only Tina Lord who started it all.

    Worst Role: Tawny. I never really cared for her on B&B as the trailer park mother. Andrea is best played as a snooty social climbing witch on soaps. It’s her trademark.

    Debbie Morgan (Angela “Angie” Hubbard, All My Children/Loving/The City; Chantal Marshall, Generations; Dr. Ellen Burgess, Port Charles; District Attorney Jennifer Tartaro, The Bold and The Beautiful)

    Best Role: Angie hands down is her Emmy and NAACP winning role and best to date. She is a powerhouse actress who can bring it to the screen and as “Yo baby Angela” she really set the tone for a black middle class woman on daytime in the modern world.

    Worst Role: Dr. Ellen Burgess. Despite her top-notch acting, this role was ill-concieved from the start. She was the biggest star on PC but she was rarely used for the first 6 months and acted more like an angry woman. By the time they had figured out what to do with her she left in the middle of that interracial love triangle. So for lack of use of her star power besides generating media attention I didn’t like this role.

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    If we are going to analyze soap actors who have played MULTIPLE roles on MULTIPLE soaps, we will be here all day……….and tomorrow…….and the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that. LOL!!! :)

    I agree with almost all of your comments and assessments above, other than your assessment of Robin Strasser as Hecuba. I never caught her performances on “Passions.” I don’t DISAGREE with you, but I am merely pleading the 5th because I can’t comment one way or the other.

    I also agree that Genie Francis sticks out like a sore thumb on Y&R. While I am in the minority of people who actually ENJOYS her performances on the show, her character shouldn’t exist, nor should any of Cane/Caleb’s other family members, since Cane/Caleb will NEVER be a significant or even bearable member of the Y&R cast for me, nor will Daniel Goddard ( both of whom I really can’t stand!). Cane/Caleb doesn’t need a family. They should simply kill him off PERMANENTLY and stop trying to shove some “Lily/Cane are a supercouple” agenda down my throat. My gag reflex is stronger than CBS and Sony think, believe it or not…..

    I also enjoyed Amelia Marshall on “Passions,” however I am partial to Guiding Light character, Gilly, who was written sloppily much of the time, but I still remember “Gilly and Hamp” being one of GL’s/CBS’ only STRONG African American couples in the 90s. Still, her onscreen rivalry with Tracey Ross’ Eve on “Passions” was very engaging and entertaining. It was nice to see SISTERS going at it, and Tracey and Amelia clearly had great chemistry together. I was watching some of their scenes on YouTube the other day. I love saucy black female soap characters, as I am sure you know ;) !!!!

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    How about Laura Wright, Liz Kiefer, Marj Dusay, Beverlee McKinsey?


    @alstonboy4315: You like those sistahs with a flava to them. I like them too. Not when I first started watching soaps because I just didn’t see how you could write for them long-term. But hey after seeing Doreen on Generations I was sold.

    As for more..Yes there were so many actors I could think of…I tried to stay stick with some of the bigger ones.


    @harlee490: Those are some good additions. All those actresses played various roles on different soap. It will get me thinking.

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    my person is Marcy Walker (Eden SB, Tangie GL, Liza AMC.) I would have trouble deciding the best role. I personally would say Eden because she and Cruz WERE Santa Barbara. But she also was great on AMC as Liza.) Easily her role of Tangie on GL was her worst role.

    I would also like to ring in on Beverlee Mckensie. For me Iris was her defining role. Her worst role might have been on Love is a Many Splendid Thing. I only have seen a few minutes of her work on that show but it didn’t seem to be the same grade of work as Iris or Alex.


    Laura Wright (Ally Rescott Bowman, Loving/The City; Cassie Layne Winslow #1′ Guiding Light; Carly Corinthos Jacks#4, General Hospital)

    Best Role: She can rock any show she is on but as Carly on GH she seems to rule the world as a leading lady and a well deserved Emmy winner. This after having 3 other previous actresses in the role 2 of which were very good as well.

    Worst Role: Ally on Loving/The City. She was just starting out here and Loving or The City never really made sense of her character to the point of remembrance.

    Elizabeth Kiefer (Angela Lawrence, The Young and the Restless; Connie O’Neill Vernon, One Life to Live; Amy Cooper, Days of our Lives Sister Camillia McKay (aka Amy Cooper), General Hospital; Blake Thorpe Marler, Guiding Light)

    Best Role: Blake on GL. This role was hands down her best and the most memorable role to date.

    Worst Role: Amy Cooper on Days. The show didn’t seem to know how to work with her acting style. She didn’t have much of a chance there to become a long term character anyways.

    Marj Dusay (Alexandra Spaulding #2, Guiding Light; Vanessa Bennett Hayward Cortlandt, All My Children; Vivian Alamain [temporary replacement, Days of our Lives; Pamela Capwell Conrad, Santa Barbara; Myrna Clegg, Capitol)

    Best Role: Vanessa on AMC. Yes this may come as a shock to some. But I preferred her on AMC because they knew how to work with her acting style and she was more like a Phoebe Tyler Wallingford type.

    Worst Role: On GL she hammed it up too much with the acting as Alexandra. It was like late night lounge act meets off-Broadway performer meets 80’s sitcom regular. She was just too over-the-top and exaggerated with her actions. Basically her take as Alex was not real.

    Beverlee McKinsey (Mark got that one.)

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    I couldn’t DISAGREE more with your assessment of Marj Dusay on GL. I thought she was SPECTACULAR as Alexandra. I don’t think she was “hamming it up” at all. She was just injecting her own brand of charisma, sassafras and wit to the role. Yes, she was campy, but I felt it was GOOD campy, as opposed to BAD campy ( such as Brenda Dickson’s performances on Y&R in the 80s after she returned!!). She NEVER failed to make me smile or chuckle, or both, and I feel she played the role brilliantly. She injected humor and made Alex likable during stories where the character would have been VERY unlikable in the hands of a less capable actress.

    If ever there was a woman on GL that was deprived of a much-deserved Emmy, aside from Fiona Hutchinson and Wendy Moniz, it was Marj Dusay.

    I actually think that Alexandra Spaulding was Marj’s BEST role. She has a seemingly impossible task of replacing Beverlee McKinsey, who many argued was irreplaceable, but in the end, I think she did make the role her own. She put her own unique trademark on the role by not trying to emulate Beverlee, instead opting to simply play Alexandra as she saw her and as she felt she should be.

    I enjoyed her as Vanessa on AMC, but that character PALED in comparison to Alexandra Spaulding.

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    More choices:

    Sharon Case (As the World Turns, General Hospital, Y&R!)

    Lisa LoCicero (One Life to Live, Loving, General Hospital!)

    Nancy Lee Grahn (One Life to Live, Santa Barbara, General Hospital!)

    Jeff Branson (All My Children, Guiding Light, Young and Restless!)

    Heather Tom (Young and Restless, One Life to Live, Bold and Beautiful!)

    Kimberlin Brown (Bold and Beautiful, One Life to Live, Young and Restless, All My Children)

    Fiona Hutchinson (As the World Turns, One Life to Live, Guiding Light!)

    Scott Clifton (General Hospital, One Life to Live, Bold and Beautiful!)

    Vincent Irizarry– (Guiding Light, All My Children, Young and Restless!)

    Crystal Chappell– Days of Our Lives, Guiding Light, One Life to Live”)

    Julie Pinson— (Port Charles, Young and Restless, As the World Turns!)

    Billy Warlock—(Days of Our Lives, One Life to Live, General Hospital!)

    Just a few I thought of off the top of my head!

    P.S– Harlee, it does no good to list years on this website, because the system doesn’t recognize them, resulting in that annoying “555” nonsense.

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    alston I know now, didn’t realize it and late, but most fans will know the years.

    Here are some obscure names: Just most memorable

    Linda Dano – AW, ATWT, GL, OLTL
    John Aniston – DOOL, LOF
    Gillian Spencer – ATWT, AMC
    Larry Gates – GL twice two different characters
    Jordan Clark – GL twice two different characters
    Roy Thinnes – OLTL twice two different characters, GH, DS, Falcon Crest
    Victoria Wyndham – AW, GL
    Jane Powell – ATWT, Loving
    Catherine Hickland – Capitol, Loving, The City, OLTL, sub for KKL on B&B
    Lisa Brown – Loving, ATWT, GL
    Michael Tylo – AMC, Y&R, GL

    I just love this! :)

    the thoery of opposites
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    @david46208 here you go:

    Liz: The Young and the Restless – Angela Lawrence (1982–1983)
    One Life to Live – Connie O’Neill Vernon (1984–1985)
    Days of our Lives – Amy Cooper (1985)
    General Hospital – Sister Camillia McKay (aka Amy Cooper) (1986)
    Guiding Light – Blake Thorpe Marler-(1992-1997) and(1998-2009)
    Passions – 3 episodes (2004) :star: Hands down Blake.

    Beverlee: Love Is A Many Splendor Thing – Julie Roberts (1967),(1970-1971)
    Another World – Emma Frame (1972), Iris Cory (1970-1980)
    Texas – Iris Cory Carrington (1980-1981)
    Guiding Light – Alexandra Spaulding (1984-1992)
    General Hospital – Myrna Slaughter (1994) :star: Alexandra Spaulding OF COURSE!

    Laura: (1991-1995) – Loving – Ally Rescott Bowman
    (1995-1997) – The City – Ally Rescott Alden Bowman
    (1997-2005) – Guiding Light – Cassie Layne Winslow #1 (1997-2005)
    2005–present – General Hospital – Carly Corinthos Jacks #4 (2005–present)
    :star: Guiding Light

    Marj: Guiding Light – Alexandra Spaulding #2 (1993-1997),(1998-1999), (2002-2009)
    All My Children – Vanessa Bennett Hayward Cortlandt (1999–2002)
    Days of our Lives – Vivian Alamain (1993) (temporary replacement)
    Replaced Louise Sorel while she was away
    Santa Barbara – Pamela Capwell Conrad (1987-1988),(1991)
    Dallas – Bernice Billings (1985)
    Capitol as Myrna Clegg (1983–1987)
    :star: Tie for me Alex & Myrna she was great as both

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    Fiona Hutchison (Celia, ATWT; Gabrielle, OLTL; Jenna, GL):

    Best Role-Gabrielle was Llanview’s Scarlett O’Hara and ROCKED during the Paul Rauch era of OLTL. She became my personal favorite at three years old and I hated when she went to prison in 91. Hutchison vamp across the scene engrossing herself in what easily could’ve been a short term role. She came back in 01, but it wasn’t the same.

    Worst Role-Celia on ATWT was Simon Frasier’s manaical sister and she worked my nerves. I turned the channel to Maury on that ass…NEXT!

    Julie Pinson (Billie, DAYS; Eve, PC; Janet, ATWT, Shiloh, Y&R)

    Best Role-I loved her take on Billie Reed baby!!!! When she appeared in the awful New Salem storyline, I know Bope was headed for trouble and they were. Pinson caught my eye during Zach’s death after she lied that she was driving the night the poor tyke was killed. DAYS actually took me during that tale and I owe alot of that to Julie Pinson’s Billie. :)

    Worst Role-I hated the cougar thing that tried Shiloh and JT. She was a damn producer trying to lure him into the music world and her bedroom. NO THANK YOU!!!!

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    I can’t believe you all didn’t mention this actress but who could forget Eileen Davidson!!! She was on DAYS, BB, YR and Santa Barbra!

    My favorite role for Eileen was Kristen DiMera. Loved Kristen!!! When they turned her into a villain ED showed out! She was so bad that I loved her! It was so different from the character of Ashley Abbott. She rocked it in this role and she deserved that Emmy the year Cynthia Watros won! IMO she played the best set of doppelgangers in the history of daytime. Well since I been watching. LOL

    I didn’t see her on Santa Barbra so I can’t really judge that. I’ve always liked Ashley Abbott and nobody plays cray cray like ED when Ashley looses her mind!

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    Eileen Davidson was ten times better on Days. Actually, I kind of hate Ashley on Y&R. She’s a bore. Its one mental breakdown after another. I wouldn’t mind ED getting a pink slip, so she can go back on Days.

    Laura Wright was better on Loving, IMO. (Same with AH).

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    Eileen Davidson was a million times better on Days! Kristen was one of the show’s most iconic evil bitches, but it was Susan Banks I fell in love with. Eileen proved her acting chops with that character—she was so different from Kristen and nothing like Ashley Abbott! Don’t forget, she played 5 different characters on Days and managed to make them all distinct and unforgettable.

    I actually prefer Brenda Epperson’s Ashley. I too would love to see her back on Days as Susan and Kristen.

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    I can’t believe that I neglected to mention Eileen. But in the back of my head, I suppose I figured there was little room for debate. After all, we ALL know that her most shining moments by far as an actress took place on DAYS. ;)


    Crystal Chappell (Jane Kingsley, Santa Barbara; unknown role on All My Children; Carly Manning, Days Of Our Lives; Maggie Carpenter; One Life To Live; Olivia Spencer, Guiding Light)

    Best Role: Her Emmy winning role as Olivia on GL. While she was good on Days during her first run as Carly, she really flourished as a bad girl on GL and transitioned through the years into a more loveable character. Eventually the lesbian love story was the work of her career.

    Worst Role: Maggie Carpenter on OLTL. Wasn’t a fan of her playing a nun on the series. The storyline was not well thought-out and it appeared then that this was the networks “grab bag” casting when she was released from Days.

    Rodney Van Johnson (Trey Stark, The Young and The Restless; Sebastian DuPres, Port Charles, TC Russell, Passions)

    Best Role: Thornton Chandler Russell on Passions. He sure had that angry brotha thing down pat while at the same time being a loving dad. At least he had a logical reason for being angry all these years by the way. The actor also changed some of the lines. It was him who coined referring to Simone as his “suga-bear.”

    Worst Role: Trey on Y&R. First off they had him looking like Big Daddy Kane with cigar and all. And being that this is Y&R they wanted him to up pimp factor in the storyline where he was married to and manager of Malcolm’s then lover Callie Rogers singing career. What’s worse was you knew the role wasn’t going to last long because Y&R liked back then to play musical-black-actor-chairs. So they would swop one black actor out for another.

    Kin Shriner (Keith Morrissey, As the World Turns; Harrison Bartlett, The Young and the Restless; Scott “Scotty” Baldwin, General Hospital/Port Charles; Brian Carey , The Bold and the Beautiful; Mike Gallagher, Rituals; Jeb Hampton, Texas)

    Best Role: Scotty was by far his best role in daytime. One could say this was his signature role he played across both GH and the spinoff PC. Nothing has truly ever compared to this.

    Worst Role: Harrison on Y&R. It was mostly for the lack of screentime he got on this very short few episode run. Really they bring on an actor like him and have him grunt and act angry toward Kay and then he’s off? Spare me the drama!

    Vincent Irizarry(Scott Clark, Santa Barbara; Nick McHenry Spaulding
    Brandon “Lujack” Luvonaczek, Guidling Light; David Hayward, All My Children; David Chow, The Young and The Restless)

    Best Role: It’s a tie. Both Lujack on GL and David on AMC were great roles for the actor. In fact they were two contrasting roles for the man. On GL he was on the right side of the law and AMC he is on the wrong side of the law. He also has a Supporting Actor Emmy to boot.

    Worst Role: David Chow on Y&R. The problem is that this role was just David Hayward “light” on another soap. And toward the end it was just David Hayward. Vincent was still a good actor. But to leave the role you played on one soap to play the same role on another (even if it is the #1 daytime drama) is not what I call doing something different.

    And a special mention to an actress whose casting irked me to no end and made me scratch my head as to what was going on over on a certain soap. Were we back in the 1920’s?

    Marisa Ramirez (Gia Campbell, General Hospital; Carmen Mesta, The Young and The Restless)

    Plausible Role: As Carmen she played a very good foil to Dru and a contrast in women for Neil after learning that Lily was not his daughter. The storyline was done right. I really wanted to take a wager on how long it would take her to sleep with every dood executive in the tower of Newman. She was the perfect nemesis.

    Role she should have never gotten: Gia Campbell is a black woman, okay! Marisa is of Mexican, Irish and Native American descent. How does that equate a black woman? She couldn’t even play a biracial woman of African decent. GH had me fuming for that. Hence why I asked if this was the 1920’s again.

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    We also forgot Jane Elliott…..

    She played THREE very well-defined and popular characters on THREE different soaps. Tracy on GH, Angelica on DAYS and Carrie on GL. She was even nominated for an Emmy for her role on DAYS.


    Jane Elliot (Tracy Quartermaine, General Hospital/The City; Carrie Todd Marler, Guiding Light; Cynthia Chandler Preston Cortlandt, All My Children; Anjelica Deveraux, Days of our Lives)

    Best Role: Tracy on GH. We all know and love this “I’m rich and I love it” diva she plays on GH. She was always the reason to watch back in the 90’s from where I sit. I couldn’t wait to see her performances as they were to-die for. She also won a Supporting Actress Emmy in 1981 for her role on the series.

    Worst Role: Tracy comes to The City. ABC soaps loved to have crossovers and when it is between soaps like AMC and OLTL it works much better since they are entirely of Agnes creations. Ditto that for B&B and Y&R. But she was brought on when Morgan Fairchild left whom had only signed a 1 year deal. When playing Tracy it’s best to be on GH.

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    @alston OH MY GOSH, I loved her on as Carrie on GL, that was an intense story line about Ross and Carrie, Doug Marland was a good friend of Jane and was head-writer at the time I read a long time ago. I saw her doing an interview for local tv station in CA (ABC station) on YT about 2 years ago and said her favorite story was on GL. :) She deserved an Emmy for Carrie Todd story, the character was nothing at all like Tracy.

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    I have only seen clips on YouTube of her playing Carrie. That was before my time. But she was absolutely BRILLIANT in that role. Reportedly, the guy who was producing GL at the time fired Jane from the show for no good reason, which prompted Douglas Marland to leave Guiding Light in 1982. He was willing to jump ship for Jane Elliott. Douglas was a class act, as was Jane.


    @alstonboy4315: Yeah my Granny loved her as Carrie too. Jane Elliot is one of our finest soap actresses. A legend in her own right.

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    Alston, yes and Potter (EP) didn’t last long at all at GL, but Doug wrote for three years, creating Reardons, Quinton, he wrote the awesome story of Roger & Holly wrap-up when Roger went over the cliff but the highlight of Carrie story was about DID, and at the altar at her wedding she was slipping into one of her personalities, (which the audience didn’t know at that point) it was awesome Ross & Carrie stilled got married but that is when the fun started. It was must see tv at the time and then to find out Carrie had a violent personality which she killed two people! There was never a clue it was Carrie, a true soap stunner at the time. I would loved to see JVD & Jane mix it up again, because their chemistry was hot on GL. They sent Carrie to prison and I always wanted Jane to comeback for Carrie\Ross\Blake triangle but no luck and let Carrie had a Marler baby during one of her blackouts and not realize the fact.

    PS. Potter didn’t last a year before P&G fired him and brought on Gail Kobe & Pam Long in ’83 and another great era for GL. Doug went on to his glory ATWT.

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