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    Yep you heard it here first that according to a press release AMC beat out Mad Men on Hulu and was number 1# and then maintained a top 5 ranking on Itunes. And on 2 days two AMC episodes were at the top over OLTL. But OLTL was still in the top 10. So we are all happy. Liking both the shows, but AMC has always been Agnes Nixon’s baby and she makes sure the shit is done right! So goes soap on the web. And Agnes was there to chart soaps from radio to TV success and the grand dame of daytime is charting its success from TV to the web. Press release:

    A quote from Soap Viewer X (me) “See the house soapfan would say when Brian Frons said that people wanted to see lifestyle shows and not soaps… He or she would say ‘we’s need to be canceled. We’s needs to be.'”

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