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    Dear Mrs. Horton,

    Little Elvis is very, very sick. After chasing our tail all over London looking for the right help for our angel, Edmund and I finally found this fancy schmantzy doctor. He does this experimental treatment that could possibly save my sweet and darling’s life, but we can’t even get an appointment to see his royal highness.

    I know you are all well-connected to the doctor people and you were always so kind to me and my baby. If you could get in touch with this specialty doctor and get him to help my Elvis, I would be forever grateful. Please let me know if you can help.

    Most sincerely,

    Susan Banks

    P.S. I’ve included a picture of Elvis Junior in case you’ve forgotten him.

    P.S.S. Please do not tell Stefano anything about this. I think he has figured out I am not Kristen, so Edmund and I are going into hiding. That man is mean, mean, mean.

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    This is such a loaded story potential. I am wondering where it is going. Is EJ really Elvis John? Did Susan and Alice do something to protect Elvis from Stefano? Being so sick, what effect did it have on EJ? There are a number of ways that this story could go. Did Alice cooperate with Stefano against Susan? Or did Alice just make it look that way for Stefano? What long lasting effect will this story have on Salem and it’s residents? Can’t wait to find out!

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    I love that they are finally explaining how Stefano stole EJ away from Susan. I hated how Hogan Sheffer revealed that EJ had been raised at Maison Blanche by Stefano because it pissed all over Susan’s happy ending. When Susan pulled the wool over Stefano’s eyes and escaped with Elvis by posing as Kristen, I cheered for joy. I loved Susan! I would have preferred that EJ discovered he was Stefano’s son as an adult, not a child, so at least Susan would have raised her baby from childhood to adulthood.

    I wonder if they will explain what happened to Kristen. All of Salem thinks she’s dead. Only Stefano knows she’s alive and thought she impersonated Susan and left town with Elvis. Did he end up rescuing her from the dungeon at the Caribbean fortress? Or is she still out there somewhere?

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