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    I just received an email from the editor in chief of TV Guide Canada after writing her regarding inflammatory statements Branco made directed at Kristian Alfonso. Here’s her response:

    “Thank you for your email on behalf of Nelson Branco’s recent Twitter comments. TV Guide Canada is disappointed by Mr. Branco’s recent behaviour, and his comments do not reflect TV Guide Canada’s views.

    As a result of his poor judgment, Mr. Branco has deleted his TV Guide related twitter account, @SudsReport, and any future commentary or views under any unrelated accounts he may or may not create should be considered strictly his own.

    Mr. Branco has been a valued contributor to TV Guide Canada’s soaps and primetime pages for over four years, and he continues to be one of the sole advocators in this dying industry.

    He will continue contributing to TV Guide Canada, and work with his editors to provide insightful and unprecedented coverage of the soaps industry both on screen and behind the scenes.

    Thank you for taking the time to write to us.


    Amber Dowling
    Editor in Chief
    Tv Guide Canada”

    Moral: Don’t mess with Hope Brady fans!

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    What was the issue?

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    Nelson Branco implied that Kristian Alfonso is anorexic and that she needs to take acting lessons. I follow him on Twitter and must admit that I do find some of his cruel tweets to be kinda funny and have chuckled MANY times over some of the things that he’s said, but he crosses the line A LOT, and it’s about time someone called him on his bullcrap!!

    He even went as far as to say that her “bad acting” is ruining DAYS and running it into the ground. Nelson is a HUGE Crystal Chappell fan, who is OBVIOUSLY pissed that she’s been fired. Instead of handling that anger like an adult, he’s lashing out. Don’t know why he hates Kristian so much. He’s insulted other actors in the past, such as Brett Claywell, Kelly Monaco and Scott Evans. He’s notorious for his sharp tongue and lack of tact and professionalism. He publicly calls actors ugly and makes many rude comments at their expenses, which NO journalist should be allowed to get away with.

    I don’t think that Kristian Alfonso is necessarily a GOOD actress, but I don’t have THOUSANDS of followers and worldwide recognition, so nobody cares who I like or dislike. Nelson is a completely different story. Since he has such a huge platform and his opinion is held in such high esteem, he of all people should be careful of what he says. He doesn’t have the luxury of being able to say whatever he wants, whenever he wants. If I were his boss, I’d be pissed at him. I am surprised he hasn’t been sued or fired over the years.

    Right is right and wrong is wrong.

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    The boiling point was when he claimed Kristian Alfonso got Crystal Chappell fired (and she implied the same thing on her Twitter).

    I have always disliked how he used his column to trash Passions (and still does even three years after it ended–let it go!!), and I don’t like his callousness. If you’ve noticed, his columns went from having genuine storyline and casting scoop to basically rewording already-published news from sources like SOD, SID, etc.

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    No offense but I don’t think Nelson Branco is held in high regard by anyone. He’s not a journalist he’s a gossip monger who uses the cover of TVGC to give him some level of credibility. But there is a reason he’s been banned from talking to anyone at ABC. He was banned from talking to CBS folks while Bloom was in charge no idea what the groundrules are now.

    And I have to laugh when he now blames Kelly Monaco for GH’s falling ratings. Really an actress who barely gets screentime over the likes of JJ, TG, SB, MB, LW and the Corinthos brats gets the blame.

    He’s a joke and has no credibility as if he ever did. I hope TVGC does the right thing and fires him. MTS from Y&R should sue him as those 2 former OLTL actors Brett and Scott should have sued him and TVGC for libel last year.


    She is a bad actress and needs to take acting classes. He was right the money on that one. And DC points that out about a lot of actors and actresses. As for the other criticisms. It goes with the business.

    People say worst things about Hollywood actors in the Sun, Star etc…

    So as the saying goes: “You ain’t nobody unless somebody’s talking about you!”

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    Yes, the MTS thing was particularly vicious. I am also extremely disappointed and a little disgusted by Crystal Chappell’s actions in this.

    I miss former soap reporter Daniel R. Coleridge…quick, someone bring him back!


    @jphelps & alstonboy4315: Now with having said that above. I don’t completely agree with all he says, but there was maybe one instance in which I felt he intentionally blurred the lines or further instigated a fight.

    Victoria Rowell discusses spitting incident and NB let’s Michelle Stafford tell her side. This was okay. But then he went back and for rebuttal comment. This was fine also.

    The issue? In each interview it was like when he phrased his questions and comments it was like he was totally “on your side.” But really he was saying whatever it takes to get you to spill the beans. Like he had you on speaker phone so the other person could hear.

    That was a little bit too much for me.


    @AlistairCrane: What did CC do?

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    I will never support Branco. He is a bitter hateful fanboy who uses his column to push his own personal agenda. I mean Nadia Bjorlin who I love is a good actress. I may love her but I know her limitations. She’s very very beautiful but very limited. He talks like she’s the second coming.

    And I won’t ever forgive him for dishing the 2 actors who played Kish on OLTL and accused them IN HIS COLUMN of getting fired for being partiers and being unprofessional and it was far from the truth. Even when castmembers spoke up in their behalf he refused to retract it. It was like he was blaming them for OLTLs stupid ass decision to axe them. Now this BS with MTS. He needs to be fired.

    As for CC she should have stayed out of it and I lost respect for her when she spoke up for him calling it “Freedom of Speech”. THats nonsense and says any journalist has the freedom to spew any BS because of freedom of speech. There is also a thing called journalistic integrity which he doesn’t abide by which is why no one gives a crap what he says or thinks anymore and why he should be canned.

    He is a shining example of why the mainstream media think soaps and the soap media are complete jokes.

    the thoery of opposites

    jphelps: While I agree, the first Amendment does give us the right to the freedom of speech. So if someone disagrees (meaning the actor or one in question) they can feel free to sue him for defamation of character and let the courts deal with it. But on the other hand I haven’t been to his site in over a year. So we can’t just “can” everyone we disagree with because then DC would be off the internet. Because i’m sure there are some people who feel the way you and many others do about some of the things they say. Even if I don’t care or see it as bad there is always someone or some people out there who think anyone who says something against their favorite actor or actress or writer or director etc. is the scum of the earth. And we can’t run the country off of “mob rule.”

    So I agree with CC’s stance on the freedom of speech even if I disagree with it.

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    I support freedom of speech, but there has to be a line drawn between FREEDOM OF SPEECH and FREEDOM to be HATEFUL and SLANDEROUS……….

    Journalists should NOT be allowed to say certain things about other people and get away with it. Just that simple. Normal people can’t do it in their workplaces, and Nelson should be no exception. I think if it had been his OWN personal Twitter acct, and not one that was tied to the Suds Report, his actions would have been brushed over. But he is representing TV Guide Canada, therefore, it’s not a matter of “freedom of speech,” but rather dragging his employer’s name through the mud, whether consciously or not.

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    What gives Branco the right to spread lies about people? Does the first ammendment protect people from slander or libel? He has the right to express his PERSONAL opinions under a PERSONAL twitter account or blog. As soon as you pen columns or send tweets under the cover of an allegedly reputable publication you are responsible as a journalist to report responsibly. None of these people will sue him or TVGC. It’s not worth their time. That gives him carte blanche to continue to make up lies and spread unsubstantiated rumors. If he wants to blame someone for CC’s firing he needs to talk to Ken Corday. And no way does MTS make twice as much as Eric Braeden. Anyone with common sense knows that. But he makes up this trash knowing there are a certain number of people who will believe it. Apparently TVGC does not care they have someone working for them who can at any time be sued or put their publication in jeopardy for a lawsuit. Says a lot about their integrity also. You think Nikki Finke slanders people on her blog If she reports something she has checked her facts 10 times over. But as I said this is what makes the entire soap media a complete joke and why the genre or the soap media is laughed at by the main stream.


    @jphelps: Like I said if you disagree then you sue him in court. Again Politicians, Hollywood Actors, Actresses, Musicians all have learned to deal with it. Nothing is different for soap actors. Sure nobody likes it but the the first thing you learn when you are in the public spotlight or must learn is how to deal with bad publicity.

    Eileen Davidson over came being called a transsexual. She just simply responded and let it be at that. And just pick up your copy of the weekly gossip rags or read the websites and you will see tons of lies and distortions. But they have right to do it and you have right to sue if you disagree with it or milk it for what it is worth.


    @alstonboy4315: NB doesn’t work for Sony. He doesn’t work for the networks. He covers the genre. You’re not gonna get fired for talking smack about Walmart if you work at Target. Nor are you gonna get in trouble for trashing politicians and other public figures in the media unless you are talking about your co-worker.

    What most people do is just respond with a release of their own to disarm those statements they feel are false or they don’t say anything at all. In rare occasions they sue.

    Now if TV Guide Canada decides there are limits to what he can say then he has it. But most publications online or not make sure to note that the opinions expressed are not necessarily in line with regard as to how the media outlet feels. That covers their butts. They also know that controversy sales. It makes you loads money. And at the end of the day it’s all about the money in today’s world.

    You can either embrace it and make milk it for what its worth or not. That’s how most turn it around.

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    [quote=david46208]@jphelps: Like I said if you disagree then you sue him in court. Again Politicians, Hollywood Actors, Actresses, Musicians all have learned to deal with it. Nothing is different for soap actors. Sure nobody likes it but the the first thing you learn when you are in the public spotlight or must learn is how to deal with bad publicity. [/quote]

    They have learned to deal with what? Since when do reputable publications produce lies about actors or politicians or unsubstantiated rumors? If you want to compare NB and TVGC to a piece of trash like The Globe or The Enquirer then I agree. But those publications are rags and even the Enquirer got sued by Carol Burnett and she won in that famous lawsuit many years ago.

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    I hear what you’re saying, but all the rationalizations in the world won’t excuse Nelson’s despicable behavior. I am glad that he’s finally reaping what he’s sown.

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    Well, here is my latest comment on my own twitter page with regard to Mr. Branco:

    Well, after the tongue lashing that Nelson Branco got for his nasty comments about a Days star, I’m glad I don’t follow him!

    I hope Nelson loses a ton of fans on his twitter account and I hope that KA gets around to suing not only Nelson but gives CC a major tongue lashing for doing what she did that easily probably got CC fired.

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    There is a distinction between covering the genre/saying someone is a bad actress (opinion) vs. saying someone purposefully worked to get their co-worker fired (something that is or is not a verifiable fact). Typically when you say something like the latter, you can say according to two sources Alfonso did x, y and z to get Chappel fired. Journalism typically requires a rumor to be substantiated by two different sources, so if he got it from Chappel he would have to get it from a second independent source (ie: he couldnt rely on say Molly B. saying I know its true CC told me as that would basically make it the same source.)

    And heres the rub, Nelson has the right to say what he wants, but KA and Kelly and whoever else he attacks also have the right to go to their bosses and demand that TVGuide Cananda receive no further network support as longas Nelson works there. His followers also have the right to complain about his conduct. Free speech works both ways.

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    I wish Crystal hadn’t brought “freedom of speech” into it. Nelson is a Canadian reporter and our “freedom of speech” is actually “freedom of expression” and has different associations than the American one.

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    Libel and slander are tricky things when you are dealing with a public figure. The courts tend to dismiss most of those kinds of cases saying that a person who puts themselves in the public eye do not have the same protection of libel and slander as private individuals. That is why people like Neal Bortz and Rush Limbaugh are able to say vile and untrue things about politicians with no recourse. If what is said about any given politician in the US by the opposing party is even half true, they should be in jail and not running for office. Yet day after day these people continue to lie and say things about these public figures that simply is not true because they are protected by law BECAUSE apparently it is understood when you become famous, your rights to libel and slander are greatly deminished. Someone quoted a pretty famous case with Carol Burnett. Well it is true she did sue but that is just one case and famous people are slandered daily and freely. One problem I see in limiting the press is that one would have to legally prove oneself in court every time you said something about a famous person in the press. Sometimes ya know the truth but can’t absolutely prove it….. It would make people fearful of printing anything negative about a bad candidate for instance.

    One other thing, I think that at times Kristen Alphonso has been extremely thin. Sometimes painfully so. Plus she has had problems squeezing out a single tear at the appropriate moments and her acting range is not as big as other actresses of her fame level on soaps (but then I could name others that could use some acting classes too). The third point though is that it has been rumored for years that she was instrumental in getting Robert Kelker Kelly fired from the role of Bo and refused to act with him. So although I don’t know any of the things that were said about her to be true, they do not seem unreasonable to me. It is not like he said she belongs to a cult of baby killers and supports the Talaban……

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    I get what you’re saying in terms of libel and slander and it’s a fine line when you talk about freedom of speech. And as you pointed out, Rush Limbaugh and the rest do the same thing when it comes to politics but even people like that have a line they don’t cross.

    KA’s thinness, lack of acting ability, range is not the point.Calling her names and accusing her of something he has no basis for under the heading of his publication is. THere are always a group of people that will believe anything someone writes and he’s playing upon that and knows it. It was a calculated move on his part. I think he should be fired. Thats my opinion because its not the first set of lies he’s spread. But I know that won’t happen so I just hope people voice their protest in ignoring his rants and raves, causing TVGC to drop him because of lack of interest and credibiity in his column.

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    Nelson has always come across to me as another Perez Hilton: just another bottom feeder.

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    Nelson ain’t nothing but an old tired stunt queen.

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    Mark everything you said is spot on and I dont think the courts are the way to go, however I think if the actors wanted to boycott his employer or criticize tvguide canada, they are well within their rights. Thats where he is most in peril. If I as his employer am now risking my ability to get interviews and access, I am definitely going to try and reign him in, and if I cant, I have to decide if what he brings to the table is worth the price for my publication from an across the board pov. If I know they things he is saying arent born out using typical journalistic standards, I would certainly factor that in to the equation since he stirred up the hornets nest based on unsubstantiated claims.

    As for RKK, as I understood the rumor at the time, there were issues with him being a groper/sexual harasser type on the set. IF true, and I dont know that it is any more than I know that she had a hand in him being fired (and the rumor was it wasnt just KA) but IF true, then all I can say is NO person should have to go to work and be subjected to that type of behavior. Been there and I can tell you its no easy thing to deal with. That is entirely different than her trying to get a coworker fired because she was threatened by her talent and popularity. Besides, I really think if KA and Kelly were as powerful as nelson suggests they would improve their position by fighting for great storylines and not by undermining others.

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    I had not heard the touchy feely rumor about RKK which ofcourse should get people fired but I heard that it was because he was “difficult” and “critical”. Had he been fired for sexual harrassment, it would be odd to me that Another World would pick him back up almost imediately after being fired from Days. So I think personally the difficult and critical are probably the reason and not the sexual misconduct (being that both shows are on NBC.)
    I would in no way support sexual or any other type of harassment. But if someone just was critical of another persons work to seek to improve it (and I think that was his goal. he was a new york actor and has a higher standard than the hollywood people)that I would not support firing for.

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    OK…I want to throw my two cents in here, maybe a little more. Personally, I love Nelson. 9 times out of 10 he is right on the money with his assessments. I followed him and was reading his tweets that day and I must say I haven’t laughed so much at tweets in a long time. That’s how I took all of this, as humor.

    I, too, am a huge Crystal Chappell fan. Do I think she got a totally raw deal in her return and subsequent failure to Days? Heck Yeah!!! Do I blame Kristin Alphonso or another actor? No…I blame the writers first and foremost for not being talented enough to pen story lines worthy of Crystal’s talent. Ken Corday shoulders the rest of the blame in my book.

    Now I do agree that someone in the publication world has a level of expectation when they are speaking to the public. Maybe Nelson is a huge CC fan like folks are saying and maybe he had finally had enough of Days crap. It seemed each day there was a new headline for the next actor that was axed. So maybe he reached his boiling point and that was his release. Was he correct? Not when it came to singling out the actors. Should he have left his comments to the Days production staff and Ken Corday? Yes.

    I hope that Nelson can return to twitter having learned from this experience.

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    I don’t like C.C or the character she plays on DOOL and i think K.A is a better actress then C.C could ever be so i am glad C.C got fired,she deserved it. The show sucks when she is on it. So if K.A did get her fired GOOD!

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    Nelson is officially OUT, at least as far as I can tell.

    There was no new Suds Report posted on Friday and no new Soapgeist today. When you go to the website, there used to be a dropdown for Suds Report and Soapgeist under “Daytime”. Both are now gone.

    Guess Nelson’s off writing his book!!

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    I waver back and forth on Nelson Branco; on the one hand, I find some of his commentary rather funny and amusing. On the other, what he regards as “talent” and the folks he loves to praise are a bit questionable; this is the guy who thought Sean Young’s work on Y&R was campy goodness(uh, it was actually just bad) and also thought that Marty Saybrooke’s recent downward spiral was organic storytelling and made complete sense(though he did praise Susan Haskell; that part I did agree with). And yes, he thinks folks like Nadia Bjorlin, Crystal Chappell, and Michelle Stafford are the second, third and fourth comings(I’ll agree in that two are among the best daytime has ever produced although I don’t agree with his constant opining that Chappell is the best actress in daytime EVER). On top of that, he himself wavers back and forth on characters and actors. He LOVED Maura West when she first came on Y&R and he said something to the effect that she made the role her own within the span of an episode; of late, his new line is “too bad she got ousted just as she’s coming into the role” or something similarly worded. So yeah, he’s hit or miss for me.

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    Yes, Nelson is out like 5 day old trash. With the way he insulted people I am surprised it took this long. He was the Perez Hilton for daytime. Just another bottom feeder.

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    As I commented earlier on another soap blogging website,

    Karma finally called for the check……………

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    Yep, bulldookie!!

    NOONE with any pride EVER admits when he or she gets fired, and if Nelson Branco is anything, it’s prideful. I could throw in other adjectives, but we all get the drift. :D

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    Just don’t call him a “heffa” or else you’ll get all kinds of flak. :)

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    You are hilarious!!

    I would actually be more inclined to refer to Nelson Branco as a “QUEEN”, instead of a “heffa.” :D But I can handle trolls and idiots attacking me. I have done it before. They are usually the cowardly type who “hit and run,” spewing their garbage at me but then never coming back to the scene of the crime to read my replies or responding back to my comments. If someone is going to try to have a war of words with me, you’d think they’d at least stick around to battle it out, huh? :bigsmile:

    I swear, some people on this website are total enigmas to me. I don’t understand how many of them think. But then again, I don’t really want to. I prefer to stay as far away from crazy as humanly possible. ;)

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    Fired. Quit. They can spin it however they want.

    Doesn’t change the fact that he is OUT.

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    I thought Nelson could be funny. He was a riot, but sometimes his opinions were just stupid. His obsession with Chrystal Chappell was creepish and I remember him saying that Thom Bierdz was like the second most powerful man in the daytime business. LOL. You could tell his favorites. Will he be replaced?

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    ^^ Doesn’t sound like it. According to the interview, Nelson thinks TV Guide Canada is not long for this world, at least not in its current form (it generates money from its tv listings but that’s about it).

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