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    Good news, Tamara Braun fans. Tamara is returning to her roots, but NOT as Carly. This thrills me to no end because while I loved Tamara’s version of Carly, I have learned to love Laura Wright in the role, and am relieved that they aren’t giving her the Davetta Sherwood treatment. I was still crossing my fingers and PRAYING that Maria Bell would come to her senses and hire Tamara as a Victoria recast on Y&R, so that I could finally be rid of that dreadful Amelia Heinle. But with GH getting a new headwriter soon, I can only hope that they will welcome Tamara Braun back with open arms and a kick ass storyline!! Congrats, honey! I knew someone as TALENTED as Tamara wouldn’t be in the unemployment line for long!!!

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    alstonBoy – you seem to know everyone. And I know you are a fan of V Rowell. Don’t you think she did some great work in getting Blacks more work on the soaps. But is it me or is it a slap in the face that all non contract actors are now Black? Although they are combing Broadway for the best.

    Here’s anoher one that will play Tomas’ wife on OLTL:

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    It’s not a slap in the face, in my opinion. Any step in the right direction, in terms of diversity, is good. This industry seems to be taking baby steps, but even baby steps are better than no steps at all.

    Time will tell if these new African American actors are really the best and truly deserving of being on daytime. As much as I want to see African American actors get hired, I don’t think daytime should hire crappy ones just to fill a quota. Speaking as an African American man who does get excited to see other actors of my race get jobs, I have to say there are a few actors on daytime right now who I think don’t deserve to be working on soaps, due to their subpar acting talents. I won’t name names, but like you, I want these casting directors to strengthen their commitments to find THE BEST. And not the mediocre.

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    No TB, please!!

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    I respect your views, but I can’t think of ONE good reason for anyone to dislike Tamara Braun as an actress. Not one. I am sure you have your reasons, but I still love her. She needs to come back to daytime in a role that’s WORTHY of her talents, and on a show that has SOME measure of stability. She could actually make me CARE about Victoria again, which I stopped doing when Heather Tom left.

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