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    Days is a show that is fighting to stay on the air but you wouldn’t think it from watching the mostly dreadful and uninspired storytelling that this show has done for the past six months or so. The only good thing about the show has been Will’s story and even that has had its flaws. Currently we’re being treated to one of the worst whodunits that any daytime show has ever done: Stefano’s murder.

    First of all, was there a sale on dark coats in Salem’s stores a day or so before the fatal event? Why were all the men and Kate dressed in the exact same coat? Marlena, at least, shed her usual pastels to don an extremely loud red jacket. And why was everyone traipsing around town and pulling out their guns in full public view every three minutes? Then there was that ridiculous and seemingly endless parade of people in and out of the old man’s living room, all brandishing a gun but none daring to fire it, except at the flower arrangements.

    In addition, the motivations of most of the characters to commit murder as presented by the show have been really weak. Instead of snatching every last dwindling moment with his dying wife, Abe goes gunning for her father. Will loses his nice car and apartment because he chooses to confess to EJ and yet he blames Stefano. Shouldn’t he be dealing with the whole coming out to his Catholic family thing? Hasn’t Stefano done far worse things to most of these people?

    Worst of all, slap yourself if you think Stefano is really dead. Exactly. This is drama without teeth because we all know that it is only a question of weeks or months before the Phoenix rises again.

    I think it would have been far more interesting for Stefano to die (for real) either from natural causes or at the hands of a clearly identified killer. The resulting storyline could then have been about his heirs (EJ, Kate, Chad, a newly returned Kristen Blake, etc.) going to war against each other over the inheritance in a story that involved forged wills, murder attempts, and even some comedic elements.

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