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    National Enquirer Spoilers
    -Kate makes Sami an extremely shocking offer.
    -John seriously considers dissolving Basic Black.
    -Carrie and Rafe are starting to grow uncomfortably close.
    -Lexie delivers Daniel’s test results.
    -Austin gives Chad relationship advice.

    Episode Titles
    “Madison Conceals a Cryptic Call From Brady”

    “Hope and Stefano Play a Game of Cat and Mouse”

    “New Evidence”

    “Chad and Melanie Agree to Stay Away”
    Read these on DTR. Many thanks.

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    sounds like the kidnapping will be over quickly. That is a great thing. Love the idea that Austin is giving Chad relationship advise. First off he is probably gonna take Abby away from Chad at some point, second again we are mixing it up with the characters. I love all the different interactions. It is worth a slower pace to have different actors dynamics and a pov that is not always the same.


    Thanks for the spoilers. Like what I see.

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    Austin’s not going to hook up with a 19-year-old girl, especially when he’s in love with (and married to) Carrie. Abby has an unrequieted crush and is going to go all “Fatal Attraction” on him when he rebuffs her advances, probably by saying he raped her.
    Remember, Austin is good friends with Jennifer and donated his bone marrow to save Abby when she was a baby. Any hook-up in that department would be truly sick and depraved.
    I wish these writers would write some good material for Carrie and Austin. They are my favourite couple, but I did not want them back just to fight and break up. We already had that story in the late 90s when Mike Horton came between them. ENOUGH!

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    We will have wait and see where this story goes, but I sort like a story of forbidden lust because of age. It’s daring. Carrie is going to be boinking Rafe, you watch and I actually like “CAFE” hook up. I’m not saying Carrie & Austin isn’t going to eventfully stay together but it’s conflict dealing in relationships. Austin being the one that saved Abbey which they could play out for Austin causing him more conflicting emotions, where Abbey doesn’t even remember that time being a baby. Abbey could find this out and have to deal with it. This doesn’t mean Carrie & Austin is done just temporarily lost their way to build that bridge to reunite….stay back kids “it’s going to be a bumpy ride” and I can’t wait.

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    I don’t think the writers are stupid enough to bring back Austin and Carrie, break them up, and piss off all their fans. We already dealt with this story in the 90s with that @$$hole Mike Horton. I do not want to see Carrie have another affair, and I’ll stop watching if it happens. No way will I subject myself to that sh!t. Honestly, the spoilers have me so worried that I’m already weening myself off the show to prepare for stopping watching entirely.
    Carrie and Austin, like John and Marlena and Bo and Hope, are a supercouple who are so beyond love triangles and constantly breaking up/reuniting. ENOUGH. I’m putting my foot down as a fan, and Days will lose my viewership if they break up my favourite couple.

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