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    Don’t know if anyone has been paying attention to this. I mentioned the fact that Sony was in financial trouble a few months ago on another website’s messageboards and did not get one solitary response. However, it made me truly wonder if and how, Sony’s entertainment division might be affected. Now that I read about Sony’s eventual layoffs (i.e. terminations) due to its under performing TV sales, I again wonder:
    Will Sony’s financial troubles affect its Entertainment Division. Y&R, in particular appears to be hemorrhaging viewers and it is sadly part of a downward slide over the past several years. I myself, stopped watching two years ago. I just think about Procter & Gamble’s trajectory and how they eventually axed Guiding Light and As The World Turns.
    I’ve been following Sony’s travails for years now and know that they’ve recently changed management for the second time in less than a decade, so I was not surprised by this latest development. But Sony, with all its troubles is not P&G. As far as I know, the Entertainment Division is comprised of more than their soaps and I think their Film Division is still pretty competitive.
    I’m just really curious as to how these latest developments might affect Y&R (and it’s other soaps to some extent).

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