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    Per the long discussion about daytime in the forums. I thought we could generate a list of ideas of contemporary socially relevant tales that would fit into the scope of the current 4 daytime dramas on network television and the 2 web soaps. So pull out your New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post Bloomberg Business Week, Frobes, Essence, Ebony, Latina, Ponder, GQ, Vogue, WWD etc. And Let’s get down to business.

    So far these are what some of the soaps have been doing.

    AMC: The fallout from Cassandra Foster being a victim of sex trafficking. Miranda Montgomery is dealing with suffering the quality from other teens in her high school because she is not a product of a “traditional family.” Each of these tales is relevant and things that really do happen, but have not been addressed in daytime before now. The other story is how Pete entered as a Silcoln tech businessman who is now trying to save his father’s company.

    OLTL: Jack’s teacher is engaging in Miranda Montgomery. This comes up in the news almost week if not every few days there is a case of a woman being caught sleeping with an underage boy.

    Days: The whole Will/Sonny gay saga is still playing out more beats and part of driving story for the show.

    Y&R: Business has returned as a common thread on this show. From The Newmans interpersonal battles, Cane running Chancellor and his dealings with Jill, to Neil/Lily/Tyler/Devon/Chelsea working on things at Jabot. The corporate aspect of Y&R is back and in full effect.

    So what socially relevant tales do you think would make good on any of the soaps? Think outside the box of what has already been done to death before. And keep it grounded in reality. We’re not talking about Dark Shadows, GH of the 80s, Days of the 90s/mid 00s, Sunset Beach, Port Charles or Passions. Stay away from that! :steve:

    So I have started.

    The last time we had a serious Abortion tale was when Erica had one on screen. So what if Lauren turned out to be pregnant with Carmine’s child and decided to secretly have an abortion without telling Michael because she believed it might be the final nail in the coffin on their marriage and that crime might discover the truth and want to exert his rights if she tried to pass it off as Michael (which would make Michael suspicious in the first place). Fen would notice his mother acting suspiciously as planned the ordeal and would ask Paul if he could figure out what was up with his mom. Paul would track or run-interference believing that Lauren might be sleeping with Carmine again. So that there would be a series of missed appointments at the family planning clinic. Eventually Carmine would stumble on something as his obsession with Lauren continued. This would lead to Paul catching Lauren and Carmine outside the clinic arguing over what she was about to do.

    Carmine would leave at the behest of Paul and Paul would talk Lauren out of the abortion for the time-being. Carmine worried and angry that Lauren would destroy the life they made together would blot over to see Michael and reveal the truth. An argument ensues and just as the two were about to come to blows Paul and Lauren would enter. Paul breaks up the fight and Lauren admits the truth. Then reveals that she plans on going through with the abortion as it is her right to choose.

    Will she or won’t she go through with the abortion?

    If she did, I would use it to set Carmine down the path to full on villain and seeking revenge against Lauren.

    If she didn’t then I move forward with other socially relevant tales of mothers who want nothing to do with their children or hating them.

    Now why this tale? Abortion has been in the media for the last 2 years as a big topic of discussion with ideas about the “war on women.” This could be a tale that woud divide some of the men and women in town on the issue.

    And so the twist in this tale is that we would fully explore the males point-of-view in this through Carmine who felt powerless. What are the ramifications if Lauren had an abortion? How do these decisions effect friends, loved ones and especially the would-be father?

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